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  1. the new "MIGHTY" titan battery from TW.

  2. YouTube - manual passthrough followup / Final review

    just a friggin great device
  4. i have been vaping this non stop since i got the bottle... and now the bottle is empty... Dammit Drew why is your shipping $10?! i cant justify that much for 1 bottle of juice.. ha ha.. maybe when i get back from vacation i'll have to put in an order..

    really good stuff

    YouTube - Licorice juice review
  5. Enjoy!

    YouTube - Mini Pipe (RS-888) Review

    i really want to like this thing more than i do , it's small and compact with a good long lasting battery , but as it stands it's the most under performing device i have.

    if / when i get a better working atomizer i will certainly do a follow up on how it's been performing so as of right now i'm grading this thing with a "D" , maybe a "D+" because i want to like it , with a properly working atomizer this thing could easily be a "B+" to an "A" product

    it is finicky sometimes as far as carts and juice goes , but like any other device there is a certain learning curve to using it properly , as i just discovered with my 510

    i'm not giving up on it. i think i just need a good atomizer

  6. enjoy!

    YouTube - 'Virginia" ejuice
  7. not a video review , but i just wanted to share some pictures of what i brought to our weekend in Lake Tahoe...

    the chargers , one 801 charger for the girls penstyle , one 510 and one Nebula charger


    I brought my 510 for the daytime and my Nebula for the "drunk-out-at-night" time. I brought some Clove and CashCap for the girl and some #5blend , Carolina tobacco from vapornine and the Mar-Bro from thehouseofvapor, all very tasty juices. the #5 was for my 510 and the Carolina and Mar-bro were for re filling the Nebula carts. I use a Nintendo DS case , the little loop to put the DS stylus in is perfect for a pair of tweezers.


    and lastly a shot of the aforementioned drunk-and-out-time


    the 510 was great the whole trip , and the only reason i didn't bring it out with me was i didn't want to loose or break it.

    i Like the Nebula for going out and not having to worry about juice or topping off carts. I can just grab another cart-o-mizer when i feel the one i'm using getting low. Very hassle free. Didn't win any money , but had a good vaping time



    open to all subscribers of my Youtube Channel
    also , ECF members..


    YouTube - Marlbro juice + ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!
  9. can't get enough of this stuff

    GRADE: A all the way , really good all day vape


    YouTube - Special Blend #5 Liquid Review
  10. Enjoy
  11. full review should be uploaded shortly
  12. the similarity to real clove with this juice is amazing

    YouTube - "CLOVE" nobacco juice review
  13. finally got this uploaded

  14. i didn't have time to upload my final nebula review video tonight , so here is me goofing off....

  15. i already posted a thread on this... so here is the video
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