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Blog entries by jack2012

  1. What is the difference between eGo-W / F1 ecig and Riva-T ecig? The most difference is that eGo-W clearomizer is changeable, while Riva-T's clearomizer is not. [IMG] [IMG]
  2. Model 1: 5 Longer Wicks CE5 clearomizer [IMG] New Improved CE5 Cartomizer / Clearomizer with Longer Wicks or VaParty Flavor Steamer Engine Model 2: CE5 Clearomizer hide the wick inside the metal tube [IMG] [IMG] Model 2: Changeable Coil CE5 Clearomizer [IMG]
  3. S7635-2011: Prohibits the sale or offering for sale of electronic cigarettes Firstly, I would like to state that the incident regarding the man with the mouth injury was a result of misuse by tampering with the battery. Most, if not all by...
  4. As for the clearomizers of CE2 style with free filling characteristic, the Cartomizer of eGo Vision is a great new development and progress. For Clearomizer, many ones are trying to update and develop the theory for some times, just like the Vortex as well as CE3 clearomizer, but they finally...
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