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  1. It's been a while since I put up a blog post. Busy busy busy. I can't find much time to ruminate with constant snowstorms demanding me to sled and snowskate. Cincinnati is projected to have its biggest snowfall of the season so far tomorrow. So I put in for a vacation day and am now lounging around, relaxing, and vaping my head off.

    I have moved from 3.7v vaping to 6v vaping. It kinda just happened when I got my RoughStack and an extension tube for it. A lot of flavors can't hold up at this power level. I am happy to report that my tropical mixes do great at 6v and really go great with my favored Bacardi Superior and diet Coke. I managed to lose about 5ml of key lime-mango-coconut one night after liberal indulgence in this pairing.

    My response was to get a 10ml, 12mg custom Vaporbomb mix of coconut-key lime-pineapple. I thought it would be appropriate since I have recently been drinking Bacardi and pineapple juice at the bar. The results were very good- the pineapple flavor had a bit of syrupy sweetness that helped mitigate the dryness of the original blends, much as real pineapple juice mitigated much of the dryness inherent in Bacardi. Another great match. The key lime-coconut base seems to be quite versatile. It may have the potential to be mixed with many different third flavors to complement a variety of rum cocktails.

    Unfortunately, my apple cigar mix is not holding up as well. The green apple ended up overpowering the perique after steeping. At 5 volts, the flavor is too sticky and sweet for me. No matter... I have a Vaporbomb order on the way with extra perique for mixing! I have been stuck on tobaccos a lot lately. They hold up well at 5-6v and are immensely satisfying when properly enjoyed alongside fine whiskeys. So, with this new order, I hope to explore the potential of mixing some tobaccos!

    Qty | Item # | Description | Date Shipped | Tracking #
    1 | VBmaxUltimate | Max Ultimate | |
    Amount: 30ml
    VG-PG Mix: Half and Half
    Strength: 12mg

    1 | VBcubansupreme | Cuban Supreme | |
    Amount: 10ml
    VG-PG Mix: Half and Half
    Strength: 12mg

    1 | vbroyal | Royal E liquid | |
    Amount: 10ml
    VG-PG Mix: Half and Half
    Strength: 12mg

    1 | VBrum | Rum E Liquid | |
    Amount: 5ml
    VG-PG Mix: Half and Half
    Strength: 12mg

    1 | VBshade | Shade E Liquid | |
    Amount: 10ml
    VG-PG Mix: Half and Half
    Strength: 12mg

    1 | VBperique | Perique Black E Liquid | |
    Amount: 10ml
    VG-PG Mix: Half and Half
    Strength: 12mg

    1 | VBcustom | Custom E Liquid | |
    Amount: 10ml
    VG-PG Mix: 40%VG 60%PG
    Flavor 1: Perique
    Flavor 2: Max Ultimate
    Flavor 3: Passion Fruit
    Strength: 12mg

    The max ult is really good on its own at 5-6v. I killed a 5ml in no time flat. I also tried their 7 leaves flavor... it is good, but not right for me. It had a funkiness that reminds me on the odor of my (chainsmoking) grandmother, RIP. Now I am excited to try cuban supreme, royal and shade. I also took a shot in the dark and got a custom mix... kicked the pg to 60% from my normal 50/50. I threw in perique, max ult and passion fruit. I can't imagine what it will taste like.

    In addition, I have some Vapor Station flavors that need jazzing up (jesus did actually just type the words "jazzing up?" ... somebody please punch me in the face). They were really good with nice, strong throat kick but have mysteriously mellowed out. I think the perique or cuban will help with that. I am also pretty excited to mix a little rum e-liquid with some fruits and maybe some colas to see if cocktail flavor replication can be achieved.

    Oh, by the way, I found that mango blend. I came home from the bar after vaping the pineapple blend with some rum drinks and stopped cold when I saw the recliner... I had a weird feeling of deja vu... the mango mix was hidden under the cushion! It steeped very well and is now all grown up and old enough to go to the bar with me!

  2. Awesome! I am sitting here puffing on a 50/50 pg/vg 12mg, 30ml bottle of Vaporbomb custom blend... green apple and black perique. It is delicious. This blend, mixed for me by hand at Vaporbomb, tastes exactly like the mix I made for myself previously. It would seem that these two flavors do not change much with steeping. The blend I have from before is a tad milder and less sweet (maybe), but the difference is very subtle if I am not imagining it alltogether.

    I am glad that this blend did not end up like a gas station blunt. It's not the end-all be-all or anything, but I consider it to be a rock-solid all-day option. The crispness of the apple and the harsh, dry perique really set each other off marvelously. I think, rather than remind me of a nasty White Owl, that this blend hearkens more to something like an infused cigar by Acid. They don't have an apple cigar as far as I know, but they do have great quality tobacco with nice infusions. The Vaporbomb green apple/black perique concoction lies along these lines.

    I recommend it!

  3. I have been sampling a lot of new flavors recently. I got 15 different flavors in the mail last Saturday. Most of them came from Vaporbomb. I tried to get a good variety, as I am still on a (probably endless) quest for the mythical "all-day vape." I have already come to terms with the idea of changing flavors a lot. It's why I drip. I like variety.

    Mixing seems to help with this as well. I have been primarily using my tropical lime and coconut blend since I first mixed it up. It is good all the time, especially when I am out at the bar. As mentioned in my earlier post, it has been good enough to order in premixed form. This has not stopped me from mixing when I have the time. I mix everything. Why not? I can always clean the atomizer out if things start getting nasty. And some times, when one flavor follows another, sparks fly.

    The latest is a mixture of Vaporbomb's green apple (50/50 pg/vg, 12mg) and their black perique (50/50 pg/vg, 12mg as well). I had been dripping from one flavor to another all night. I tried black perique and at first it was really enjoyable (the previous drip was butter rum). I stuck with it as I dripped again and again. The flavor and throat hit went from strong to overpowering to ridiculous. I could barely vape the stuff once the other flavors faded away.

    It was not bad, don't get me wrong. It has a very strong cigar tobacco flavor and a crazy throat hit to match. But I am an experienced cigar smoker. Not as in "I smoke normal cigars frequently" but more like "I smoke a really nice, top-shelf cigar once every couple of weeks and have a lot of experience doing so." I liked the black perique e-liquid, but it was doing very little for me. Vaping is a lot more enjoyable than my former analog habit. But matching a real, top-quality cigar is something vaping can never hope to do. (Fortunately, I don't have an addiction to cigars! I just enjoy one with some good scotch every now and then.)

    Anyway, it did not take long for me to get sick of the black perique flavor. I wanted to drip in something else, and I figured it should probably be something strong and sweet to break up the cigarlike taste.

    Lo and behold, I happened to drip in the green apple. The results were SPECTACULAR!!! Like a smoky green apple jolly rancher. I vaped this mixture all day today without hesitation. Awesome-tasting, and it felt good to vape out of an eGo (cigarlike by design). I recommend that anyone possessing these two flavors from Vaporbomb or any other manufacturer give this a shot. I am steeping a bottle of this for tomorrow.
  4. After running very low on my homemade lime and coconut blend, I decided I needed more! I had been planning a big order from Vaporbomb and figured I would get their coconut again. Then, it dawned on me that Vaporbomb has a custom e-juice option. I went for it. I got 10ml of 50/50 pg/vg 12ml juice. They allow you to choose 3 flavors to mix. I chose key lime, coconut, and mango. I specified "a dash of mango" in the write in box. I can't say for sure (since the juice is pretty fresh), but it sure tastes like they did indeed put in just a dash of mango.

    Bearing the newness of this e-juice, my findings and impressions regarding this mix should be considered preliminary at this time. Also for consideration: I sampled this mix using a standard Boge 2.5 ohm 510 atomizer. Before use it was debridged, dewicked, cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol and dry burned thoroughly. I ran the atomizer on a fully charged, manual Joye eGo 510 battery. I used a delrin drip tip and did put the eGo cone on.

    I consider the mix a success! It is very tasty and it compares very favorably with my homemade concoction. My biggest concerns about the mix were that the key lime would be too sweet and that the mix overall would not have enough dryness to be balanced. I was happy to see that between the three flavors used, there is a pretty good balance. The mix is marginally sweeter and less dry, but it is much closer to my original mix than anticipated.

    The key lime flavor is fuller and more pronounced in the blend than the FSUSA cold pressed lime. It does not drown the coconut out but does taste better than the original lime! As for the mango, I guess it is a little bit of an X factor. I can detect an undertone of mango-like fruitiness here, but it is very subtle. Whether this is because I asked for "a dash" or because the juice is so young is a matter of speculation. What matters is that the overall lime-coconut flavor is nicely complimented by a little tropical fruit tinge. This is exactly what I was hoping for!

    The vapor production was satisfactory and the throat hit was good, both indiscernible from the characteristics of the original, homemade blend.

    Overall, I am very happy with my initial impressions of this mix. I look forward to seeing how or if it will change over the next few weeks. I also realize that this mix is one custom-tailored to my whims and will undoubtedly be unsuitable for many PV users. I like it, and that was my goal. Now I will have to investigate its performance when used in conjunction with my preferred nighttime libations.

    That's all for this topic now. I have an intriguing mixture of black perique and green apple that demands my immediate, undivided attention!

  5. I have recently been mixing flavors a lot. I wanted to find a good combination to go with the drinks I typically get at the bar. I mainly like to drink Bacardi Superior (white rum) either as a cocktail (double shot with diet coke) or as a shot (chased with a bit of diet coke and a lime wedge). I also like coconut juice, lime juice, and Bacardi Superior as a cocktail when I am at home (and can prepare the coconut myself).

    I found that the following mixture of e-juices goes very well with any of my drinks:

    20 drops FSUSA cold-pressed lime 50/50 12mg
    20 drops Vaporbomb coconut 50/50 8mg
    7 drops FSUSA Hawaiian Tropic 100% pg 24mg

    The vapor tastes a little like a cocktail of some sort itself... tangy, sweet, and clean. I usually go for a 50/50 pg/vg blend. For me,the extra pg in this mix adds a little dryness like a drink with white rum. Also, the nicotine content is not too high. This allows me to puff more (as I am apt to do while drinking).

    I find that FSUSA's juices have less sweetness and a clean profile while Vaporbomb's juices tend to be very sweet and come with some interesting "mouthfeels" to them. Combining juices from these two manufacturers results in a good balance.

    Moreover, I have found that I am tending to fall back on this mix when other flavors fail to satisfy throughout the day. It has been an all-day juice on a lot of occasions, much to my surprise. It's not that I am a maniacal boozehound craving limes all day or anything. I just like the complexity of this flavor.

    Anyway, If you have these flavors or any similar ones, you might consider messing around with the whole "lime and coconut" taste. I enjoy it immensely.
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