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  1. Well, after years of being a loyal Provari fan I don't think my P3 is going to see much use any more. The P3 is a great device but my vaping needs have outgrown it's design point. Moving to heavier gauge builds with RDAs requires more than 20W to get a satisfactory vape, and while the P3 can pump 20W, the boost feature won't work well above 12-13W. Add, one of the things I loved about the provari was the ability to run with 18350's or 18490's but at higher power & current draw, those batteries simply can't be used and with an 18650, the p3 kind of looses it's elegance.

    I've been using a Vaporshark mini which has become my goto over the last 4-5 months and it was starting to misbehave. While I loved the form factor, my challenge with that device was also the battery life: I was able to make it work for me by keeping it plugged in and charging whenever there was a USB connection to be found. I also carried a portable backup batter (6000mAh) to make sure I had a source when out and about. All in all, a less than ideal set up but it worked for me.... till the usb connector started flaking out....I'd still recommend it for anyone starting out or who doesn't need the power levels or advanced features i.e. temp control afforded by DNA and SX chipsets.

    Since Vaporshark charges $25 for a repair qoute + $7 for a new USB connector, I contemplated just buying a new Vapor Shark 30 for $60, but I had my eyes on the SX Mini for a while and it just happened to be released last week so I picked one up at a local B&M shop - Honest Vapor. Can't say enough good things about them.

    I am as impressed with this device as I was with the original provari when it first came out. IT's built solid as a tank, and fires flawlessly. There are 4 boost modes ranging from soft to powerful+. I'm finding the powerful mode to work best for me. Looking forward to mess with temp control in the next week or so. If I have any complaints about this device, they are minor:
    1) changing the battery is a bit annoying- it's difficult to unscrew the battery compartment- you need a quarter or you need to put some friction tape on it.. ,
    2) it feels heavy- while it will fit in your pocket, it's not something you want to keep in your pocket- which means you're going to drop it eventually if you ever take it out of the house. Supposedly it weights about the same as a Vaporshark DNA 40, but it's a smaller package.
    3) not unrelated, the bottom edges should be rounded. I find they dig into my fingers/hand when holding the device for long periods of time

    Other issues, like lack of information & poorly written manual are only issues when you first use it. Given this isn't a device for newbies,
  2. I’ve been a member here 4 1/2 years. I can no longer follow all the threads I've been on or the ones I’m interested in... especially some of the more active ones.
    I still use my Provari’s (including the original one from November 2010). I gave up trying to find something better till there’s a V3 out, or till someone shows me another digital/variable device 14500 or 14650 size that will keep up with a provari mini (w/18350)…hint to Provape- there are 14xxx IMRs out there… I don’t think VV or VW is better- they are just different means to an end. I don’t believe that anyone can taste the .1 ohm difference in resistance that occurs when a nichrome wire heats up – although I’m convinced some people think they can. Once I dial in my voltage for a given atty/juice combination I usually don’t mess with it.
    I gave up on the Genisis tanks and keep it simple – I may give it another try with a ceramic wick one of these days. Till I find something that works better, I only drip with IKV HR’s, Cisco HR’s , HH357’s. The atty’s last 6-8 weeks till they taste like crud or get clogged and I toss them. I clean them once or twice in a cycle before they are toast. I do seem to go through more juice with the HH357s…but I really don’t care because…..

    After spending a lot of money on a lot of premade juice, I only use DIY juice using flavors from Flavor Apprentice- I buy 500 ml of nic at a time and keep it in the freezer- I’m at the I’m at the end of a batch I bought 2 years ago.
    All of the 18650 and 18490 AW IMR batteries I bought 2-3 years ago are still working fine, as is my Pila charger- I use my TR-001 when I travel. The 18350s aren’t faring as well, probably because they get stressed more in a normal cycle, but they still work for a few hours.
    I haven’t taken my meter out to test anything e-cig related in at least 2 years.
    Last but not least, my total e-cig expenses for the last 2 years were around $250/year- including repairs. Granted, I probably spent between $3K and $4K the first 24 months I was at it… most of that is collecting dust except the AWs and the Provari’s (which account for about $800 of that)…oh and there’s about $150-$200 that I sent to some jerk named Tai Pan (AKA Uwe) in Germany for a mod project he never delivered on …
    If you have a question about one of my posts (most of which are now old) or just want to say hi, feel free to PM me -
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