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My true adventures of quitting smoking using eCigs. Started with Blu disposable regular, just started maintenance with White Cloud Fling lite. After careful consideration, ordered a starter g6 kit from halo, along with 4 mini tanks, and 3 supplemental juices of differing strengths.

GOAL: quit smoking, vape down from 24 to 18, using 12mg maintenance. Eventually vape down to 6mg, and mix in some flavored 0mg. When only vaping 0 mg, plan to wean off vaping altogether. (I know that's not everyone's goal, but it's mine).
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  1. While doing some google searches, more often than not, this forum provides the answer. Using the stock iclear 30 dual coil atomizer with 65/35 clear juice (not a tank cracker). I had it set a little high. I also didn't know this should be vv or vw, so would set one thing appropriately, then set the wattage or voltage, thinking they were working together.

    One thing, when you start to hear the gurgle, change the setting. I've found the lower voltage (3.7, following along the lines of my Halo g6 batteries), can give about the same flavor as 808 batteries with a tank on top. However, the variable wattage REALLY adjusts the flavor quite nicely.

    So, I set the volts at 3.7 (another YouTube video for newbies suggested 2X the resistance of your tank, so at 2.1 ohms, set vv at 4.2. I even went to 4.5. Higher led to gurgle. But more vape than flavor.). Then, I play with the variable wattage per the table above. The voltage will adjust autmatically to match the wattage setting.

    Again, when you hear the gurgle on an i30, up to high. Scale it down a bit. This has kinda been fun. Using the initial 3.7 volt setting, then switching to variable wattage, I get decent taste and vapor at 7 or 7.5. The MVP v2 will adjust the voltage as necessary, but you won't be able to see it. When you press the voltage button, it switches back to that mode, and your preset (which mine was at 3.7).

    Obviously, you might want a higher preset vv when using 1.8 ohms. I haven't got into my mini protank yet, where that will be more fun. Many people complained the taste is muted, and I thought so myself. But using this strategy, up the vw to just below the gurgle, and the taste is great.
  2. Just to point out what has been said in many a YouTube video (from the wise older guys), this is actually a new industry. This is very new technology, as opposed to upgrading cars, and do you remember those old not so smart phones? Blackberry was king at the time.

    As the industry flourishes (provided the powers that be leave it to its natural evolution), these clearomizers will develop into top notch products. As well as the tanks, mods, batteries (even the 808's are progressing, though I personally believe Halo is leading the pack, and being that smart company looking to the capitalistic future :facepalm:, making their stuff with somewhat planned obsolescence and rather proprietary hardware).

    My own g6 mini tanks have continued to flourish, even after some rough handling from a newb, and some infantile cleaning methods. I did lose one out of fourteen due to rough handling (it developed small cracks along the top, in hind sight, shoulda kept the tip when through the whole thing out). I like many clearos, since I have several flavors going at once, and some on the side for cleaning purposes.

    Today's favorites, while waiting for more vape mail, voodoo from Halo, Bavarian Creme from Mt. Baker Vapor, and a half/half mix of tiki juice with Turkish tobacco (my own recipe using Halo to make a 6mg ejuice).
  3. Yep, title says how I woke up on the 26th of February, 11 days cig free. I was having some urges that involved walking outside to my old smoking station, so I would step outside with my ecig. Now, I can smoke/vape closer to the building, but that cold helps to get over the going outside habit of smoking.

    Each day is getting easier. Yep, it tore up my routines, and the cat litter REALLY needs cleaning :blush:. And my new sense of smell let me know it (and laundry issues too). This isn't a clean break from cigs, it's not like you pop a pro air, and your life magically transforms to non-smoking heaven. There are routines you built around smoking (ESPECIALLY if you timed you tokes as tobacco reduction). And those other gadzillion chemicals in analogs, you are addicted to those little carcinogens also. So, you spend a great deal of time vaping (newbies, watch those wicks, mine will need to be replaced sooner than I planned, since I didn't know that chain vaping kinda gunks up the coil where the wick meets, using g6 mini tanks).

    S today, must find a way to get some stuff done, and make my neurologists appointment tomorrow. Yes, my sleep pattern has been interrupted, but it's not the first time.

    As to water, have a little recipe to help with the detox (generally good on a forever basis). You need Bragg's Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, and pure clover honey. Cut lemon in half, try to get the seeds out. Add Brita or distiller chilled water to large glass, add a large splash apple cider, and about 1/4 teaspoon honey (not exact science, to taste:2cool:). Stir, and squeeze part of half lemon into glass. Drink it down. Refill glass with water, and squeeze rest of lemon in water. Drink that down too. Best if done first thing in morning, or after coffee, breakfast.
  4. Yeah, it was WAY too much money this month. But when I couldn't continuously vape 12 mg, I had to order everything to redo most ejuices to 6mg. This occurred the 14th and 15th of February. I still have some 12 mg, but vape it less and less.

    This became my new quit day, since I couldn't vape enough to curb the cravings. White Cloud reps said I would vape mire because can vape in house, etc., but one actually chugs those clouds to ward off the cravings. I also found chocolate mint or tobacco flavors helped during morning coffee.

    Well, even though can probably introduce 0nic vapes at end of month (isn't this kinda the same schedule recommended by big pharmas nrts?), and I WASN'T gonna do it, the threads on the MVP v2 led me to purchase one, at 41.99,+ a pt2 mini tank (along with the iclear 30 that comes with it). The pt2 v2 was 11.99. They are selling quite a few units, very popular. At least I can vape my 0 nic with more flavor and versatility than allowed by the halo g6.

    I REALLY don't want to buy more equipment (needed to get coils for the i30, even though I've since learned how to rebuild, so mt. Baker Vapor got an ordr from me, and some replacement coils). The kanger tank can be rewicked also.

    Wish me luck, it will now take about 6 to 7 months to make up cost (I only spent about $65 to $75 per month).