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  1. I have noticed that whenever I go to a B&M they are always playing techno or trap or electronic music. I think I may have figured out why they do this. One reason is that it helps people buy stuff, that kind of music makes you more energetic, it increases your heart rate which pumps more blood to the brain, which can make you more excited. When you are more excited you are more inclined to make decisions based on your wants and desires instead of thinking forever about a purchase. You are excited to go buy something like a new flavor or a mod, and if you are really excited you may buy more than one thing while you are there. Another reason is that the whole vaping culture is new and cutting edge, kind of like electronic music, it is on the cutting edge, it is new, it pushes boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible. Whenever I vape with friends I normally listen to Trap music, it is relaxing and exciting at the same time. Another reason in my opinion is that when people hear this music they think "hey this is cool" so they hang out at the B&Ms, many shops also have huge T.V.s and some have pool tables. I think this helps them keep people in the shop longer which equates to people buying more products. Also all the vape trick vids and tutorials or cloud competitions normally have electronic music playing in the videos.
    Just my thoughts, if you have an opinion on this feel free to comment.

    Stay safe, have fun, be vigilant of BT trying to regulate us.
  2. Always remember to prime a new coil head before you start vaping on it. This can be done two ways. The first way is super easy, first put your new head on the tank, fill up the tank, and before you hit the fire button take a few puffs, like 2 to 3, and make them powerful, really suck on those things, then go ahead and vape. The second way is slightly more complicated, you will need a syringe bottle and a paper towel. First before you put the atty head on your tank put some drops on the wick with the syringe, then put some drops in the tube that is on the head, let that sit 10 to 20 seconds, then put the paper towel on the atty head tube and suck , there should be some excess juice that comes out on the towel, then screw on the head, fill up your tank, and you are ready to go. It is important to prime your wicks like this so that they last longer and have less of a chance of dry burning in the beginning. If you notice you are getting a dry fire use the first method whenever it happens, then start vaping again.
    Good luck and happy vaping.
  3. This is for all the flavor junkies of the world. More surface area means more juice vaporized means better flavor. So try using flat wire or micro, nano, and super nano coils. My personal preference is that cotton produces the best flavor, use organic cotton and i personally don't boil mine because i used sterilized, but you should boil your cotton. Try using flat ribbon wire, wick it all up, and then use pliers to flatten the coil so its more of an oval, trust me flavor production will be multiplied greatly from using a normal kanthal coil build.
    Good luck, keep vaping, and keep laughing.
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