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This is a blog being developed to store and maintain important and informative posts I make while on the journey as a vaper trying to support and educate other new vapers.
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  1. So i got my bliss in yesterday and have been playing with some configurations and wanted to give a little tip for those of you with hellfires and bliss genesis atomizers..

    As you know theres 3 holes (up to 4 holes by a removing screw leaving one negative post) in the bliss. The first setup i tried was a 2 wick dual coil setup on opposite sides of the positive post (lining up with the 2 opposing air holes) and this setup worked pretty well.. So today i tried a curved wick without much success because for some reason i cant roll anything higher then 1.0 ohms even with a 6/7 wrap with 30 or 32g kanthal going to order some 24 and maybe have a bit more success with a single coil .. But anyway.. I took the curved wick out and accidentally put both of the wicks sided by on one side of the atomizer leaving the air hole dead center between the 2 wicks on one side and no wick on the other side.. and WOW did it add a great blend of throat hit and flavor having one air hole in front of 2 coils and one air hole opposite side the wicks..

    WIth this setup i got a much sharper flavor and a much crisper throat hit.. Give it a go.. ON the BLISS its the only setup ill use from now on..

    Heres a picture of what it looks like..

    TOP VIEW (Before i had the wick thats to the right side of that top screw in this picture, in the hole on the left side of that top screw making it polar opposite to the wick on the right side of the bottom screw in the picture which lined up with the polar opposite air holes on the cap)

    Front View (No cap side by side wick instead of opposing wick)

    Front View with cap (showing air hole center of 2 wicks)
  2. And with a 0.9 ohm coil it vapes like a steam engine!! CLOUDS AND CLOUDS from such a tiny tiny device...

    Special thanks: Caponespops for the Line V2
    Indo: For the Paps Piccolo

    Was a great price on both.. Thanks for not beeing greedy just because they are uncommon devices!

  3. It really bothers me that no matter how hard someone tries to point someone in the right direction on a solid way to get into vaping with equipment that will work for any style.. The "EXPERTS" have to come in and throw mud on it and just confuse people more.. Not Going to elaborate more on it i just think taking a positive prospective and supporting growth.. Preference and ego is put in front of practicality
  4. Hey everyone Jaime here... Since I can no longer start threads in the new members forum I thought id put this here as I am confident new vapors will probably look here as they look in the new members forum as well..

    This setup described is HALF the price of those BLUE OR REDDD things out there.. and 1000000x better as far as flavor vapor and power..

    The main problem with getting started is most places try to sell you "KITS" to get you started and 9 times out of 10 the average person wont use alot of the stuff that comes in said "Kits" so I put together a small list to get anyone started for right around $50 bucks and still have a quality device that anyone can pickup and dial in to a vape that works for them right out of the box for less then a carton of cigarettes due to the fantastic price for a KGO VV that allows you to "Turn it up or down" to suit your needs..

    Im supremely confident this combo can work for anyone as so far in my circle I have converted 20+ SMOKERS to vapers. Of course the type of e-juce and flavor will be subjective as everyone likes different things and tastes things differently.. BUT if you are trying to get started on a budget you will want to save as much as you can on shipping as possible so I picked a vendor that offers quality products, but by no means is this the only vendor out there..

    Since you are just getting started I would recommend you start with an eliquid thats 24mg just to closer replicate the throat hit of a cigarette.. So here is what i get my friends going on..

    A good Variable voltage battery (Kgo VV)$26 (includes usb passthrough charger so you can vape while you charge)

    A Clearomizer Tank $4.49

    A 10ML bottle of liquid$5.00

    A backup battery (Not variable voltage but 1100 mAh) $17

    I i dont mean to be a Hoosier fanboy and im not.. I purchase from several different vendors.. BUT if you are trying to be budget friendly you want to try to get it all at one place to avoid multiple shipping charges.

    This order has you at $53 bucks with 2 batteries.. or Just a shade over a carton of cigs..

    This order would qualify for free shipping..

    Good luck and if you have any questions or need any help or advice my PM box is always open to help in any way i can..

    Thanks and good luck..

  5. If any of you follow my posts you guys must know im a DIE HARD Alice in Vapeland fan.. but i am required to say..

    BlueBerry Muffin
    From Heathers Heavenly Vapes is AMAZING...
    Link to the Juice

    Vapor production is fantastic.. 9 out of 10
    Flavor is out of this world.. and SPOT on for a blue berry muffin 12 out of 10
    Throat hit is pretty good at 12mg. BUT i wouldnt want a massive throat hit on a liquid this tasty.. 7 out of 10

    Overall Rating.. 9 out of 10..
  6. Well I wanted to give you guys some of my experiences so far with this wonderful company..

    First off you cannot beat the customer service. Nicole is AWSOME and will be a great friend for life..

    TO start with all of their flavors ive tried I get left with the same situation.. Trying to figure out how a e-juce company made something that tasted that good.. and secondly trying to guess what the subtle nuances in the flavors are from.. Alice is very tricky and it adds a level of intrigue to their product that fascinates and entertains me.

    Myself being a 24mg smoker generally I see that I can enjoy lower MG liquids and vape a TON more with their outstanding flavors. There is something about their mix that is light and airy but still produces a TON of vapor. Not thick and overly viscus like some of the dozen others that went in the trash today.

    I am amazed by white rabbit by far the best liquid I’ve tasted out of the dozens I’ve tried so far.. It has a hit of Coconut with maybe some Vanilla or Caramel.. or maybe its a tad of hazelnut.. Its just one of them juces that when you taste it you cant quite figure it out.. But i did figure one thing out.. ITS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Vapor production was FANTASTIC and flavor was delicate and very satisfying..

    Alice also takes second prize with my second flavored liquid now to date with Creamsicle.. My wife and I along with a friend smashed the 6ml sampler in about 2 hours.. it was AAAAMMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNNGGG.. Orange and Cream in perfect harmony!! Vapor production was FANTASTIC and flavor was delicious and very satisfying..

    Im taken back to my child hood by crunkberry I definitely get that crunch berries taste with that just hummmmm theres the milk in the finish.. WIth Captain Crunch being my favorite cereal this could ONLY be a HOME RUN for me.. Vapor production was FANTASTIC and flavor was spot on!

    The lemon cakes was just as I would have expected lemony and refreshing with a light cake finish.. Vapor production was FANTASTIC and flavor was delicate and very satisfying..

    I personally didn’t quite get the frost blossom which isn’t to say it is bad , just not really my style.. but It has turned out to be my wifes favorite vape. Vapor production was FANTASTIC and flavor had a cooling effect with some interesting "Whats That" characteristics.

    Nicole has taken on a custom creation idea of mine after much discussion so I cannot WAIT till what I have named..
    "Essence of the Tiger Lilly" is finished.. Dont know if they will make it production but if they nail the vision I had for it i can guarantee ill order a lifetime supply of it...

    There just isnt enough time or room to say all the good things there are about this company.. They are great people and produce a great product that you can tell is made with care and love. If you haven't tried them you have NO Idea what you are missing..

    Today I received my big "Stock UP" order and their product comes in these beautiful glass bottles with gorgeous charms.. You can tell they put alot of effort in their product and the packaging is second to none compared to the other commercial stuff out there.

    Thank you Alice In Vapeland for the best day of vaping since I started!!

    GORGEOUS GLASS BOTTLES WITH GLASS DROPPER!! THIS ISNT CHEAP COMMERCIAL JUNK! BUT PRICED COMPETITIVE! My wife is going to make a necklace with the charms on their bottles.
  7. Thought this would be fun.. Theres a long thread about your favorite vendor.. Though id elaborate on that thread concept and say whats your favorite juices. Include your spouses and friends favorites..

    Alice in Vapeland

    ME: WhiteRabbit (My number 1), Crunkberry (Tied for my number 2) (Special Blend.. Ask for Jaimes Blend.. Its a bit sweeter) and CreamSicle (My number 5)
    Wife: FrostBlossom (Her number 2), Lemon Loves Cakes (Her number 3)
    Sister-in-Law Mystic:Madelime (Her ONLY liquid)

    Heathers Heavenly Vapes

    ME: BlueBerry Muffin (My number 3)

    Highbrow Vapor:

    Grandfather: 36mg Peach Thymbra (Grandfathers Number 1)
    I think its a great peach but I cant handle that high of a nic.. I ordered it in a 12mg and its a very very pleasant peach.


    ME: Strawberry Bananna Smoothie (My number 4 and my wifes number 3) , Icy Menthol(Favorite Mixer) (Very unflavored liquid and a great mixer)
    Wife: Snozberry Chill (Her number 1)


    ME: Bananna Taffy (My number 2)
    Wife: Strawberry Bananna Bubble Gum (Her number 2)
  8. Ive only been vaping for a month or so and its amazing how this movement for tobacco harm reduction
    just spreads like wildfire..

    I got into vaping from the view of I WILL quit smoking cigarettes and fortunate enough to have the
    resources available to order basically ...

    I know this ls a long list but trust me there is a point..

    I have 7-8 different ego type batteries including a few ego-twists (Which ironically is one of the lessor costly devices
    and mine and my wifes primary devices)
    an iTaste kit
    an eLips kit
    I have 4 different versions of the
    lava tube..
    A VV Gripper
    a ProVari V2 black with the extension for 18650 batteries.
    a Home made variable voltage that will vape up to 7.4 volts

    Every type of cartomizer out there.. in different oHms to use on different devices and higher or lower voltages.
    20+ different type of ego tank style cargo/clearo/fluxo which are all the same form factor being its a tank
    that goes on an ego type battery but all function and wick or supply the juice in different ways to the
    heating element of the device.. Top coil, bottom coil, long wick, short wick, rebuildable, repairable, and
    everything in-between
    4-5 different tank systems for larger devices for large cartomizers, small cartomizers, xl cartomizers, xxl cartomizers

    5-6 different atomizers

    40-50 different juice flavors from quality vendors (some not so quality)...

    Im sure theres more to list but just giving you an idea of what all can potentially be out there..

    After 5 weeks cigarette free and tons of research to find out what worked for me.. Ive found it. Now i wont say what
    that is for a very specific reason.. What works for me might not and very well probably wont work for you.. My wife
    and i do both love the ego-twist batteries but out of all the different ways to get liquid to vapor.. what she likes.. and what i like are pretty much complete opposites.. The tank on my twist right now and the tank on her twist right now at first glance appear to be the same thing but they wick the liquid different so it can be a pretty subjective thing.

    Also be careful and most importantly PATIENT with liquid selection.. as i said i have 40-50 different e-liquid flavors
    and i probably LIKE 7-8 of them and LOVE only 3 or 4 of them..

    AND AGAIN ironically my wife doesnt like ONE SINGLE LIQUID I like.. and I cannot stand ANY SINGLE ONE liquid
    she LOVES.. So the review section of this forum and many others is a good place to start.. I skipped the reviews because its in my nature to just headfirst into it and believe me If I had it to do over I would have done a few minutes research into liquid before I just went out there and ordered one of everything..

    This isnt a one size fits all thing.. So.. To try to sum it up for someone just getting started...

    You can do this on a budget.. To start check the vendors section lower in the forum for a well reviewed vendor..
    Order something simple like an ego-twist.. Your battery is the foundation of your vaping experience and after
    spending hundreds of dollars on devices its strange that my wife and I both use this device more then the others.
    Definitely keep in mind that the battery is the FIRST step. Then dont forget a charger for your device..

    !!DONT BUY A KIT!!
    I will start by saying this is JUST MY OPINION!!

    Generally it will come with a bunch of junk you dont need so if you are looking for something a bit more budget
    friendly just get a battery and charger and then look around at reviews of the different type of tanks or clearomizers
    or atomizers and even spend an hour watching a few video reviews to get a good idea of what you think might
    work for you to get started just order one of them.. Maybe order one of something similar to it to have something to
    compare it to..

    Now with your battery charger liquid and liquid delivery method in place.. You have spent LESS then generally one carton
    of cigarettes (if you buy it all from one place and that CAN be done) after shipping to be on the road to cigarette free.

    My list of converts in the last 5 weeks Include..

    My wife, My best friend, his wife and his brother, my brother and his wife, 5 employees, my grandfather, and as of today MY MOTHER AND FATHER..

    You will see that getting into and onboard with tobacco harm reduction CAN AND WILL SAVE LIVES!! Im glad i have all
    this extra equipment because it has served as a platform for me to just let someone try something in my circle.. Which
    unfortunately isnt available for everyone so I hope this post helps you get started..

    As always im here to help in anyway I can so send me a message if you have any questions or want to talk about vaping
    ill be glad to chat with anyone wanting to get started...

    Love always and good luck!!

  9. Stocked up for a few days..

    Also some surprise new flavors in there! CAINT WAIT TO TRY THEM!!!

  10. Ended up just taking the old coil out and rolling the mesh small enough to just slide into the coils in a new head.. so i basically just slid the silica wick out.. and slid a ss mesh wick in its place.. no rolling required..

    Steps to do it:

    1. Take the bottom off the vivi-nova and slide out the 510 connection post and bottom.

    2. Get a new head and using your fingernails just pull the pin out of the bottom.. You will notice one part of the coil is outside the
    plastic rubber sleeve (the ground id assume) and the other part of the coil is on the inside of the sleeve (Positive, this part of the coil actually is pressed up against the bottom pin completing the circuit.

    3. Remove the grey rubber sleeve.

    4. lift the coil out gently grasping the wicks gently

    5 slide the silica wick out of the coils (there is next to zero resistance they will slide out pretty easily.

    6. Roll a VERY VERY VERY thin stainless steel mesh and oxodize it. (there are TONS of videos to learn how to do this
    on youtube)

    7 Slide the new mesh wick in between the factory rolled perfect coils.

    8. This is optional but it helped me... unroll one wrap from each end to give you some extra to feed out the bottom. Doing
    this did drop the ohms on the coil from the factory 2.6 down to 2.1 but no biggie for me..

    9 Feed the left and right wires down the middle of the head.

    10. Re-insert the rubber sleeve leaving one of the wires on the outside and one of the wires on the inside of the sleeve

    11 push the metal center Pin back in place, and trim the wire as needed to neaten it up

    12. Test fit the length of the mesh wick and trim as necessary

    13 Check your ohms.. and vape away.

    Flavor for me was FANTASTIC.. Just like my z-atty pro..

    Be careful the first time I tried this the wick was a bit to wide and the wicking was cut off by the VERY small gap for the mesh to go through on the walls of the head.. Other then that.. was a VERY simple thing to do.

  11. OK.. SO maybe I did go a LITTLE extreme on the title of this post but for some reason it is in our human nature to be more drawn to something negative and scandalous versus something positive and supporting growth with ANYTHING especially in the world of Tobacco-Harm-Reduction. But hey.. I say.. If a evil sounding title got at least one naysayer who is looking for a reason to KEEP smoking to read this trying to find some supporting evidence to keep them FROM vaporizing, and then that person decides to move forward and give the world of e-cigs a go.. Then the drama of the title accomplished exactly what I meant it to.

    Is vaping bad for you.... well.. Ill put it this way.. According to scientific data showing the the levels of toxins and carcinogens in e-cigarette vapor calculated in parts per meter. They are at least somewhere in the neighborhood of...

    Are you ready?

    Then Tobacco Smoke
    Link to study at bottom of post.

    Is anything in this world GOOD for you or safe for you? Well of course not. If I lived my life in a way that I steered away from everything in this world that wasnt 100% safe then I would be the boy in a bubble and there would be no room for me to in any way enjoy ANY part of the human experience.

    I was a
    3 pack a day smoker for 18 years. I started smoking when I was 12 years old.. AND thanks to the world of the personal vaporizer I am now a NON TOBACCO SMOKER, and from the 200+ hours of research I have personally done and the hundreds of videos I have watched I can only come to ONE conclusion in that the "STATUS-QUO" presented by the mainstream media and even the false studies and bad science our governments have placed in their representation of e-cigarettes and personal vaporizing is nothing more then lobbying gone rampant in an effort to demonize this new booming industry.

    For one.. Theres no
    money in it for the "BIG TOBACCO" (Cigarette Producers) "BIG PHARMA" ("Safe" alternative quitting methods" LOBBIED TO THE FDA) and "BIG GOVERNMENT"(The people who tell you what to do whom are PAID by lobbyist to look out for THEIR best interest)

    The problem is its hard to find a common sense approach to what personal vaporizing is and what
    Tobacco Harm Reduction is all about..

    Chances are you were like me.. You ordered that product you saw on TV just to be disappointed and probably gave up after spending WAY to much for an overpriced piece of junk, and today YOU REALLY DO WANT TO QUIT but you just didnt know where to start.. SO you did a little search on google and found this forum.

    You saw a bunch of reviews for that commercial you saw on tv which are always "Weighted" in the favor of the company and you thought well dang.. I already tried that..

    I will say HEY!! If it helps some peope get off cigarettes I say go for it.. But the
    failures far outweigh the successes from these "Commercial" products and in general I've determined the only good they do is getting your foot into the door of realizing the REAL WONDERFUL WORLD of vaping as your nicotine delivery.

    There is alot of
    greed in the commercial realm taking adavantage of people who legitimately are looking for a way to quit smoking cigarettes.. So I do commend you for making a step to lessen the damage a nicotine addiction is causing due to the current delivery method you are supplying that addiction with (cigarettes)..

    So browse around this forum in the beginners section and spend a little time going over the questions being asked by people in your shoes who trying to press forward and check out the responses people are getting from veteran vapers. You will be surprised
    how satisfying AND budget friendly it can be to actually make the transition to e-cigs as your nicotine replacement.

    Also.. When you have decided which device you will go with.. go to the e-liquid review section of the forum to find a juice that is well reviewed and liked by others.. I cannot begin to tell you how much e-liquid I threw in the trash after I began vaping..


    As far as a
    budget friendly way to get offcigarettes I tell my friends for the cost of ONE cartonof cigarettesyou can buy a good device.. For example the ego-Twist with a stardust clearmizer (check the suppliers section of the forum to find one all the good vendors generally carry this inexpensive device), a good bottle of e-liquid (again check the e-liquid reviews) and you will be off the analogs.. and the people on this forum are HERE to support you.. Thanks for reading this and good luck on your journey.. If you need any help or any advice feel free to PM me ANYTIME!!

    ***If you want the science of the 98% less harmful statement I made and have hours to pour over this abstract from the German Study here is a link but generally it just displayed the parts per meter of the
    chemical compounds found in e-cigarette smoke which by the way showed the parts per meter on the
    DANGEROUS stuff to be 97-99% LOWERthen the levels considered "SAFE" ***
    Does e-cigarette consumption cause passive vaping? - Schripp - 2012 - Indoor Air - Wiley Online Library
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