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  1. Join me and my co-host Vapinminuteman as we talk about the latest news and advocacy issues in the vaping community in the US and world wide. Hope to see ya there. If you cannot...please catch us on the replay. also visit our website at if you have show ideas let us know or if you would like to be featured come on we love 41399548_952609308272885_3135626786675621888_n.png 47354943_336476840503906_2037186731765137408_n.png to have guests!!!

  2. WOW...Dec 3rd 2013 was the day I found out I had Metastatic brain cancer...the day my husband took me to my local brick and mortar store and picked up my first aspire twist in rainbow and my 22mg of strawberry cotton candy and never looked back. I never thought that that device would have led me to all this.....

    It's been a long ride many highs and many lows but a life changing experience that I've enjoyed and hated at times. Today I own my own network, I am working with one of the most influential people in the industry (David Goerlitz), I am advocating on my own a constant up hill battle in a state that hates vapors and really all that's left to fight are taxes and all out flavor bans with a super majority of liberals who would like nothing more than to see us all die...Thanks to my Senator...Merkly...BOOO HISSS....I've spent countless hours in my car traveling to Salem the capitol speaking to members in the house and senate trying to give them facts verses the fiction that's been so prevalent over the years some listen most tune me out. I try desperately to tell them that this tiny device saved my life yet why do they want to make me beholden to Pharma...Well we know the truth...I've said this so many times....


    It's so much easier to get caught up in the battles of OH the FDA is out to get us...oh look they want to take flavors away...oh look they are banning this or that....BUT we must NOT forget FOLLOW THE MONEY....Everything in politics and don't kid yourselves this is political is FOLLOW THE MONEY. States are losing MILLIONS in tax revenue from us not buying cigarettes. The cancer sticks they say they want us to quit yet keep raising the taxes on...why?? Because they NEED that money. You have to remember when the master settlement came about the States took out bonds and those Bonds are due and States have no way to pay them back because well we decided to change the stake we decided to chose a better alternative..not take their "approved" methods that the states get kick backs from the Pharmaceuticals and Tobacco companies...NOPE we decided something better MUCH more effective...Something that ACTUALLY works about 80% of the time not 20% as patches, gums, and lozenges do or mind altering drugs but a sensible alternative. A simple device that actually works and WOW!! Does it work!!

    I see today something similar as back in the 60's. I wasn't born quit yet but reading back it was the UK then that really made the link that combustible tobacco was linked to cancer. However the US fought that and fought it hard and deceived us. They said there was no way that was true even showing science that the UK was all wrong, yet they were wrong and the UK was a decade ahead of us. Again the UK is ahead of us. They are prescribing this life saving miracle and the US again is saying oh no this is an evil thing it addicts leads them to serious drug use....SERIOUSLY?!?! It's kind of funny that it's happening again and yet horribly terrifying that this country wants to KILL us over it. But where are our "groups" that beg for our hard earned dollars really doing to help us? CASSA? AVA? VTA? NBS? SFATA? They are saying the end is near we need your $$ But they are not giving any solutions but they must have more $$ to line their pockets and to what end? They go to their fancy conferences....stay at fancy our donations...that's not cool. That's not right. We the People must start making them accountable to US and say look enough is enough lets get it done. There are reasonable solutions to be had now put your butts to work and let's get it done. Enough sitting at tables talking about it the time for talking is over action must be made or we will lose and lose big. All vapors must make compromises as I said it's political theater, but we also must ask our advocacy groups what their plan of action is because right now...I don't see one. and again it's now or never.

    The vape community has been shooting itself in the foot for too long. I believe we can win. The FDA isn't the big bad I trust them OH HELL NO...but I do know we need to start being at the table and not allow companies like Juul making all the decisions for the entire community. the solutions aren't that hard and to be frank I don't want to lose this for those who have yet to switch. I broke a 30 year 2.5 pack a day smoking habit with vaping, my husband just celebrated a year after 35 years 2 packs a day smoking, I lost my Father in law July 6th this year to end stage COPD he drowned to death it was a gruesome way to die folks....I want to save this for him and others like him so they don't have to die like that. Start asking questions of our groups....Start advocating for yourselves...get involved...don't expect the next person will do it for you...because if you do...don't be surprise if it's lost for good...

    Juicin With Jenn
    Co-Owner NVR Network YouTube
  3. Well it's been a long time since I really delved into ECF. I began vaping in Dec. 2013 and found ECF about a week or so later. This forum was so crammed with information I just read and read and read. As my vape journey continued and I explored better and better devices I floated from ECF no particular reason but.....Things have changed.

    I am now the Oregon Lobbyist for the Vape Trade Association and am excited at how my love and hobby of vaping after many years hosting shows, building coils, gaining a vape family that I am not on the front lines. A place I never thought I'd be. I run a couple teams, I am a vape warrior advocate and also have my own company focusing on advocacy issues, education and also still loving my reviewing life.

    I plan on being here for the long haul using any available recourse to part my wisdom, expertise and love for vaping be extended here on ECF.....Who knows maybe I'll educate a few, gain a few more followers but my goal.....

    BUILDING OTHER VAPE WARRIORS!!! We desperately need more boots on the ground to help us not only to continue to vape but to ENSURE we are able to keep vaping safe and legal for ourselves and the future smokers wanting every so desperate to quit the tobacco roller coaster and help them make the switch and be successful. It takes ALL of us to accomplish this.

    Soooooooooo EC I'm back and with a broader purpose. I am glad to be back and hope to make many more friends and family in this wacky community.
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