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  1. I'm no pro. Nor am I an expert. I'm not even a veteran (well, I AM a veteran, just not a VAPE veteran).

    I won't let that stop me from spouting my opinions. One or two of you might even read it...

    I must confess. I've had dealings with the mafia lately-- the Juicemafia! They didn't bust a kneecap or anything, but they did extort an extra few bucks from me in exchange for free shipping.

    To reach that magic number, I threw a small bottle of their Cannella juice into the shopping cart. It's my first selection from their premium line.

    They describe it as, "Decadent cinnamon blended with rich custard." I must concur that this is a fair assessment.

    First, a quick rundown of my antiquated gear and a mention of my technique, as these variables impact the experience.

    I vape single bottom coil clearo's on a regulated mod at roughly 7-12 watts. The atomizers are usually 1.8-3ohm. I am a mouth to lung hitter taking slow, even draws.

    When I load a new juice, I drop down to 7 watts and begin working my way up in power in half watt increments. When my nose hair singes, I back it off a bit.

    My first few draws of the Cannella were all about the cinnamon. As the wattage climbs, the vanilla ascends and the cinnamon drops back. Somewhere in the middle (at about 8.5 watts for me) there is a balance point.

    That literal sweet spot took me back 40 years, to a time of walking with my great aunt down the avenue on Saturday morning to the bakery, where I began my life long battle with obesity.

    The cinnamon is incredibly well done. It's not that Red Hot or Fireball experience. It's more subtle and proper, sharing the stage with the vanilla rather than fighting vanilla for it.

    Throughout the day, hints of chai, rice pudding, horchata and Bavarian cream traversed my tongue. Salted caramel tones appeared occasionally as did a faint nuttiness here and there. The custard almost convinced me to chew on occasion.

    In the past 24 hours, I've wiped out half of my 10 ml bottle. I need to check myself so I can try it after aging.

    At $0.80 per ml, its at least double the cost of my other juices. Still cheaper than analogs and much tastier.

    I like simpler flavors for ADV, so this one will be categorized under "occasional treat". If you like to sometimes bury your face in a Cinnabon, you should make a note to try this juice.

    Jay :headbang:
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