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Blog entries by JesikaBeth

  1. So I am going 0 Nic. I am a 24mg on average nic juice user. But for health reasons I have to go to 0 nic or quit vaping all together *sigh* Needless to say I'm not so happy about this. I like my nic, for one. For two, I have ALOT of juice. So, I ordered some 0 nic juice a couple of days...
  2. Join me on facebook for promoting National Vaping Day 2012! National Vaping Day 2012 on Facebook Happy Vaping :vapor:
  3. Got this one from Value Vapor It's a good Tobacco juice, but I had become partial to my Marlboro type, so it wasn't what I was expecting. With that said, TH and Vapor were good. Giving this one a B+ Happy Vaping :vapor:
  4. This one's from Sweet Vapes It was o.k., but not a fave. But I am finding I don't much like vaping coffee flavors (even though I love coffee) Taste was true to the name though, TH and vapor were good. Giving this one a B Happy Vaping :vapor:
  5. This one's from Backwoods Brew. What can I say? I loved it! Taste, Vapor, and TH all good. I wasn't sure what I'd think, but I was pleasantly surprised. Giving this one an A+ Happy Vaping :vapor:
  6. This one is from DFW ~ I liked it. The flavor and vapor are excellent, TH is good as well. The nic was a bit strong for me but that was my bad... giving this one an A. Happy Vaping :vapor:
  7. Honey Flue from LiquidXpress So this juice is good, but not quite what I was expecting. It seemed different than their pre-filled honey flue cartomizers. Perhaps it hadn't seeped long enough? With that said, throat hit and taste were good anyway. vapor was excellent. Giving this one an A-...
  8. The majority of these are samples, but beware this is a long list (and yes, I actually do have all of these!) ;) LiquidXpress - Honey Flue Mom & Pops - 10Forty Mom & Pops - Covered Ape Mom & Pops - Butterfly Bait Mom & Pops - Nutty Orange Vermillion River - Raspberry Vermillion River -...
  9. Got Renegade Ry4 from Nite Lite Vapor, it reminds me a bit of their Original Bounty Hunter. I like it though! taste, throat hit, and vapor are all very good. Giving this one an A- Happy Vaping :vapor:
  10. So, I am a tobacco gal ~ although I do like to mix fruit and other flavors in from time to time, my all day vapes tend to be tobacco in nature. I've done enough experiementing with tobacoo flavors, that I do believe I've found my top 3 all day vapes :D Tribeca by Halo Kentucky Vanilla by...
  11. This might be one of my new all day vapes. Kentucky Vanilla from Vermillion River . What can I say. O M G :D This gets an A+ for throat hit, vapor, and taste. A good vanilla tobacco flavor. Definitely highly suggested. Happy Vaping :vapor:
  12. I ordered a red vGo 900 mAh from Revolver 3 days ago, and it came today :mail: I have been vaping the Joye510 Mega, and my analog looking vEppo510. I like both, but wanted an ego type, and came across this gorgeous vGo. Did some research, and voila. I *LOVE* it
  13. Here's another one I got from a DIY'er here at ECF: Blackberry 24mgs. 70/30 blend, and it's very good! Taste, TH, and Vapor all get an A+ Happy Vaping :vapor:
  14. So I am narrowing down my stash, trying to find my groove with juice, and I have come to the conclusion that tobacco flavors are a great all day vape, and the sweeter stuff for a treat... That said, I have narrowed down my favorite tobacco flavors (thus far) to the following: "My Burro" - E...
  15. This one's from Backwoods Brew, it came reccomended to me here at ECF, and I can see why! Taste is good, quite unique in the tobacco flavor, but very good. TH & vapor are also good. Givin' this one an A+ Happy Vaping :vapor:
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