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  1. What is the difference between eGo-W / F1 ecig and Riva-T ecig?

    The most difference is that eGo-W clearomizer is changeable, while Riva-T's clearomizer is not.


  2. Model 1: 5 Longer Wicks CE5 clearomizer

    New Improved CE5 Cartomizer / Clearomizer with Longer Wicks


    VaParty Flavor Steamer Engine

    Model 2: CE5 Clearomizer hide the wick inside the metal tube


    Model 2: Changeable Coil CE5 Clearomizer

  3. S7635-2011: Prohibits the sale or offering for sale of electronic cigarettes

    Firstly, I would like to state that the incident regarding the man with the mouth injury was a result of misuse by tampering with the battery. Most, if not all by this time, electronic cigarette manufactures issue warnings against such misuse.

    Secondly, the ingredients of many manufacturer's vapor juice cartridges have been modified since the inception of the product. Many now use vegetable glycerine and other food grade products.

    Finally, it is unjust to prohibit vapor cigarettes yet still allow the sale of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cigarettes contain such toxins as carbon monoxide, which, when inhaled via second hand smoke, is harmful to non smokers as well as those who chose to smoke.

    In closing, I would like to state my belief that this issue be investigated further, especially in determining the health benefits to smokers and non smokers alike.

    The FDA needs to step in and begin providing conclusive information on the topic of vapor cigarettes. If indeed there are health benefits, then no ban should be imposed. Further, if there are no findings that these devices provide risk greater than traditional cigarettes, then their use should be encouraged over the use of tobacco products.

    In regard to specialty taxes and their usefulness to the municipalities, I believe they should be applied to electronic cigarettes in the same fashion as traditional tobacco to cover any losses from extensive switch overs.
  4. As for the clearomizers of CE2 style with free filling characteristic, the Cartomizer of eGo Vision is a great new development and progress. For Clearomizer, many ones are trying to update and develop the theory for some times, just like the Vortex as well as CE3 clearomizer, but they finally get the misted consequences on them. This eGo clearomizer keeps quite closely to the design of CE2 from the point of making heating coil at its top position. Except for this, others aspects are different and have their own specifications.
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