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  2. This morning around 5am my husband and I woke up the kids and loaded them into the car. When we set out the moon was still bright and as we drove 2 hours down to Lebanon Or we watched the sunrise. We were on our way to a Adventure Run down at Cheadle Park and my husband and son, looking out at the wet, cold and muddy day were starting to regret that we sign up for these things. They knew that the nest 2 hours would be running through bushes, mud, water crossing, over hill, under tunnels and scaling walls. I, however, had fractured a vertebrae last week and wasn't allowed to run. Sad, since I was the one who insisted we do this event to begin with. The event was amazing! Watching the guys get to the finish line was almost as good as crossing it myself. I love Oregon, i love all the crazy fools who are willing to come out and play in the cold and muck and I LOVE these days!!! Whoot!!!!!

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