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  1. Disclaimer: Hoosier's DIY blogs are to only be read and understood by folks who have read all the sticky's in DIY E-Liquid and are based off of my experience with mixing my own juice for over a year.

    OK, you've read all the sticky's. You have nicotine solution and bottles of PG and VG. You've even laid in a supply of flavorings, empty bottles, and measuring equipment. You are drooling over the thought of making some new fantastic juice and how great it will be. But what makes the difference between just a juice that vapes and one that is great? Unicorn tears and butterfly farts, or seemingly meaningless things that really make a difference.

    First thing you need to have is the right mindset. This is not making a cake from a box, not yet it isn't. Once you have a great recipe it is like making cake from a box, but without the right mindset, that recipe may be impossible to create. There are no failures! There are mistakes that bring your mix closer to perfection. There are learning experiences that coat the drain lines of your kitchen sink. There may even be great juices that taste nothing like you expected when you first started. Keep notes so you can learn from these mistakes. If you refuse to learn from my blogs and your own experience to adjust what you are doing, then quitting is an option, but if you are of that type then you do not have the mindset in the first place. Without the mindset it is better to quit before you start and save yourself from the stress.

    I could tell you that you HAVE to have one of these because I use them, at least two of these everytime I mix. I really like this one because it has a cleaning brush with it that has other uses when cleanup time comes and it just plain works. If I told you that you HAVE to have those syringes, I'd be a liar. You do have to have some way to measure that is repeatable and fairly accurate though and know that drops are not a good way to measure everything. If you just have to use drops, get a graduated cylinder and count the number of drops to bring the level up to 3ml and divide by 3 to get an average for each component in each dropper bottle you have. (You can pour your 3ml back into the bottle before you mark it with your estimate.) This is most important when you begin to scale up from your first 3ml to 5ml experiments. Tweaking a recipe when going from 5ml to 30ml is common and you will spend much less time tweaking if your experiments are done with repeatable measurements.

    EM = Ethyl Maltol. You may as well tie one hand behind your back if you do not have some of this in your stash of stuff. (Two flavoring companies that I know of also sell this in a 10% solution as Cotton Candy Flavoring.) I use EM in a 10% solution and here is what it does:
    1. Tiny Bit (A fraction of 1% in your mix) - Gives a "body" to the vapor and may slightly reduce sharp notes.
    2. A Bit (Close to 1% +/- in your mix) - As above but will take the edge off sharp notes and may very slightly sweeten.
    3. A Bunch (1%-5% of your total mix) - As above plus sweeten
    4. A Load (10%+ of your total mix) - Cotton Candy flavor
    Note that some folks are sensitive to the effects of EM and can taste sweetness at 0.05%, but this is fairly rare, and some folks are resistant to the effect and will never get anything sweet out of EM, but it will still add a depth to their juice that is feel more than taste. I don't care if you buy Maltol crystals and make your own solution or if you buy a 10% solution of ethyl maltol premade, like I do, just get it and experiment with it.

    Order a Magic Bullet?
    One of these may be a magical addition to your mix and all are by Flavour Art. They are also components that I tend to use by drops as FA's bottles are pretty consistant in drop size from my measurements and not much is used even when mixing larger quantities.
    • MTS Vape Wizard, aka VW. MTS is suppose to stand for More Thicker Smoother. It can help some mixes produce more vapor. (Some flavorings actually reduce vapor production) It can smooth or help blend flavors together. I use it in the 1 drop per 10ml to 1 drop per 3ml range, but usually start closer to the middle at 1 drop per 5ml to see if it will do a darn thing to the mix. Sometimes it seems to work wonders, but I've never had it make a mix worse.
    • Bitter Wizard. This makes things bitter. Mostly useful for tobacco blends, but sometimes a bit of bitter will make things much more flavorful. Again 1 drop per 10ml to 1 drop per 2ml is a useful range. I usually start at the tiny 1 drop per 10ml and work up if it is needed.
    • Magic Mask. This is weird stuff and I find it is more likely to hurt the taste of a mix than to help it. It can take really sharp notes down and make them palatable. I usually start over if I have used this in a mix and it helps and always start over if I have used this in a mix and it makes it worse. It may work better for you than me. This is the last thing I ever try on a mix.
    More Stuff that tiny amounts can do great things:
    • Lorann Tart & Sour (This should explain itself.)
    • TPA/TFA's Koolada - This gives the feeling that mint and menthol give without the taste. (If you HATE menthol, avoid it as your brain will not be able to tell the difference between the feeling and the taste.)
    • Concentrated Lemon Juice - Yeah, that stuff out of the plastic lemon. Not for use with tobacco mixes, but can really brighten fruits.
    • Vinegar - Like lemon, but can work with tobacco mixes.

    There are other unicorn tears and butterfly farts in my magic bag, but I've given you fine folks enough to get started on your own to making great mixes. You won't know until you try and you'll never know if you don't try, so have some fun with it!
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  2. Disclaimer: Hoosier's DIY blogs are to only be read and understood by folks who have read all the sticky's in DIY E-Liquid and are based off of my experience with mixing my own juice for over a year.
    1. Always have all equipment out, organized, and ready before starting. (And if you do not have a nice glass pipette setup, make sure those syringe plungers move smoothly so I don't have to hear how your blueberry flavoring was spilled because the plunger froze and when the shaft pulled out of the rubber seal your barrel hand shot forward sending the bottle across the room like I did.)
    2. Use a non-marring surface that has been cleaned for mixing. (Some flavorings will strip polyurethane off a dining table and this does not make my wife happy and I doubt your SO will feel any better.)
    3. Have a list of all mixes you will make before you ever sit down. (So you don't mix your son's and sister's juice and a few experiments to discover that you forgot to make any juice for yourself after you clean and put everything up.)
    4. Use proper safety equipment and keep it on while mixing. (Do you know what it feels like to have cinnamon flavoring on your face because you lifted the face shield to scratch and didn't know you had cinnamon flavoring on your glove?)
    5. Do not accept any distractions. (You will avoid overfilling a bottle because you forgot where you were when you took that important phone call from a friend and have to throw it all out because you have no idea how much nicotine or flavoring is in that mess running over your non-marring surface.)
    6. Always start small. (Do you really need another 30ml bottle of juice that tastes like the south end of a north bound cat?)
    7. When experimenting with flavor with the add-write note-shake-taste method, stop when the flavor is "close" and walk away. Going for perfect on the first try will result in a juice that makes the south end of a north bound cat seem good by comparison.)
    8. Always take notes! (If you ignore this rule you WILL make a fantatic juice that brings tears of joy to your eyes, but it will only be one batch and you will forevermore never get close to such bliss. I am not the only one who has done this.)
    9. Leave the mixing area to vape and think. (While vaping and thinking go hand-in-hand you can get to thinking too hard and accidently drip straight flavoring on your testing atty. If you do this, I need video so I can find out what kind of face I was making that made everyone in the house howl in laughter with tears of glee when I dashed to the restroom.)
    10. Always double and triple check your nicotine levels and treat your nicotine with upmost respect and care. (I do not have a funny story here as this is THE really serious part of mixing and I treat nicotine like I treat firearms. There are to be no accidents with nicotine.)
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  3. Disclaimer: Hoosier's DIY blogs are to only be read and understood by folks who have read all the sticky's in DIY E-Liquid and are based off of my experience with mixing my own juice for over a year.

    Hoosier's levels of flavoring from too little to too much:
    1. Nothing (Did I forget to add the flavoring?)
    2. Something Odd (This does not taste like the flavor I put in there.)
    3. I Can Taste Something Kinda' Like It (I can detect the higher or spice notes, but not the actual taste)
    4. Hooo, It's There, but Real Light (Getting close now, let it steep before adding any more)
    5. Bingo (Duh, we have a juice)
    6. Hmmmm, That Is Close, But Has A "Je Ne Sais Pas" of Oddness (Dang didn't let it steep and I overshot)
    7. Kinda' Close, but the Perfumey/Chemically Kills It (Going into the too much realm here and may be due to ignoring the steep part of #4.)
    8. Whoo, Did I Forget to Put the Flavoring In? (Too much flavoring can actually make things impossible to taste.)
    Note that the first tier and last tier are much alike, the only difference is the way the unvaped juice smells. If it smells fairly close, but has no flavor then it is usually too much. (Usually, not always as there are exceptions.)

    Steeping means leaving the capped bottle out of sun light for a period of time to allow time for the components time to reach an entropic state. If you think steeping is something else, or don't know what an entropic state is, please talk to someone else about your issues. I have a closed mind on steeping and have not taught basic physics since my freshman classes when the professor gave up trying to counter my arguements and left the class to me. :p
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