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  1. Don't know much about blogging....guessing its just like a journal that people can read. On March 17th I'll hit one month completely cigg free. I'm counting from the last day I had a cigarette, not the first day I started vaping. I haven't had ONE analog or even a puff since then. The AMAZING thing is I don't even want one now. Not even a little. I struggled a bit for awhile there with my, sitting on my porch, drinking. What I've noticed is that I've been avoiding my triggers but not even intentionally. Its almost like I don't enjoy those things now. The last 789873628 times i've quit smoking I would want to go out drinking but wouldn't because I knew I'd want to smoke. I would want to have that 3rd cup of coffee but wouldn't because I was afraid I'd still want a cigarette. NOW I don't even finish my first cup, don't care about going out drinking. Its so weird. I was just thinking about it now and put it all together. Vaping has really changed my life. I LOVE it.

    I would NEVER have imagined that I could quit smoking, and not be depressed about it. Not want one. This is the greatest thing EVER.

    I am concerned that I'm still addicted to Nic, but am choosing to ignore it for now. Some people say who cares, you're not smoking....but I know Nic isn't good for you for one and for two, I want to get pregnant someday soon and can't be on Nic.

    Just wanted to share my story. If there are any people reading this who are still on the analogues I promise you this works. For me, I think the longer I vaped AND smoked analogs the harder it would have been to switch to just vaping. Almost like another habit to break. The first few days were hard, but not anything near like the times I've quit smoking in the past.

    I sincerely hope that nothing happens to PV's to make them more expensive or harder to get. The FDA needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize this new lifestyle will save so many lives.

    OK thats all. :)