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  1. eJuice Calculator Roundup
    Would like to reference what spreadsheets, e-juice programs and websites that are now available for ejuice DIYers. Not a few times the question comes up on the forum “where is there a good e-juice recipe calculator?”
    Am not totally sure that the original e-juice calculator creators were but as far as can be told Jaaxx (Hack-O-Matic -Jan ’09) and Catanonia (REAL Savings – Apr ’09) started some initial spreadsheets and puff-puff-pass (supercigtracker–Apr ’09), Alpine77 (New Hack-O-Matic Sheet-Apr '09) todmuller (eJuice Recipe Calculator–Jul '09) and Scubabatdan (Ejuice Calculator- Aug ’09) collated and built upon those ideas. Scubabatdan has remained and tweaked his original version 13 times and is presently working on v14. All those who have used the originator’s ideas for creating their own Ejuice Calculator program, spreadsheet or other are indebted to not only JAXX, Catanonia, puff-puff-pass, Alpine77, todmuller and Scubabatdan but to all those that helped in developing the original Ejuice Calculators.
    Veterans please chime in if something is out of place here.

    A big Hurrah!! to all those involved in the calculator beginnings.

    To not take away from the original work but to have now some of the fruits of the originators labors in one place is this thread created. Consider in one way or another that these are the original Ejuice calculator’s children. That being said here begins a list of what is presently available for Ejuice calculators. Please add if you know of any left out.

    Hack-O-Matic E-Liquid Calculator - Jaaxx
    New Hack-O-Matic Sheet – Alpine77
    Nice little SpreadSheet to workout 'REAL' Savings – Catanonia (link download broken) – puff-puff-pass
    Ejuice calculator (added quantity calculations) - Scubabatdan

    Simple Calc V2.xls - Switched
    Simple E cig break even calculator
    ---Javan's E Cig Break the Bank Calculator.xls
    ---Godzilla's ECF E cig break even calc REV 1.xls
    Download - Svapo - Tutto sulla sigaretta elettronica - Italian - beard & farer

    Programs PC
    eJuice Me Up - e-Juice e-Liquid Recipe Calculator – breaktru
    Downloadable E-Juice Recipe Software App – desrtrat

    Programs MAC

    eJuice - k2designlab

    Apps Android
    e-Liquid Calculator - Android - Caru Labs
    Totally Wicked Cookbook - Android app on AppBrain

    Advanced - DIY E-Liquid (E-Juice) Mixing Calculator's
    e-Liquid Calculator– daath -Online recipe database and calculator - e-liquid-recipes
    Advanced E-liquid calculator - DIY eJuice Calculator for the electronic cigarette • svapo

    e-Juice Calculator | ecigexpress
    eJuice Recipe Calculator – todmuller
    E-Liquid Calculator - An easy way to mix your own E-Liquid - e-cig-reviews
    Cloud 9 Vaping E-Liquid Mixing Calculator - Cloud 9 Vaping
    E-Liquid Recipe Calculator – kinabaloo - Vaping Buzzz
    e-Liquid Calculator - DIY e-Juice Recipe Assistant - Caru Labs

    E-Liquid Recipe Book - FA linked registration required
    Ricette - Svapo - Tutto sulla sigaretta elettronica
    E-liquid Recipes - ECF
    e-Liquid Recipes - e-Liquid Calculator
    The Vape Book
    Recipes - onestopdiyshop​
  2. At my friend's request, I'm listing some of my successful DIY attempts:
    I have these flavors. The "tree" flavors are good and I'll * the ones I REALLY like!

    Absinthe *****
    Boba's Mine #3 *****Possibly changing to Cypress or Cypresstree
    Cherry Cheesecake *****
    Dreamsicle ******

    Apple tree *****
    Peachtree *****
    Peartree *****
    (the 3 trees are also very good with Menthol, but do contain Cinnamon)

    Chocolate Tiramisu
    Blueberry Berry
    Mango Smoothie
    Grape Cola **
    Dragon’s Claw *****
    Rootbeer float
    Slow Screw
    Flowering Cherry ***

    I’m experimenting with some strawberry, Lemon, lychee, mangosteen, tobacco and Menthol flavorings but they are not ready yet… but soon
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