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  2. My quest to find a menthol that is similar to a real cigarette...

    I have been trying various menthol flavors for a month now.
    With little success. I have almost given up. For the last 20 plus years, I have been a die hard Newport smoker. Non menthol's make me gag. I blame my mother but that's another story. I was such a loyal Newport smoker. I just couldn't smoke anything else. Although other menthol cigs didn't necessarily cause me to gag and puke, they didn't offer that throat hit that Newport did.

    First and foremost.
    I will give Halo's Mystic and Halo's Cool Mist a good thumbs up, but pricey. $20 for 30ml. I started with Halo. And love these 2 menthol's. I will always have Mystic and Cool Mist in my arsenol. I do highly recommend.
    side note: they do need to steep for a good week.

    The Problem...
    What i found was that most menthol's, or ice flavors were really high doses of peppermint flavoring. Giving a similar experience as eating a flavored Hall's. I'm talking serious frost bite on the throat. This was causing me to waste money on not only different juices, but clearomizers as well. I just continued to look for away to mute that frost bite feeling.

    The solution?
    I decided to buy a ton of flavored e juices that sounded yummy, but without the added menthol. I found that I could find these flavors pretty cheap. I can find a flavored ejuice for about $7 for 30 ml and sometimes less. Now here's the secret... I bought menthol separate. Not crystals, menthol e juice. Already diluted.

    Now i fill my clearo with what ever juice i want, and i add a few drops of menthol e juice.
    usually about 4 or 5 drops per 2 ml.

    Oh my gosh. this is giving me a real menthol feel. Like what my Newport analogs use to give me.
    With the benefit of a much better taste.

    I can even use my EVOD BCC which i had sworn off. I just adjust the amount of menthol. This has really opened up vaping for me. I was ready to throw in the towel. Now I'm ready to experiment with tobacco flavors.

    I had to share this information.
    Up until now I really didn't think I was going to be able to give up smoking.
    I mean yeah sure, vaping is fun, and tasty. It just wasn't satisfying my need for that cigarette.
    Now I'm in Vape Heaven.

    Side Note:
    My current favorite is 1.5 ml of banana split e juice, with 4-5 drops of menthol e juice.
    I can't say it tastes like banana, but i can say it's the perfect sweetness with the perfect amount of menthol, and the perfect throat hit that i've been searching for. Runner up is cantaloupe e juice with about 4 drops of menthol.

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