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  1. In regard to all the hype and all the bad press about the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) cartomizers.

    For the past six months I've watched, what appears to be, an ongoing soap opera. The same bad product- put out for our use, again and again.... but what I don't understand- is WHY we continue to allow this company to treat us as guinea pigs.

    First- we are subjected to some kind of super glue, and broken parts, then disinfectant, (or whatever that was), and parts we have to fiddle with and disassemble, mod, and pull apart, reconfigure, not to mention change our juice content, wait for re-wicking, (or give up altogether), and now possibly lead too?!? Forget that each revision, each change may be mixed in with the old- to pawn off bad stock, AND the price is hiked up! Yet what do we do? We continue to buy the next pack in the hopes that all the hype and the announcements, the anticipation and the fervor is true.

    What kind of company continually puts out bad products and better yet; what kind of consumer continues to buy said products??

    I am not pointing any fingers, because I am just as guilty. I spent the evening trying to get the latest "new-named" product to work, with the same results. That is, until the top popped off and spilled the entire contents down my outfit. I've tried the Version3's and the Version4's the regulars and the XL's, the clear ones and the newly named ones, the homemade mod and the vendor mod.. I'm right there in the same boat.. But honestly, I'm wondering why we haven't jumped ship?

    just my rambling thoughts..
  2. ME

    I'm a 40 something single mom. I say 40 something because I never remember.. I have to ask my daughter every single time "How old am I?". Age truly is a state of mind, and I lost mine long ago!
    I have 2 children, both the joys of my life and the cause of my gray hairs. Though my hair has been every color in the rainbow, and is currently a bit multi colored by user error. I grew up in a 'normal' household; 2 kids, dad worked full time, mom part time, we moved a LOT, so thanks to facebook, I have re-discovered many of my old friends. They are scattered across the world! I love it!

    I've always been described as a bit flightly, free-spirited, artsy, and big hearted. Everyone is welcome in my life, but as I grow older I have realized that I love my solitude too (so ya better call first! haha) I looooove projects, and thanks to my dad I learned to attempt anything and everything, but never finish it, so my house is full of many various projects. Since I'm a single mom I had to learn how to do it myself (my childhood mantra was "do itself".. and that still fits). I've replaced my own dishwasher, plumbing, lighting, flooring, brakes, etc etc. If it can be done, I will do it.

    I love to cook and spend most winters baking and cooking up a storm. When summer hits I love to get out and dig in the dirt (it's theraputic), we love to be as natural and earthy as possible, and I believe firmly in the 3 R's; reduce, reuse, and recycle! I've succeeded well in the latter two, and need work in the first! Pretty sparkly things tend to catch my eye, so I color my world, and each room in my house is a different color. My bathrooms and bedrooms get painted the most. Since art and crafts (my family has many artists, pro and amatuer) are a HUGE part of my life, I've converted my dining room into a full on art room. I installed extra cabinets and counters: one for me, which turned into a vaping station!.. and one for the kids. My sewing machine, embroidery machine, supplies, paints, ribbons, beads, clay, photographs, EVERYTHING and anything one could need.. it's in there. A real kid magnet. :)

    Like many of you, I've struggled with some disabilities during my adult life. For some reason my bones and my muscles are breaking down. I've been diagnosed with more arthritises and muscle disorders than I care to recount. After spending nearly 15years trying to 'find out what's wrong with me' I've finally decided I need to move on to survive, and I'm attempting to accept these things. God and religion has played a big part in helping me to move on. A favorite quote of mine, hangs in my kitchen, and inspires me to continue living my life to the best of my ability. It's by Theodore Roosevelt and says "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have". That is my driving force... for without that thought, I would curl up and just feel sorry for myself. I've learned that does me no good. I don't know how I'll feel each day, nor what part of me may hurt, or if I'll even have the strength to do the most mundane things. Sometimes getting dressed, making myself something to eat, and keeping those that rely on me alive too.. those simple things can be a huge task. Then add in unbearable pain, and some days I struggle to keep going. Those are the hard days. What has that taught me..? Well, I've learned I must take EVERY bit of pleasure from the good moments, I must dive in head first, laugh loud, smile big, and enjoy the good moments in every single second for whatever feeling or joy or comfort or knowledge they may bring.. because I don't know what tomorrow holds for me.

    PIF has helped me to do that, for this I am SO grateful. PIF and it's members allows me to find the joy, find the need, find the place I belong, and places that I can help. It has brought so much joy and love into my life, when I really needed it most. It's my own secret treasure.

    But I digress..

    Because I've moved around a lot, and met so many great people, I've been able to understand and see many different ways of living, different styles of thinking. For these reasons I love all the little things that make us human, and I consider myself lucky and blessed to be a part of this world. I look constantly for ways that I can add to the joy, and make this world a better place.

    That's me in a nut shell.
  3. One note to add... for those that are new to purchasing unflavored nic, for DIY. The best nic is clear and odorless, without a doubt. However, the stronger the MG, the LESS clear, and the MORE odor it will have. This is normal. When you start getting into buying 100mg nicotine, it isn't clear anymore, nor is it odorless... all very normal. Once it's diluted down to something vapable (and you should NEVER vape 100mg nic) THEN it will be clear.
    Also, I would never suggest to anyone starting out, to purchase 100mg. Yes, it's cheaper, however, it is more dangerous, especially when you have children and pets around. It's recommended to start about 36mg, till you get a feel for things, and get comfortable with precautions, mixing, etc.. before moving on to higher MG levels.
    I started at 36 (by Levy's own suggestion).. then moved on to 50.. until I was finally comfortable purchasing/working with 100mg. Even though I now purchase 100mg, I mix a few bottles down to 50mg- and then work with those when making my juice.

    Best of luck, and there is tons of great reading material around ECF, and many wonderful folks willing and eager to assist in any way~
  4. I had the recent pleasure of trying some of Southern Ambrosias' Juice. The CS is suberb, BTW! Erika walked me through the whole process and helped me pick out some of her top flavors.
    ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

    Lets' see, I ordered: Sweet Tea (plain), Happy Rancher, Eternal Holiday, and Ive also had the pleasure of picking up some of your Cubanilla (still need to try that one). My favorite of the three is the Happy Rancher!

    Being a Southern Gal, the first one I tried was the Sweet Tea. It tasted exactly like a brand of tea we have in the south (Milo's) could have sworn it was poured right from the bottle. Very nice representation. I usually buy another brand of tea, one of our local store brands appeals to me and my taste buds, but this one is spot-on (southerners are pretty particular about their sweet teas, so I am curious to try one of SA's flavored teas. My taste buds are a little more flexible in the flavor teas)

    Next I tried Eternal Holiday. I've heard so many wonderful things about this juice, and since I asked for the top 3 flavors, this was included. It was exactly as I had heard! A multifaceted, layers upon layers of flavors. This is one that you just can't quite put your finger on! Occasionally I tasted a bit of this, or a touch of that, and I'll think I'll know what's in it... then I change my mind! It certainly keeps me guessing. I am not even sure if it should be in a sweet or a spicy catagory! If you are looking for something different, I would pick up a bottle of the Eternal Holiday. Nice subtle flavors.. nothing overpowering, but still VERY satisfying.

    On to my favorite.. the Happy Rancher. O so sweet! If you crave candies, and sweets and something tasty and warm.. comforting fun from your childhood. This is the one. Ok, now my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I love candy and sweets, but gave up candy because the sugars caused headaches... What joy to find another juice that tastes just like candies! There are other tasty fun candy flavored juices out there... there are other good juice companies out there, but Southern Ambrosia does an excellent job of JUST enough flavor.. JUST enough taste.. JUST enough of everything. Even the flavor that didn't top my list was still good- and that is saying something!

    ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

    Next I want to try some of her Cake Batter and Flavored Teas!! YUM!
  5. In our lovely Pay It Forward group, the mods are constantly having to post rule reminders. I'm sure it's frustrating for them, but the thing that strikes me the most, is the SAME rules are broken over and over... I have seen this situation time and again. I have even taken a break for some of these same reasons. Thank goodness for the PIF mods that do work hard to keep these things to a minimum these days. I've also not followed the rules myself, and tend to give privately to preserve both my own reputation (so that *I* am not repeatedly PMed) and save the face of someone needing something (it's HARD for us to take a 'handout' sometimes!)

    If you are taking advantage of PIF... here are a few examples of WHY and HOW this ends up being a problem (from an older member). I have a nice stock. This is true. First of all.. I save everything :) I have gone from paying for 3 packs of cigarettes a day (for 2 people) to purchasing for one vaper (myself).. so my budget was a bit bigger. I do alot of DIY, so I can save money that way. I was also raised to share. If I have 3 atties and JoJo needs 1.. I see that as: 1 for me, 1 for Jo, and an extra. If I have it, and someone else needs it.. it's a no-brainer.

    Now what's unusual about that? Around here.. not much, it's very common place :) If I am frugal, and watch for deals, I can pick up sets, or discounts, and pass these things along. Personally, I need to do this. I'm a single mom, disabled (so I do not have a salary income), I live on a fixed income, and pay for the things I need. I am blessed enough to come from a family that lives and behaves as I do, we help each other. I feel VERY lucky... and I pass these things along to others that may need something, because whatever it is.. if it's not being used at the moment. In my mind, it's an extra.

    I am often asked for things. If I make a PIF, or a comment offering to help, I am oft times PMed by multiple members asking for other items. Sometimes I offer one item, but I am then asked for something else. I have had people buy themselves something, then come to me to 'gift' items for their family members. Or- they may be out of something, and they ask me to supply it. I have given full packages (because someone needed it ATM) and then seen it put up for sale the next week. All these things are hard for me to swallow. I try to give without strings, I do not ask for something in return, (I'd rather see that these gifts get paid forward), and more importantly: not everyone that falls into these categories take advantage... they may end up big contributors of the community too. This is how it's supposed to work!!.. and it motivates me to return if I feel jaded about PIF!

    I guess my point is this; people are often treated like stores around here.. in more ways than one. They will always be taken advantage of, and chased off. Luckily we have many many great mods and rules and 'community watchdogs' that watch out for those like me. I probably wouldn't BE here if not for those safety nets. I have never ever been one to like rules. (usually the rule breaker!) And I have to bite my tongue sometimes when Miss Bee pulls out her whip... but I will be the first to step up and say "Thank You" for all the hard work, for if it weren't for the rules, this place would have crumbled long ago.

    Now go re-read the rules, play nice :laugh: and have fun!
  6. (And a little of my story down the vaping highway..... always keep in mind YMMV (your milage may vary).. what works for one, may not work for another!!)

    First thing.. absolutely: stop smoking in the car, stop smoking in the house, don't make it easy on yourself. If it takes effort to light up, then you have to think about it first.

    Second.. you are probably one of the ones that needs those 'other' things in the cigs.. the MAOI's etc. DeVap did some extensive studies on it, and if I had the link I'd link you to it.. but do a search.. it's here on ECF somewhere. There are some of us (myself included) that get hooked on some of the other ingredients in the ciggies besides just the nic, so we need to replace THOSe as well.

    SO.. go check out the nicotine alternative forum section. Many like snus. I tried that.. didn't care for it, so I used the snuff. I liked that much better (because it was like walking around 'smelling' pleasant things) IF you'd like some samples, LMK and I'll send ya a bunch.
    I also went to my dr, talked about what was going on, and asked about a MAOI alternative. Since I have heart problems, taking an MAOI was not an option, so he put me on Wellbutrin for the short term. (still on it)

    Next... even with all of those things.. I still could not stop the last 3-5 smokes a day. Just couldn't drop them. I tried messing with the nic levels, PV devices, and tried every flavor of juice I could find. (all the while wondering how everyone else could just quit!)

    FINALLY I found a PV set up that I loved... THEN I found a juice that became my "all day vape"... and suddenely I quit. I just stopped smoking. I dont even know the exact day it happened. Not even sure how long it's been.. I think about 8 months now.

    My point is.. it took a lot of factors for it to happen for me.. all the cards had to fall into place.. and then it was SO easy, I didn't even realize it was happening! So go easy on yourself. We are all different, we all need different things, different juice levels, PV's, additives, etc... there is NO one perfect answer for anyone. As long as you want this, it will happen. (and if you have a cig.. it's OK.. eventually you will find what works for you!)

    I hope this helps,
    wishing you the best!!

    PS> after I did find my 'all day' I upped my nic at that time, and found that helped a little too :)
  7. . I'm back :)

    Now.. to answer a few questions.. If you are going to drip using auto batts.. be prepared to:
    suck out a lot of batteries.. have a place to drip dry batts.. and kill a lot of batts
    I know. I do it :)

    If you want to avoid some of this headache.. you can stick with the Ego (type) auto battery. They are made a little differently, and somehow the battery is sealed to prevent some of the damage from juice. you will still be sucking out juice, but you wont kill as many batts.

    Also, you are better sticking with one or two 'battery' sizes. With the use of adapters.. why use weenie battys? The bigger battys will last longer, PLUS you have a tiny bit more protection by using the adapter (an extra 'piece' between your precious batty and the killer juice!)

    One of my favorite combinations is the 901 atty with an 801 batty. I have killed many a batty this way! I have a little candle jar with a napkin inside to 'drip dry' my batts.. and they go in and out of rotation.

    With the use of only the bigger batty sizes.. you will need fewer adapters as well. ( that's batty>atty) This adapter will allow you to use the 801 batty on both the 901 atty and the 808 stuff. If you also use the Ego/Riva/VGO battys.. then you will need 510> ?

    So ... say your favorite attys are the 901 and 401. You could easily get by with the previous adapter plus:

    That would be only 3 adapters you need to find. The 510 adapters will work with your Ego/etc battys AND your 510 battys (if you need them in a pinch) and the 801 will work with the 401 and 901. You don't need the 801>510 because it will already fit the 510 type batty (EGO) you have. You don't need to get separate 901 and 808 because it's the same thing.. etc etc.


    So.. to sum it up..
    I'm not sure what stock you have on hand.. but I'm trying to save you from buying extra uneccessary equipment.... so depending on what attys you may have ATM.. those might be the apapter(s) I would buy now. Plus a couple additional auto batts, if you don't have them.*

    I hope this helps! Any questions.. just PM :)
  8. I dripped for a long time with auto batts. Killed a lot of them that way, but it was rarely ever on first contact.

    If you get juice in your auto you can try my tips: first, suck hard on the batty. Spit out juice. Suck again. If there is still a charge, you *may* get a little zap. Then leave the battery, hole side down, in a little cup with a tissue or napkin inside to absorb the liquid. After a couple days, repeat. Then wait again (same). A few days later you can try plugging inyour battery to charge. Most battys will survive a little juice inside. Just don't charge while wet! You want to drain out-dry out-suck out the juice first.

    It also helps to have an adapter between the atty/carto and the batty. Just a wee bit more protection. I dripped on a 901 on an 801 batty (with an adapter between)

  9. I’m on the road with my kids, off to see my brother get married: we are driving, a 2 day trip. I decided before I left (gave myself a little pep talk) that I wanted to relax, take our time, enjoy my children, my family, the day. So I made sure to remind myself that no one is perfect, to keep my hormones in check, to remember to take one day at a time, each moment as it’s own.

    My son is driving. I wouldn’t be able to drive this distance anymore. He asked if I would print some maps. I obliged, it was an easy task. I printed out the written directions, another with pictures for me, and some places where we could spend the night- without spending a small fortune. Stapled each packet together (I like to be organized) and I set the maps on the kitchen table with the other “to pack” items.

    I still had a lot of things to do last night. Many items to pack, organize, find, wash, etc etc. Packing for 3 for a 2 day drive (each way) for a 3 day wedding get-together, requires a large variety of items! Car toys, electronics, my ECIGS (of course), batteries, clothes (from bathing suits to dresses), books, food, blah de blah blah. I wrapped my brother’s gift, made the card (ever the crafty one) and assembled the goodies. As I stood in the art room, I saw a large paperclip sitting on one of my shelves. It belonged to my daughter and somehow ended up mixed into my things. I grabbed it to clip the map ‘packets’ together.

    “What does this all have to do with snails?”, you ask. Well the paperclip is a giant cartoonish, brightly colored, rubberized snail. It’s quite cute, but that isn’t what struck me. The “Snails” floating around our lovely community, are a group of people that hang out on one of the threads. They have formed a nice friendship, a bond, if you will, of sorts. Purely speculation, but I believe they have discovered a common interest; they like to take life one day at a time, as it comes, they stop and enjoy their surroundings. I’m sure you’ve seen the Snails around. They have all adopted a snail in their signature lines.

    Do you see the forest?

    We were driving along this morning, my son was upset, I wasn’t reading the map information he wanted, we had gotten off on a late start, and things were hectic already. I wasn’t feeling good, my head was pounding, my back was already sore; so I was cranky too. We were bickering at each other and the day had barely begun.

    I happened to look down at the maps again, when my son, in exasperation, tried to explain WHY he wanted the directions told to him, in his way. It clicked. I looked at the snail. My thoughts stopped. My mind and ears opened. I listened. I understood and was able to do what he needed, and he calmed, I calmed, life slowed down.

    I looked at the snail and smiled. And I remembered that I had told myself the day before; how I wanted to relax, and enjoy my trip. I think the snail, perched so innocently on top of my pile of maps, was a sign- a sign to slow down, and I did. I don’t want to miss a single wonderful moment with my children, so I’m taking a snail’s pace on my trip. We may be driving in the fast lane (hey, he’s 19) but it’s the inside of the car, and the inside of our hearts that matters most. I smile again. “I’m almost back in the fast lane… back in the fast lane” he sings, and I have to grin at the irony as I type about snails and riding life in the slow lane. Because even though we are driving through Atlanta traffic, during rush hour, and my kid is maneuvering across 4 lanes to get to the fast lane, I sit calmly beside him smiling.
  10. Today was bad. :(
    Bad physically, emotionally (though that happens more and more because of my hormones), and spiritually too.

    I worked in the yard this week. Spent two days digging, planting, and fixing my landscaping. That was therapeutic, I do love to dig in the dirt. It helps clear my mind, and I feel like I've accomplished something tangible.
    Today was 'recover' day. The muscles ached, my hands ached, and because it was ungodly hot, my head was throbbing all day. :facepalm:

    This wasn't the worst of it, the worst was this evening. Today, my favorite place to hang out, the place I spend most all of my ECF time, the PIF subforum; was closed. I heard things had gotten a little heated last night, and some changes were made. Since I couldn't lurk and help anymore, I needed to rejoin.

    A few hours after I put in my request, I received a reply. Short and to the point, I was told no, that I did not have the PIF group's best interests at heart.

    What in the world did I do wrong??? was it when I tried to convince someone to stay? was it when I gave and gave and gave? was it when I welcomed everyone I could, included everyone I could? gave constantly without taking anything in return? no, obviously that couldn't be it. The only thing I can even possibly conceive, is when I stated how I felt about a subject many were trying to avoid. I did not name any names, I did not ever attack anyone, (though I was accused of it recently), I simply gave an outsiders view, said my 2 cents (which were allowed to stay, btw) and moved along.
    Now suddenly, I'm not acting with the best interests of Paying it Forward??

    Seems to me that may be a little backward. Perhaps there are other folks that don't have the best interests of PIF at heart, and perhaps are more interested in furthering their own interests.

    I don't know. I am not privy to any information, never have been, have not pretended to know, nor probably never will. I am not sneaking around, doing anything untowardly, nor have I ever.

    I do speak my mind, (though I sincerely try and monitor what I say), and try to keep in mind that we are all human, we all have feelings, and we all are trying to work together. I don't pretend to agree with everything, nor do I pretend to like everyone; instead, I try to avoid contact with those things. If I am misunderstood, and no one says anything; I do not feel responsible. I cannot control what others think or feel. If this is brought to my attention, I can refute it, correct it. If it's not, I cannot. I do not feel that I should be held accountable for someone else's misconceptions if I am never told. Is that not logical?!?

    Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. But I cannot know if I'm never told. And so it is with my denial. I'm left wondering, what happened??? What in the world did I do?

    So, today, it was not the best of days. My brain hurts now just thinking about it
  11. I had one of my posts "pulled for review" tonight, and I honestly don't understand. I don't believe I was rude, overly obnoxious, or vulgar.
    True, I may not have expressed a popular opinion on the subject (at hand), but it was just that... my opinion. One of the great things about this world, is the fact that we do all have various opinions and viewpoints. We come from a vast array of lifestyles, communities, even countries. We are bound to view things differently. In this particular case, we all have been informed with little bits of information, so how can we NOT have different viewpoints?

    It reminds me of a thread I posted on a couple of months ago. Someone had linked a "deal" for the masses to participate in, and some did not feel comfortable using the link. A fellow forum member was a bit "harsh" in their opinion of what was happening. They commented on our morals, and whether or not we should 'participate' in said deal. I did not take kindly to the words used to describe myself and others (by this individual) and was quite frank in my rebuttal.
    After thinking it through, I apologized to the original poster, as he was a friend, and I felt I sullied his good find. His reply made me feel at ease. "This is a forum made up of a great number of people, all with different opinions. There is nothing wrong with you expressing yours. We are all adults here, and that is what makes the forum alive (sic)".

    I think of his reply often. He is a very wise and kind soul, and always handles himself in a polite manner. Although I had a knee-jerk reaction on his thread, his view of the situation was quite profound.
    We ARE all different, and we will all have different viewpoints and opinions. Expressing these opinions (in a non-threatening way) IS what makes for a lively conversation and there is nothing wrong with that. If we live in a society that has to constantly censor what we say, then where is our individuality and uniqueness? If we only state the "popular" or "safe" comments, then are we really being honest and true to ourselves?
    I think not. Nor do I want to be a part of anything so constricting and mundane.

    For now, I shall just have to wait and see. Will my comments be erased? Or will they be allowed to exist as just that; my opinion.
  12. sheesh.. everyone is leaving faster than rats from a sinking ship. Besides Jules, and neph, Gooddog, A Hope, even Sensay is talking about leaving. People calling each other names. It's a sad sad day.

    I had to 'rejoin' so I could post something for Jules, but I see now that she's left officially. I don't see any point in staying, not when so many of the people I truly enjoy, have left, in anger or sadness.

    I've looked around all week, wondering where to 'hang out', how to still chat with my "friends". Eh, that's been difficult. Tried to PM several people, so I could still give.. that was kind of hard too.. and I lurked. Lurked and watched, read, tried to stay away.

    That was the hardest part! I couldn't! I would see something, want to post, and remember I wasn't a member anymore... and that made me sad all over again.

    So dear friends, rest if you must. Regroup, find your hearts again, and the best part of you that you love to share.. then come back and be the friend indeed to the friend in need that you want to be.

    I'll still be there, lurking some where.
  13. I am constantly amazed by people. Not only the ‘icky’ ones that are narrow minded or rude (or whatever!) but by the generosity, kindness, and real true caring that comes from the heart. This forum has it in spades. Every time I turn around, someone is offering to give something. Be it; a spare atty, a mod, or even information… and they do it all without asking, without expecting something in return.

    It takes time to do these things: time to find and connect a link, time to wrap and package a gift, even time just to answer a question for a noob. Yet everywhere you go on this forum, you can witness the best part of being human- the love and compassion we give toward each other. Our lives have become so full, that we hardly have time to breath, yet we are giving that precious time up for the good of something else. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that it IS on a forum.

    The internet is a huge and vast place, our user names can make us completely anonymous. We can disappear tomorrow, and no one would find us. Our family isn’t here to judge whether we are doing right or wrong. There is no neighbor peering over our shoulder, just another anonymous user in some country far away. Yet we give, help, comfort, and rejoice as a family would (Sometimes better than our own families).

    Why, I wonder? I have been on many forums throughout the years. People laugh, they have fun, but something is different. It’s a TRUE concern- almost a need to see others succeed, in our never-ending battle with the tobacco demon. Some how, some way, we understand each other so well, that we act as if we are helping ourselves; when in all truth, it’s a total stranger.

    Nature is an amazing thing. The instincts we carry are strong indeed. I was reminded of this while watching my cat protect her young. This tiny little mom had the male cats cowering in the corner. Nobody told her she needed to do this. She didn’t read any child rearing books. She just knew… and just acted.

    I believe this may be why we have become so concerned with our fellow vapers. Why we assist, take time from our busy lives, and do whatever we can to help each other. It’s an instinct to survive, to protect the human race, and it’s evident every where you look.
  14. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday, just trolling the forum. Had to rest, so I needed to keep my mind occupied.

    After a while I couldn't find any more of my 'subscribed threads' to read; my computer mouse was acting screwy, so answering questions was driving me a little batty; and so I peeked around the Supplier forums. I found several people I chat with, that was nice :) and made a couple comments here and there.

    A bit later I found the ugly posts. You know the ones... someone complains, someone gets mad, someone else chimes in, and it snowballs. I usually try and stay away from that stuff. The dark side of our human nature upsets me.. gets my girdle up, and some times, I do stick my big mouth where it doesn't belong...

    Last night I refrained. But since I was bored, I read them (without saying anything! I was good!) and I certainly was tempted. I, unbeknowingly, found myself reading a thread that referred offhandly to me! I, and others, were being described (in some not so nice terms) by the author and I was floored. The thing that shocked me the MOST, was this was a supplier. They didn't know me, didn't ever have any contact or conversation with me personally (which really doesn't matter anyway, the web is so impersonal and annonymous) but they just assumed things about me and the other forum members from reading a few very small posts in one short (non confortational thread) that they read.

    The most disturbing part, was not that they MADE assumptions, or accusations, but it was the way that it was done, on their forum, to their customers, and rudely at that.

    I really don't know what they possibly could have been thinking. I thought about that for a while. Someone pointed out the error of their ways, and I remembered I had seen this same supplier do something (not quite the same, but along those lines) not but a week or two ago. It's quite off-putting, to be honest. I decided right then, I do not want to ever order from these people, because I'm not sure I like the way they do business. Don't they know it's unprofessional? Do they care? I guessed that they didn't. Not if they commented so openly like that about people that were (or were protensionally) their customers. How would I be treated AS a customer? That really concerned me.

    So I made a new folder in my favorites. I titled it "don't buy" and saved the thread link inside the folder. Then I went and found the other thread, saved that one too! I thought, with all these vendors, why would I waste my time on someone that is intentionally spouting things in bits of anger, and turning away both new and current customers?
    I don't need that, not in my life, nope.
    Right click, save
    Sorry Charlie
  15. Living with a disability is not easy. Many of us here know that. Be it something people can see (crutches, wheelchair, a body part that looks different) or something that is “invisible”. I have both. On the days when I need my cane, my back brace, my ankle brace, whatever, I tend to stay home.

    I have a handicap sticker, and I usually try and park in the handicap spot (because I know I’ll probably be thankful later). Most times when I get out of my car, I look just as able as the next gal. That actually makes it harder on me; I get looks, stares, and glares. Not from the other people parking in the handicap spots, many of them ‘get it’, but from the next normal looking person parking in a regular spot. Lucky for them (smile) they haven’t said anything yet… but I do get the looks. Small things (like that) make living with an invisible illness just all that more draining on my day.

    I added a new signature by-line. It says “Got Spoons?” and it links to a wonderful piece written by a gal named Christine. The link takes you to an essay titled “The Spoon Theory” on It wasn’t written by yours truly, but it does a wonderful job of explaining what it’s like to live with a disability. I think it applies to a lot of us- especially those with autoimmune disorders and the like. Christine has Lupus. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia (coupled with degenerative arthritis-which is causing the discs in my back and neck to deteriorate and herinate, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, early stages of Osteoarthritis, and Spinal Stenosis) The medicines I have to take, have caused other problems (Migraines, Reflux, Cardiomyopathy, sleep problems, and some kind of growth on my thyroid) It’s a ...... My doctor wants me to go to the Mayo Clinic and find out what’s up. Me? I’m tired of trying to find out what’s wrong, and why. I’ve decided to accept it, and am now trying to best adapt my life.

    SIMPLIFY. There is a plaque hanging in my kitchen, with the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” I am reminded of that everyday. I HAVE to live by those words. Yesterday I overextended myself, I volunteered at the school “Field Day”. It’s an all day event, lots of races, relays, and track. The kids love it, but it’s exhausting even for a normal person. So today I am paying the price, and add to that, I broke my toe in the morning while rushing to get to the school! Of course my medicine masked the initial pain, and it wasn’t until half way through the day, that I realized I really had broken it.

    Today my body feels as broken as my toe. I am forced to sit here and contemplate, reflect, and take a breath. It’s not easy living within limitations, but it’s sometimes a blessing in disguise. I have more compassion; I am more accepting of what comes along than I used to be. I understand that “things happen” that are out of our control. And I can truly feel blessed when they go the right way. I see more sunshine in the sky, and some days it shines so bright, it makes it all alright. I live for those days, and in those days I truly live.

    So if you happen to be a “normal” person, without restrictions on your health, I ask you pause for a moment. If you see someone park in a handicap spot, and they look fine, remember that they might just be having a really good day and need that spot, to keep that moment just a little bit longer.
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