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  1. When I first started vaping, I spent a lot of money buying juice from local cigarette shops, looking for a juice that tasted good. All any of them sold, were those mass produced ones, and most of them had a bad tasting base to them.

    There were some though, that didn't have that bad base, but the flavoring wasn't much. I've been using my DIY flavors to spice them up, and have come out with some flavors that aren't bad at all!

    I'm not too worried about the nicotine content, because I started out at 24 mg, (which is what those early juices are), and now usually vape between 12 and 18, only using 24 when I need the extra boost, so whatever level I end up with after adding the flavoring, seems to work okay for me.

    Anyway, it's giving me a chance to experiment with my new flavors, and if I ruin those early juices, it doesn't matter much! So far, I haven't mixed anything that's unvapable, and any that I've tried have been better than they were.

    Some of the fruits get better with the addition of cream flavors, and the tobaccos get better with things like apple or caramel.
  2. These are the juices I have so far.

    Apple LA
    Apricot CAP
    Key Lime TFA
    Lemonade FW
    Juicy Peach CAP

    Pear TFA
    Plum TFA
    Sweet Tangerine CAP
    Strawberry LA
    Watermelon LA

    Bavarian Cream LA
    Dulce De Leche FW
    Vanilla Custard V2 CAP
    Vanilla Swirl TFA
    Whipped Cream TFA

    Brown Sugar Extra TFA
    Cotton Candy TFA
    Maple (Pancake Syrup) CAP
    Toasted Marshmallow TFA
    Butter Rum LA

    Butter Rum FW
    Butterscotch FW
    Caramel Original TFA
    Pralines and Cream LA
    Vanilla Butternut FW

    Butter CAP
    Cafe Coffee FW
    Espresso CAP
    Candy Cane FW
    Cheesecake Graham Crust TFA

    Cream Cheese Icing LA
    French Toast CAP
    Graham Cracker V2 CAP
    Pie Crust TFA
    Vanilla Cupcake FW

    Waffle FW
    Hot Cocoa CAP
    Peanut Butter CAP

    Those are from two different orders. About half of them came last week, and the other half should be here this week.

    When I ordered the first batch, there were a lot of flavors I wanted, but were out of stock, so I made a second order from another company. A lot of flavors there were out of stock too, but I still got a lot of what I wanted from both companies.

    With the first order, I also got some PG nicotine, and a bottle of VG to cut it with. Got syringes with both orders.

    Unfortunately, I forgot to order bottles with the first order, so they will be here with the second order. Since I only had one empty bottle, I've only tried one DIY flavor so far. It's a buttermint, that I customized from a recipe, and it came out quite good. I'm going to try using it as a base for some chocolate and mocha vapes I want to make.

    I can see that this is going to be a new and fun hobby for me!
  3. I keep losing links to articles I really like, and never can find them again, so I decided I would make a blog post, and add links here.

    It's my first blog post, so I'm not sure whether or not I can edit this once it's posted or not, but if I can, I'll try to remove links when they get old enough that they aren't relevant anymore, and add to them when I find new ones.

    I hope this is useful to others as well.

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    Tobacco | American Council on Science and Health (ACSH)
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