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  1. So I've been mostly just reading the forums from afar today, trying to get rid of my stupid headache. I should just have a blog tag saying BOLD M for Migraine and then I don't have to explain it. =) Boiling the attys, blowing out the DTs, I'm so industrious. ;)

    Tonight, I'm vaping FSUSA Blueberry Pancake in the Grand, and it is just one of those blow-me-away flavours that tastes and smells exactly like it's described. The mini has a combo of wyatt earp, applewood and honey which is really good but I think I'll stick some HG in it to beef it up, as the blueberry pancake is plenty sweet and I need something as a foil to it. Rob's gonna get Sterno in the mail this week and fix him up, and he's going to work on an oak/oak woodvil for me, too. I am the luckiest girl in toytown!

    I better start working on Crap Removal duties in the coming weeks... it's easy to say "oh it's not until April" but that's only 2.5 months and it sneaaaks up on you if you're not careful. I have to figure out how to hold a yarn yard sale or something, because I simply can't take it all with me. Sigh! Know anyone who wants a *lot* of yarn?

    What I *really* need to do is sit down and quantify what needs to go and from what room, so I can attack the problem with a certain amount of sense - and so the house doesn't look too much like a wreck while it's happening. =D Time to start finding some boxes.
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