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This is a blog being developed to store and maintain important and informative posts I make while on the journey as a vaper trying to support and educate other new vapers.
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  1. Starting to get a lot more views then I expected so I will make a commitment to 3new posts or videos a week starting now I am on my iPad on he way from vapercon so will have a lot of new content tomorrow
  2. So i took the insulator out of my zenesis standard and used the stock wicks and just wasnt satisfied with the performance so i rolled up a SUPER WICK.. The wick was just about 1/10th of a millimeter smaller then the wick hole and i used a super fine layer of cotton from a cotton ball as an insulator.. The new wick being so dense with mesh wicks like nothing ive ever seen on a genesis.. so heres a pic of the wick in the tank.. Should be pretty self explanatory from the description and the picture of how to do it it..

  3. [video=youtube;mbA70e6kc8w][/video]
  4. So.. I noticed the svoemesto battery 510 top had the same angles and such as the provari so i thought why not try it in manual mode without the samovar module with the zap just to see how it preformed with the bottom button with the zap.. and heres what it looks like.. (Not bad fora $56 battery and connector)
    Pretty dang close to a zenesis standard if ya ask me and it hits like a CHAMP!.. So if you cant get a zen standard but want something similar in concept and performance you can do this..
  5. [video=youtube;WyPjqMkGgQA][/video]
  6. So.. I noticed the svoemesto battery 510 top had the same angles and such as the provari so i thought why not try it in manual mode without the samovar module with the zap just to see how it preformed with the bottom button with the zap.. and heres what it looks like..
    Pretty dang close to a zenesis standard if ya ask me and it hits like a CHAMP!.. So if you cant get a zen standard but want something similar in concept and performance you can do this..
  7. A first impressions look at the KayFunII rebuildable atomizer
  8. Wanted to show some of the pieces and parts of the svoemesto with the samovar module and the sticker addon
    There is no break down of the menu and functions this is only my first impressions of it..
    a follow up full review will come after a few days of use
    and getting comfortable with it The purposes of this was to show the pieces and parts of the SvoeMesto NOT the nivel chip as there is already a great breakdown to the functionality of the nivel chip which will be posted at the bottom..

    If you would like a break down of the menu system NOW.. you can see a review of JUST the nivel chip here..

    Lexi - A Variable Wattage Mod Featuring Power Regulation by The Nivel Chip, Made by Mamu - YouTube
  9. Driving down the road testing the front camera on my new galaxy note tab 10.1 and heres what we came up with..

  10. I realized something today..

    I went scouring through my supply of wire and couldnt find any no-resistance wire eventhough i bought some last week from COV and needing to wrap a new coil on one of my penelopes.. I got my kir fanis tanks for them today and figured id just start fresh with them on a pene with a new coil and wick but i couldnt find the small roll i bought last week.. SOOO!!

    I just unwrapped the coil on the old wick and cleaned it up and used it again on a new piece of wick..
    I didnt realize i could do that but figured the concept was sound..

    Unrolled it.. Cleaned it.. Wrapped a new wick and started vaping..

  11. To start.. This is only my opinion, im not a professional reviewer I just LOVE vaping and im a very big "Gadget Geek" so with all the money I saved from kicking a 20 year smoking habit now I satisfy the nerd within with the latest and the greatest vaping toys I can find.. I purchased this item from the classifieds section in new condition an in no way was I asked to do a review of this product.



    The VMAX feels very good in the hand, its just a bit skinnier then several other of my tube mods (3 different lavatubes, provari and others) and its light as a feather without batteries. It feels like a good quality material and the super shiny mirror finish matches up with my Penelope perfectly its a very "Pretty" setup. The 510 connection to me feels very solid. I fell confident in how secure my Penelope fells on top of it. All of the chrome lavatubes felt like if the wind blew wrong the 510 would bend or warp and i actually really didn't like using them because I felt like I had to be overly cautious and careful with the flimsy connection, and the threads in the VMAX Rev2 510 feel very solid and durable.The VMAX has short protection and many other security features that to me make it a pretty safe device to use

    The menu system is very easy to use and WOW is the LCD screen bright REALLY bright but it can be MOSTLY turned off through the menu system. It is very easy to access with 3 clicks of the button and it had 6 options in the menu..

    1 Voltage up (4 clicks total)
    2 Voltage down (5 clicks total)
    3 Stand-By (6 clicks total)
    4 Battery Voltage (7 clicks total)
    5 Resistance (8 clicks total)
    6 Light on and off (9 clicks total)

    Again the menu is very easy to use and so bright a blind person could almost read it..

    I think its a great little VV device.. The battery life on it is VERY good. Its an all day vape for me and charge at night.. I do agree with some of the other reviews out there that even with the upgraded V2.. it just feels like it hits you in the throat a bit harder with anything you put on it.. Now this can be a good thing.. But it can also be a bad thing but more on that later. I am going to avoid making comparisons to the Provari when talking about the VMax due to the similarities in appearance with one exception.. I do like that I am able to Vape with consistent voltage at 6 volts with my penelope using a 2.1 ohm coil.. My provari throws E2 errors at anything above 5.5 with my Pene at 2.1 ohms so thats my only "Provari" comparison. But for someone with a Provari who is considering a "Backup" device it is my experience with the VMAX that you get about the same vape about .3v lower then on the provari.

    As I said earlier the VMAX just feels like it "Hits harder" then many of my other variable voltage mods. I personally use rebuildable atomizers so for me this isnt that big of a deal.. If I over cook a coil its $0.10 and 2 mintues to roll up a new coil real quick and be back to vaping but for people who use clearomizers like stardusts and vivi novas, or CE3 type clearomizers, or basically any "Closed" system I can see that without a good understanding of what voltage is best for what resistance, in regards to your liquid storage and delivery device, you could pretty easily "Overcook" them and we all know when you burn a wick its too the trash and in most cases there goes 5 bucks down the drain.. This isnt really a negative for the device its just a negative with variable voltage in general and with the VMAX I feel this could be easily done.

    The LCD screen will not completely TURN off.. Even though in menu item 6 you can turn the display off.. When you push the buttom you still get a blue glow from the right side of the screen so if you are like me and you vape at the movies.. You cant get a completely stealth vape with the device.

    Other then that.. I cant complain about the device with my vaping style I do really enjoy it and only time will tell to see what its overall durability will be..

    Overall id give it a solid 8.5 out of 10

    I know the V1 didnt come with an instruction manual but I found a PDF for it and its very intuitive so if you need a Users Manual for the VMAX by Smoketech click
    In a head to head race it inches ahead of all the lavatubes I've tried and is just inches behind the Provari..

    So thats it.. Hope you guys found it informative.. IF you like my review please check out my blog (link in my signature) and I look forward to my next review...

    Thanks and VAPE ON!!

  12. So.. To start.. I didnt take pictures but will the next time I do this..

    Today i had the idea (being that ive been through every genesis made) that if the penelope was great.. It MIGHT be
    greater if you did a hybrid wick.. So.. Knowing that screwing the ring down the mesh would absolutely NOT work
    and keep a good oxidization i pondered on how could i get mesh in the wick..

    Just do it dead center under the coils to protect the silica/cotton..

    5 minutes later.. What was a perfect vape turned into a double perfect vape...

    Basically i just cut about a 3/16ths square piece of mesh oxidized it and wrapped it around the cotton rolled the coil
    4/5 coil.. (1 off the left side of the mesh 3 on the mesh 1 off the right side of the mesh) finshed the setup as per
    usual on a penelope..

    To describe the flavor difference is kinda difficult.. One of my favorite sweet vapes is Strawberry Banana Smoothie
    from alt smoke.. Checked the resistance and it read 2.1 ohms capped it up filled it up and started to vape the new
    hybrid wick.. My wife tried it and her first words were.. "WOW.. the strawberry really comes through more" and that
    was also what i first noticed.. There is a certain flavor note that you can only get on mesh with sweet flavors and adding
    this tiny piece of mesh under 70% of the wick not only added that "Note" to the flavor but also gave me a very
    slight increase in what was already amazing vapor..

    SO .. Give it a try im sure this was descriptive enough for anyone with a penelope to try it.. and the next time I do it
    ill be sure to take pictures..

    Thanks for reading and

    VAPE ON!!

  13. Well.. A couple weeks ago i started sanding away at my black provari and then buffing it.. Now after a couple of weeks of using it my hands have smoothed it out to a beautiful finish.. I call it the GunMetal edition because i left the black in the grooves giving it a slightly agressive look.. Kinda like racing stripes on a car.. I am absolutely elated at the results and anyone wanting to see what this could look like after a bit of work and a couple weeks of your hands naturally polishing it.. Here ya go..

    By the way the extension caps also have the dots black..

    And think.. A guy on the original post said it looked like someone hacked up a provari with sand paper lol..

  14. Miss Penelope Penelope
    Oh Where have you been
    My juice tastes so great
    You are now my best friend

    Ive spent hundreds of dollars
    Trying to find a something great
    Miss Penelope Penelope
    Your now my main vape...

    Yep.. I got a penelope in today.. and after 5 different genesis rebuildables I will never go back to a cartomizer
    clearomizer, fluxomizer, atomizer, genesis.. INSERT ANY OTHER DEVICE IN EXISTANCE HERE

    (Execept maybe an Oddy as they are similar in concept)

    The vapor is fantastic, the juice control allows me to dial in the perfect flow.. I cannot say enough about it.. It is a
    fantastic device and I am now one happy vaper..

    Thanks GG team for building a phenomenal piece of vaping equipment.. Ill be forever grateful.
  15. Ive got a iHybrid, a Bliss had a Z-Atty pro, a LineV2 and all genesis rebuidables.. Have spent tons of money on them but for some reason.....


    Still havent tried an oddy or a penelope which i have a Penelope coming... But beyond that.. Im probably just going to dump all this high end stuff and stick to my provari in 18490 mode with a 1.5 ohm dual coil carto in a SS DCT...

    If i could eliminate the flooding in cartos id be set..

    I know some will say that OH YOU JUST DIDNT DO IT RIGHT!! but believe me I have TONS of experience rolling SS Mesh wicks.. oxodizing them and wrapping coils.. I can throw a dual wick 1.7 ohm dual coil setup on my bliss in 5 minutes from scratch with no hotspots.. and i do LIKE it..

    But for me.. and we all know this is all subjective.. a $2 DC Carto in a $10 DCTank just works best for me..

    Why is this lol.. as the title says.. I just cant understand..
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