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  1. After 9 months free from lighting up a smoke, I went back to them. For over a year now I got myself back up to 2 packs a day.
    My nephew comes over a week ago with his new Kangertech 50W and sub ohm (0.8ohm) tank. He was happy to show me, as he thought I was analog free and vaping. ( I'm the one who showed all family members what a Protank, Vamo and some juice could do.)
    When he left I started the search for all my old vaping gear. ( Around $1200.00 worth. ) After cleaning out and re wicking an old Protank , I filled it with the best juice I had left over . That day I smoked 1 1/2 packs. the next day 1 pack, the next 7 cigs, then 5 and 5 and 3 and 3 and today, at 8:42pm I have not lit up, nor do I want to. Ohh, but I am vaping on a DOVPO dT-50 with a Atlantis 0.5ohm stock coil.
    This I think was one of the reasons I went back to smoking, SUCKING ON A PROTANK OR EVOD TILL YOUR LUNGS WERE CAVING IN, JUST TO GET A NICE VAPE. Not no more
    This new low ohm / high watt / air flowing vaping is where its at.
    Vape On to all you Vapers
    June 2nd,2015
    Vaping is great with the new sub ohm tanks. I now have a collection of them totaling about 2 dozen. As of this entry my favorite is the Horizon Arctic, though a bit difficult to fill up all the way, it vapes great with great air flow. With heavy vaping the original coil worked well for about 30ml of juice. I just built a great vertical coil using 26ga kt.- 5 turns on a miniature 3.5mm screwdriver, that works great to set the cotton wrapped coil into the coil housing. Later I'll push the base of the coil housing out and use some super fine
    ss mesh to cover the (rectangle) wicking ports. I've mastered the wicking of the kangertech by using the 3.5mm screwdriver for the coil, then pushing extra cotton in through the wicking ports to load up the larger diameter coil as well as creating a padding on the inside of the wicking port. I've found this method to work best.
    Till the next entry I'll VapeOn
    July 2nd,2015
    Two solid months without a smoke and vaping is working fine. Very few times when I thought about lighting one up, but a couple of good pulls on my setup and all is fine.
    I have noticed the same issue when I was vaping years ago, that being a flemmy cough that was hard to get out. I switched the juice to a higher PG ( 80 / 20 ) and that seems to be the issue. Hack is gone.
    Since I went back to vaping, I've spent approx. $1,300.00. I treat vaping as a hobby as well as the quit smoking need. My favorites as of today would be the 50 watt iStick ( believe I have the [ style/clone } version thou it looks exactly like the one my son bought for $80.00. Mine cost $33.00 from FastTech.
    As for the tank, I do like the Kt. mini a lot but the Arctic tank works just as good giving out a nice hit thru those huge/square juice cut outs. ( Haven't mastered a good hitting rebuild on the Arctic coil heads yet.)
    List of Mods I bought in the purchasing order is,,
    1- Dovpo dT-50--$75.00--Loved it at first but not my favorite any more. Now noticing its bulk and
    sharp edges. Works fine and it's a tight unit.
    2- Kangertech Kbox--$25.00--This is good looking and feels good in the hand. Not having any display
    other than battery level and (7) watt settings. I use this as my everyday backup.
    3- Cloupor T8--$80.00--This is my shelf show piece. I keep the two 18650's charged up in it all the time
    and use it to hit on my RDA's ( which I'm not a big fan of ) Get a kick out of a low ohm build, going to
    150 watts and using it as a fog machine.
    4- iStick 50--$33.00--This is a great mod. feels great, looks great, and the 4400 mAh battery lasts all day.
    This is my everyday pick. I don't think a better mod exists at this price with battery included. Has a
    tiny bit of rattle but that's ok. Not that I use the pass through feature, but it has it.
    5- iStick 30--$32.00--with a Arctic tank included. This is my toy mod. I'll use a 510 to ego coupler and
    through on some old tanks, Nova, Protank, Works fine and looks great in the case that came with it.
    6- I'm waiting on it and it should be here before the summers over, ( from Fast Tech )
    Kt. Subox--$57.00--with matching Kt. mini (WHITE)
    Till my next post here I'll be VapingOn.
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