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  1. Panic attacks. Sleeping too much. Endura T22's kind of suck.

    Hoping the iSub-b tank and Kroma mod will help.

    Going to have to wean myself off instead of just switch. Fingers crossed.

    Mood: Miserable.
  2. 25 hours into the Switch, this is what I've learned.

    The Endura T22 draws pretty hot. I learned quickly to tootie puff!
    Tried 12mg juice first. Threw up almost immediately after 3 puffs or so.
    9mg wasn't much better, had to lie down and let the spinning stop.
    6mg is okay but makes me cough if I puff a few too many times.
    I can chain 3mg up to a point.
    I get the burps but then again, I already had the burps from a belly condition that is still being diagnosed. Working on that. Can't blame vaping at all!

    I have to hit the T22 so many times to get past that craving that I've already ordered a mod and a sub-ohm tank for 3mg.

    I had my usual 'first day of quitting' nap. I'm not terribly concerned about that, I'm reasonably sure that's the lack of MAOI's. My anxiety is okay so far but I expect it to spike over the next month.

    Ordered a bunch more 3mg juice, because it's the tastiest and smoothest to me. This time high VG for the sub-ohms. (I've read a lot.)

    My dad stole one of my T22's and some of the higher nic juice from me (I encouraged him to, really). He's had 2 strokes and still smokes, and wants to see if it will work for him. (So far it is, and honestly it makes me cry happy tears. Keep it up, daddy.)
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