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  1. Lots of folks start out doing DIY juice, and most expect their concoction to be the next Boba's Bounty or Ms. T's confection.

    Lots of those mixers soon realize that while shooting for the stars is great; sometimes you need to take babysteps and ease into the DIY field.

    I, myself, am not a master but I am (I hope) on the path to being a DIY'r who can make some really good juices.

    "What does monasticism have to do with DIY e-juice, J_fro?" you may ask?

    Well, lots. Monks and cloistered religious women must be industrious. Many are required to produce some kind of trade craft that they sell or barter to provide for themselves. This labor of production is at the core of the day of many orders, I am most familiar with the work done at an Abbey close to me. This Abbey, of the Order of Cistercians (Strict Observance) aka Trappist, makes bread that is sold in supermarkets across the country.

    When someone wishes to enter monastic life, they are reviewed by the Order and given some kind of "pre-novice" status. During this time the applicant does much introspection, asking the question, "is this right for me?" So too the prospective DIY'r must read up and think of the positives and negatives involved. "Do I want to spend the time and energy researching safety and practices?" "Do I wish to make really complex juice, or single flavor profiles?" etc.

    When the applicant is found to be ready they take on a learning role, often titled "Novice." In this novitiate stage of life the person learns more about the way of life and practices the customs of the order. This can include waking as early as 3 am to pray the hour of Vigils from the Liturgy of the Hours.

    So to does a novice DIY mixer being to learn flavor profiles, complimentary flavors, etc. The novice religious practices humility and is often assigned to low priority tasks. The novice mixer makes single flavor juices, experimenting with VG/PG levels and concentrations of flavors ( One percent of some flavors is great, while five percent is overpowering).

    After a period of introduction and learning the Novice takes his or her first vows. Now that person is a full member of the community, but must renew the vows (for another set period of time, or eternally). Here the DIY'r knows what is required and experiments, making various juice concoctions. If the DIY'r sticks with it, practicing the craft work sometimes a great juice comes to vaping fruitiong. Sometimes mixing yields no tasty results. SOMETIMES that juice we thought was for not, the labor that would yield no fruit, steeps... and steeps... Perhaps on a whim we try it. Revisiting that "lost juice" brings forth a WONDERFUL vaping experience. All was not lost. Patience won the day.

    So we labor in the DIY field, dedicating ourselves to making a good juice that can be enjoyed. It is sometimes good to look on "unrelated" things to draw inspiration, or to see that our labors are small compared to the labors of others. I was reminded of this as a juice I thought would be delightful ended up being not so tasty and I was really frustrated.

    I have started a monastic naming convention of my DIY flavors that are up to snuff:

    My applebacco has been dubbed "Brother Charlie", in a slightly tongue in cheek homage to Charles Borremeo- Patron of Apple Orchards

    A new creation a fruity peach/tobacco juice is "Brother Ray" - named after Ray Charles

    If you come across this, written the Saturday of the Octave of Easter, I hope you have a great vapin' day and if you DIY - mix that juice!
  2. So my great creation, with seven different flavors in it seems to have turned. The steeping did not help at all- now it has a rank nasty flavor. I totally tried to get too complex. Alas.

    I do have 30ml of Vapor Room Horchata, 15 ml of their Dutch Chocolate Mint, my own cherry mango, some cinnamon danish caramel that now tastes like cinnamon danish only, the caramel died out of it - and some Boba's that is vaping delish. Next week sometime I will have NLV's Bounty Hunter as well. I am thinking of some basic flavors in the flavor lap this week. I have almost 40 base flavors to use and experiment with...
  3. I know I am late to the party- but Boba's Bounty... WOW.

    I am not sure how long 30 ml is going to last me. I really like it so far 18mg/ml @3.7 on the Bolt. Tank with slightly opened up hole on one of the smoktech pre drilled cartos. Low throat hit.

    The flavor is great for my evening vape. ALL EVENING. I need to get a big jug of this at a lower nic level. I have been chain vaping this since it hit the tank about an hour ago. WOW. I definitely get the raisin bran cereal taste. I totally had the expectation of hating this one.

    I was totally wrong.

    I would have loved to have brewed this one up myself in the flavor lab. I am not going to attempt a clone - this is far too unique. J Fro says :thumbs:
  4. How time flies when you are vapin' good juice.

    My DIY juice that seems to be an all day vape for me is a dark mega multi flavor number I am just calling "#1" right now. On the sweeter side and a new aspect always seems to pop out. It is just so darn dark I am thinking it is gonna kill the tank carto much sooner than my other juices will.

    I currently share (gratis) with my vaping buddy and my brother who I just turned onto vaping. I gave him my 901/808 set up for his b-day with a 510 adapter and some 510 mega cartos. He already wants an ego batty.

    Mango/black cherry and cinnamon caramel danish juices are very popular with them, along with a peanut butter cup and a cherry bomb. I seem to like interesting and complex flavors which is why:

    I also picked up some Boba's and NLV's Bounty Hunter as well. Atypical house flavors kinda excite me!

    Hardware kit wise -

    I bought a soldering iron, flux, and helping hands stand as well. This week or next I am ordering the parts for a 5v box mod

    Current kit wishlist - bigdaddy/lilmama with the windows in the satin finish, provari.

    Happy Vaping!
  5. So I got in a ego > ego c kit tonight. Like Xmas day I tore open the box to try it out.

    The whole draw of Ego C is the 2 part atty - when it goes you just replace the tip.
    (now I have an ultra sonic jewelry cleaner and vodka so my attys should last a bit longer than normal) The longevity factor led me to buy this as my first foray into atty vaping (I have a 510 that I use to test DIY juice)

    You can find any number of youtube vids showing the kit - this is not necessarily a review. Primed the atty, did the ritual, sang to the vape gods. First puff = ok. Second = wors. Third = dry dry dry.

    Try a different head + different juice. Same procedure.

    Do some google fu on ECF ... discover that if you push the wick in the punch pin down you can "solve the problem." Viola! Good enough vaping all night long.

    I got these to try and use ego out and about without a tank on the batty. I plan on using this tomorrow as my primary mode of vaping through the work day. Not sure how it is gonna go honestly. Not real sure the flavor production matches the Vision clearo's I have. 2 more packages of kit coming this week to further try out stuff and see what the best match for me is.
  6. Less than 2 mo. into vaping and the hobby aspect has officially bitten me.

    I started with a 901 Smoov brand cigarette style set up. I even got the white batt with "filter look" cartos and red end LED.

    Started with commercial juices and 12 dollar/5 carto packs. My buddy bought a gogo batt with led "puff indicator" and some 4.5 Vision clearos and I thought he was nuts. I bought a passthrough...

    Then I discovered online vape stores. Looked like cool stuff... so I bought 4.5 oz Vision tanks x2. (blue and green)

    Green had issues from the start, gurgling, hard to vape on... leaky down the center...

    Then I discovered ECF
    and DIY juice

    Picked up a 900mah ego

    Doing my own juices I have a Caramel/CinnamonDanish, and a Mango/Pom both at 16mg/ml

    I really love DIY juicing.

    And the hobby side of vaping has hit me hard. I have a 1100 mah ego style batt coming, ego/c supplies, two DCT tanks coming, some CE2's, and a Bolt.

    I gotta say I do like the ego batty size much better than the 901 mini cig style. The Vision clearo is nice for not having to fill up all day. (I am vaping less than 3ml a day on work days)

    I got the CE2's and egoc set up because I have found I like to switch off during the day.

    Overkill? Maybe. I am trying to figure out what the best kit set up for me is in the multitude of situations I find myself in. Work requires ego at the largest. I may pick up an ego passthrough and car adapter to save batty life.

    I dunno if anyone will read this, but thanks for stopping by if you do.
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