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  1. When I went back to OnestopDIYshop last week, I noticed the owner had some new flavors on her webpage. I had planned on ordering some Loranns, but these didn't have a name brand I recognized, so I had to ask! She told me they were testing out a new brand. I chose one that I've vaped from a few places, and wanted to try mixing some of my own (Red Cow, otherwise known as Red bull, Red heffer, you get the point). When my latest package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised again! I do think Kimberly likes to spoil her customers... not only did she send me the Red Cow flavoring, but I got to sample a couple of the other flavors as well.

    They tasted so stinkin DELISHIOUS I wanted to flavor everything I ate!!
    Red Cow. simple and sweet, the flavor is right on the money. Now, I have never had a Red Bull drink> so how do I know these taste right on the money? I don't. But these taste as I imagine the drink should taste. I've vaped both good and bad "Red cow/bull/type flavoring" and this one was definately a good one. It's crisp and fruity, with just enough soda and just enough red. I didn't spend much time on this flavor, for my interest was now peeked..... I wanted to try the other ones!

    The Blackcherry was next on my list. Holy Guacamole, I couldn't believe how real it vaped. Oh it was heavenly. It has to be the closest fruit flavor, and without a doubt THE BEST cherry I have had. I was so astonished I wondered if there were actual cherries in the drops. It was cool, rich, soft on the inhale with a bite on the exhale. It took me a few minutes before I realized that the bite I tasted was the strength of the nicotine I had added. I quickly decided I had added too much nicotine (and I noted that my nicotine vendor was right on about his nic levels too). I needed to be very careful when I mixed the next batch, for I wanted to taste the drops and not my nic.

    Back to the "kitchen" and I fixed my nic levels and added a better ratio of PG/VG and ....I ventured into the deep plantations of the South to try out some banana cream. WoW... it couldn't get any better! Real bananas. I could taste the creamy smooth consistency and if I closed my eyes I tasted banana creamy frosty drinks, and banana pudding and banana bread. Everything banana that I could make with these drops danced around my imagination. I opened my eyes and looked at the bottle. How in the world did they get the drops to taste so REAL??

    On that note, I have 'store bought' juice from a popular vendor that is oh so delicious, and the few flavors I've tried actually tasted like the foods they're named after. Then I've vaped juice that tasted like perfume and I wanted to spit in the sink and wash out my atty. THESE drops were definately made for the first! Oh the things I can do, the flavors I can make, the imagination is running wild and I'm anxiously waiting with baited breath for Kimberly to get right on it and put out the whole line! <hint, hint> Tomorrow, I must put at the top of my to-do list: Stalk Onestopdiyshop and order bigger bottles of Banana Creme and Black Cherry!

    They also carry the "Professional Flavors" in Clove, and Kimberly was nice enough to send me a sample. I have yet to try it, as clove has never been a fav..... But after trying the others, oh, hmmm.... I am mighty mighty tempted; At least to test it out. You should too.
  2. It's 3 o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep. don't know if it's because I know this is my last day of freedom, or because I sometimes just can't sleep, or ???

    I'm feeling a loss. The origainl PIF (or pay it forward) thread is no more. I feel sad. Several reasons, actually. It was fun, while it lasted, no doubt. I made several new "friends", learned a BOAT load more info about vaping, and was able to pick up some interesting and cool things that I might not have gotten around to "getting" in a long time, if ever.
    I was also able to give a few things that I didn't need, that I had extra of, and that hopefully could have helped someone else out too.
    That's not to say the thread is gone. Oh, it's still there. But it's not the same. Something is missing...The life, the commeraderie. The fun has been SUCKED right out of it.
    Of course we all need rules, especially when things get out of control, as they had been at times. But now it just seems sorta stagnant. I'm afraid to post to it, for fear that someone might come along and smack the back of my hands for talking in class. Or that someone else might "report" me, because they think they know me..

    Do you? do you know I can't afford a mod? Or that I really really wanted to try one and now I can! Do you know I tried to offer more than what I took, because I didn't want it to seem as if I took more than I gave? Do you know I'm new too? Just cuz I like to talk, and joke around, and make friends, doesn't mean I'm a pro, it doens't mean I'm trying to take advantage of the system.
    Yes, these are the things I worry about that keep me up till 3am in the morning...
    Can I still post? Will someone think something, or read something that really isn't there?
    I'm glad the thread was there. I enjoyed my spring break, made some friends, had some fun. Learned some new things.

    Now what?
  3. My quest for the perfect 801 (otherwise known as: Searching for a PINK eciggie)

    After two weeks of researching the 801, asking numerous questions, and pestering everyone I could; I finally decided to get them all. (save the 4072.. it tanked in the reviews) Seeing as most are compatible, it seemed a logical decision to make. Then I had to find the best deal for each model!

    I ended up purchasing:

    801 generic SLB kit (in PINK) from Ecigsupply (2 batts, 1 atty, 5 carts, charger)
    Joye 302 basic kit from Indyvaporshop (it was supposed to be the basic kit, but because it was labeled incorrectly, and I thought I was getting the Joye, Mike was decent enough to honer the website error: 1 batt, 1 atty, 5 carts, charger)
    BE112 from ElectroniccigarettesofHouston (1 batt, 1 atty)
    M201 from the classifieds (3 batts, 3 attys, 20 carts, charger)

    They all arrived the same day, so I had the pleasure of testing them all out simulanteously.

    Package Day!

    At first..
    The best two performers were the Joye302 and the Pink SLB. (I may have been partial to the SLB because it was pink, but that still didn't save it in the end.)

    M201: although it came with all the bells and whistles in a pretty black velvet lined box, and I have enough parts to last a good while, it is the one sitting as my last reserve. The draw on it is SO difficult, sucking on it makes my eyes pop out, and all vapor escapes through my nose before I have a chance to inhale. Although the flavor is good, it's hardly worth the effort.

    The SLB from ecigsupply was one of my favorites. Besides the fact that it's PINK, and one of the only reasons I purchased from this store, the vapor production, flavor, TH, all performed much better than I expected from the generic brand. HOWEVER.. it was short lived. By day two I discovered the second battery was acting, well, wonky. It would not draw. At all. I tried charging it, the light was green. I tried it on a different atty. Still no. So I sucked on the battery end by itself, and it lit! Ok, so I tried it again, and still nothing. At this point I was quite stumped, and tried charging it, just for the heck of it. Several hours later, I tried again, drawing as hard as I possibly could, and got a teeny tiny flicker. OK.. so then it got worse. The customer service leaves a little to be desired (but that's a different post).... long story short, I've had to mail back the bad battery, and I am waiting to see if they will replace it. Bad for me. Bad for them also, because I decided not to place a second order, based on the CS (or lack thereof) that I received today. And.. today, the battery I have left is acting up. When it does work; The draw is easy, the flavor is very rich, and lots of vapor.. but I'm left wondering if I got a bad set, or if it's the brand. And I'm left with one pink batteryless atty.

    BE112: has now taken the second spot. At first use- because it's manual, and I prefer automatic- I found it difficult to compare apples to organges. I like to dangle my PV from my teeth, or hang it in my lanyard for easy access. The little button on the side, and the fact that I can't just 'puff away' makes for a harder comparison. BUT, when I do push the little button, the vapor flows effortlessly into my mouth and rolls out of every little nook and cranny. Probably the easiest draw of the four. The vapor is plentiful, the flavors are enhanced, I can taste every little nuance in my juices (it's like tasting them all over again) and the nice little long carts I found in my stash, help to cut down on leakage (yes, folks.. ALL of the 801's leak.. but it's worth it!) The only thing I wasn't impressed with, on this model, was the construction. I ordered this one in silver, and it is so light, it felt cheap. As compared to the SLB, M201, Joye302.. this one feels almost half the weight. Add to that, it was shipped loose in a thinly padded envelope, and I feared I had gotten some cheap knock-off from a fly by night company. My fears were put to rest once I had a chance to use it.

    Which leads to my favorite of the four

    The Joye302 is around my neck until the battery dies. I love it so much, I placed a second order (from the same company.. can you tell, I'm loyal to those that believe CS is just as important as product) for 2 extra batts and 2 extra attys. The Joye is a heavier model, I love the way it feels in my hand. Substantial. With it's shiny black exterior, and thick gold band, it looks and feels like an expensive pen that one might covert at that lawyers office downtown. The draw is smooth and easy, like the BE112, and the vapor rolls out of my mouth and fills the air around my face. The flavor on the Joye is the most intense of the four. It's strong and subtle, all at the same time. Like music, the low undertones are strongest on the inhale and the high notes of the juice are strongest on the exhale. It's a beautiful piece of equipment! I plan on keeping this one close to my heart! (in my trusty little lanyard)

    So that's my take on the 801's I received this week. I'm quite thankful to all that helped me choose, and I'm happy to say the 801 model has lived up to my expectations. Now if I could just find it in pink...
  4. not feeling so well today :(

    My head feel like someone has wrapped a steel threaded cable around my forehead and at the base of my skull. The throbbing can be felt down in my arms, so my hands are shaking like katherine hepburn.

    just haev to wait it out and see if it subsiedes. I'm sure it will get better, just hope it's sooner, rather than later, and here's hoping it goes away completely and doesn't hand around slitghtly.. tho I can deal with that better than this. the pain is radiating out from my forehead into my eyes, and ddown my neck into my shoulders and spine.

    Ok, that's all for now.
  5. What a day this has been!

    Surprise surprise... the mailman delivered! TEN packages at my doorstep, when I went to leave. Oh happy day!

    I had ordered a poo pile of 801 supplies and accessories, as mentioned before. I have now unpacked, used the "starter" part of each battery, and am now charging all said batteries.

    Also, I was the fortunate recipient of several trade packages, with various sundries and gifts, and am happily "testing" and "tasting" each one. Couldn't have been a better end to an even weirder day!

    Why my life is so odd, well, probably isn't any odder than most, it just all appears to happen in spades. You know the old saying.. when it rains... Or that old Murphy's Law thing. Ya, fits me to a T. :)

    Me: in a hurry to mail my packages, so I can get back to do a little work and maybe play on the threads. Can't find a bottle that I promised to someone in the PIF thread, so I have to get all the other packages wrapped, and leave room in that one to go run to the store and buy a new bottle of Loranns. So I'm finally out the door, and what do I see? Someone has 'keyed' my new car! Not that that isn't bad enough, but I just got the stinkin car BACK from the garage, because my friend's basketball goal fell on it in some freekish accident. Scratched up the entire hood and cracked the window. So there all along the side of my car (the whole side 3 panels), are multiple scratches! And the gas cap is hanging open 8-o. Ah cr*p. So I have to put down my stuff, call the cops, make a report, gotta wait for him to get another cop because he forgot his camera, and I'm finally off....
    Course when I get to the store, I end up wandering around checking out toolboxes and looking for something to store all the new stuff that is just waiting for me at home!
    Pick up the stuff, off to the mailcounter (where the lady has to hand enter, painstaking slow of course, all the information I had already filled out!) and then after a couple other little stops, I'm finally home! YEAH!
    Not so yeah. My kid calls, and low-and-behold, drama, drama, drama... it turns out it's one of his punk friends that did this because HE thought, my son SAID, blah blah, blah blah. Ya get the drift. So I'm stuck dealing with that for another couple hours, all trying so hard just to relax and OPEN MY STINKIN PACKAGES!

    A beer, some pasta, and several piles of packing material later, I am happily vaping on my new found loves. Thank you Don! You were right on the money about the 801!!:thumbs:

    I now see that me and my PV's are going to be inseparable... and I look forward to the next new toy too!

  6. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the cats are playing, and most importantly... the mailman should be bringing PACKAGES!!!! WOO HOO. Doing the happy dance! Poor guy, really doens't know what he's in for this week :p
    As I said yesterday, I've been playing the PIF thread (LOTS of trading) and since it's the first of the month, I've been stocking up on supplies. If you are like me, and so many are these days, it's a paycheck to paycheck kinda thing. Course I've been living that way for years, so I'm used to it... but I digress..
    The mail's a comin, the mail's a comin!
    After vaping my 510 for oh about a month, I decided to look into a different model. Don't get me wrong... I love my 510, I just wanted something to suit my "all day, pacifier vaping". Needed something with a little longer battery life, and something that doesn't need constant topping off. After much research, and questions (that were so kindly answered by the friendly folks here at ECF) I settled on an 801. Problem was; there are many different styles of the 801. So I basically ordered some of each. I heard great things about the Joye302, BE112, and the M401. The M401 isn't completely compatible with the others, but it was rated highly enough to warrant getting one anyway. I stayed away from the 4072, as there were too many bad reviews, and I'm not a big fan of SLB. So I piecemealed together several units and (after more research!) ordered from the best vendors/value for da money places. Those should start rolling in soon too!
    Side note: I think I'll post a blog on my dealings with each company, but that will have to wait till later, another entry.
    Today I have other things to do! Besides stalking my mailman (gotta love him!) I need to get my little tush in gear... take some of MY packages to the PO, and get back to work on my sewing. I offered up a bag/tote (haven't thought of a name for these yet) as an "offer" on the PIF thread. The "taker" and I have been PMing furiously back and forth to nail down all the specifics. I want this to be EXACTLY as she wants/needs, and there are so many choices, shapes, colors, etc, that it's taken a few days to get to this point. So today I'm ready to sew!
    Glad it's a gorgeous day today.. spring is in the air, and I'm feeling good! Hope you are too :)

    Happy vaping!
  7. So, I'm back. Trying to be productive today, but finding it difficult when there is SO much still to learn! And of course there's that Pay-it-forward thread that keeps drawing me back. It's like dangling a piece of cheese in front of a mouse!
    If you haven't seen it, it's on the Classified section and LOTS of fun. A great way for us "noobs" to try out different juices, pick-up spare parts, and you may even get lucky enough to find a MOD!
    Kudos to Clumsygirl for starting it, and all the helpful people that keep it going. In all honestly, I think it's put a HUGE damper on the rest of the 'trades'... but oh well. It brightens my day just seeing so many people helping strangers and making friends. Isn't that what life is all about anyway?

    So, back to vaping. I just recently started on this fun and exciting trail. Haven't yet given up my "logs" entirely. Tho I am finding less and less of a need for them. Since I am still "testing" out the myriad of flavors, and venturing into the different styles of PV's, I expect to need my old habit less and less.

    I never expected to quit. I wasn't even looking. A friend of my son introduced me to e-cigs; oh about a month ago, and ever since I've been hook-line-and sinkered! I did a boat load of research on the net, was lucky enough to find this forum, and read till I couldn't see straight anymore!

    From reading I discovered; the 510 was the most popular model (and seemed like a good fit for me), had the best value for a starter kit (and I came to discover: some of THE best customer service! Terri answers her email within the HOUR... and she's patient with a noob, friendly, AND attentive... can't beat that!), and I found a few places that offered great juice at a quality price (Ms T's for one... yummy! I could eat that with a spoon!)

    Sooo.. I ordered my kit, a little juice and what-nots and tried my best to wait. 3-4 days is not that long to wait for something, but when you are like me... when you want something, you want it NOW.

    I couldn't wait, found a few disposables at my local grocery, and spent WAY too much on a starter kit (808) at a poker store. But I learned a lesson the hard way. DON"T buy local, unless of emergency.. too expensive, and make sure you have plenty of back-up supplies.

    Well, my battery is about to go again! So ta-ta for now, and all that jazz!
  8. Ok, so I today is my first blog. Not sure how these things really work, or the purpose of having a blog. But, it gives me something to do. I find myself with a wee bit of free time (being that the mice are away) so.. TA-DA. Here I am.

    Blog 1, stardate: March something or other.

    Today I ordered some more Ms Ts juices, uploaded several pictures for my soon to be maybe website for cigtotes and am working a trade. Whew. That's a lot for little old me.
    AND I suddenly realize my battery is about to die on my laptop. So the rest will have to wait.

    It's bath time!
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