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  1. 1) fill the tank and note the level as accurately as possible

    2) use my fingers to block off all (or most) of the airflow. Then take hits to create vacuum and fill the coil.

    3) you should see air bubbles escaping from the holes in the coil as it takes on juice. Continue to do so until the air bubbles stop.

    4) go back and check the level of the tank now (it should be 0.25 to 0.3ml lower than when you started). Sometimes I end up flooding them in the process, but it is a lot easier (cheaper) to clean out a flood than burn up a coil (BVC's are pretty unforgiving once the are burnt).

    5) put the tank on the device and set the battery to its lowest possible setting and take short hits. I do this a few times on each setting as I slowly ratchet up the power (usually in 0.2 increments). It is not uncommon to for it to not produce vapor for the first 3- 8 pulls (in my experience) but it will slowly increase production.

    You should be rocking after that. My first time, I just filled the tank and let it sit for 30 mins. Put on on batt... fire... burn. Once you burn them that taste will never go away. That is why I take my time to prime them thoroughly. I am on my 8th coil now and haven't had any issues since the first one.

    Live and learn, right.
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