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I'm not sure if I'm using this right but if I am I'm going to try to use this as a diary of my progress. I'm totally new to vaping and will post my discoveries as I go about learning the ropes.:)
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  1. I haven't blogged in a while. I've been very busy doing bits and bobs. Never mind, I'm back now!

    A few things have happened since I last wrote anything. The best thing has been I am now the proud owner of a GGTB! I love it, a really simple, functional device. It has the 901 fitting but I've ordered a 510 cap in preparation for Imeo's Iatty. Hopefully I'll be able to find some cash for that when it comes out.

    I also have a Screwdriver Mark 1 I think, which is another great device. Nice and comfortable in the hand and works really well. The button is a bit wobbly and slack, maybe I could fit a new spring to it?

    Also, I have a BW510n from Electravape here in the UK. It's a really solid device and is the one I have been using most. It gives a great vape and looks really good too. The only thing I dont like is the button, which looks a little out of place.

    I have been experimenting with flavours too and am now hooked on Caramel, thanks Perpetua!

    One last thing, I am now the forum rep for All about E-Cigarettes on the ECCA Steering Committee. I have been doing as much research as I can to get my head around what will be expected from ECCA and what ECCA is up against. There has been a lot of talk about ECCA's role, some positive and some negative. It's still in the early stages though so it's bound to be a bit rough around the edges. Things are starting to move now so hopefully ECCA will become more organised and productive.
  2. Still no volunteers to represent ECF on the ECCA UK steering committee. With ECF being such a huge forum I thought this would be the first forum to appoint a rep. As it turns out it is the last.

    I'm not sure why more people haven't got involved with this. Not just the committee but with commenting and talking on ECCA threads. As I understand it vaping got an 18 month reprieve. That means both sides of the argument have 18 months to come up with something. Seeing as vaping is the one thing that unites everyone on this and all the other forums I expected a larger number of willing participants.

    I have now been vaping for 2 weeks and 2 days. I wasn't around for any warnings on the Canada situation but wonder was there a similar wave of apathy then? I really think a lot of UK vapers probably feel as passionate about vaping as I do, some probably more. There must be people who have invested huge amounts of time and money in their vaping habit. All we need is a few of those people to get involved and help protect our right to vape.

    Otherwise who knows where vaping in the UK will end up.
  3. Yesterday I got permission from Chrissie at All About to represent the All About forum on the ECCA committee. It wasn't an easy choice for me to put myself forward as I'm a complete social wallflower. However I felt it was important enough to get involved.

    Hopefully the ECCA steering committee can start to get things moving and more people will start to take an interest. I feel there is an air of apathy about the whole thing or maybe people aren't aware of what's going on. In either case it's still early days.

    I just received today my new bit of kit, a Riva 510. So far I love it. Nice and compact, the button is soft to touch and using it is very satisfactory. I dumped the contents of the carts straight away and put some blue foam in. The stuff that comes in the carts seems to dry out too quick, giving that burnt taste.

    I got some free tobacco samples with it too. I think I've decided I'm going to mainly vape tobacco flavours. I've tried a few weird and wonderful one's but they're not what I want to vape all day. I have found myself vaping spearmint though, very refreshing after lots of heavy tobacco flavours.

    Anyway now I am set up to start discovering the different types of atties, LR, clearos, tanks, etc. Just need some cash first!:p
  4. I got my latest juice order today along with 2 510 kits for my brother and sister in law. They are new to vaping and I'm hoping they'll take to it.

    I ordered some RY4 for myself as I could happily vape it all day. Unfortunately I ordered super high strength and it certainly packs a punch! I have tried mixing it down with some VG but the taste really disappears. You live and learn.:facepalm:

    I am currently going through all my juices trying to find something nice to vape but can't seem to get a good taste out of anything. I have one TECC cartridge left which has a fabulous taste but I'm saving that for a rainy day.

    Not one of my better days of vaping.:(
  5. Thanks to a very kind donation by a vaping legend I am now the proud owner of a Tornado. I think. I'm sure that's what he said it was. It came with some TECC pre filled carto's that were absolutely fantastic. The flavour was amazing, unfortunately after an extensive search I am no nearer to discovering what the flavour is.

    I also got a cone atty with it and had my first go at dripping. Great taste and vapour production. The only downside is I put a fruit flavour in it and can't get rid of the smell of berries now. Not sure if I can wash it, don't want to break it.

    I seem to have found vaping at a time in my life when I have no spare cash to spend on goodies. I'm building my little kit, bit by bit. I stole my 9 year olds paint box yesterday to put all my pieces in.

    I'm also out of RY4 which I can see becoming my all day vape. Luckily I have a small bottle on order, should be here tomorrow.

    One last thing, totally bummed for all the Canadian vapers with the news that Health Canada has ordered Canadian suppliers to immediately cease selling e-cigarette supplies and e-juice. I'm not sure what will happen but it's a sad day for vapers everywhere.
  6. Last night I spent about an hour watching the goings on in the latest meeting for the ECCA. Still a few teething problems with the technology but it seemed a bit more productive than the last meeting.

    The attendance was slightly disappointing. Something this important needs more people involved. It's still early days and there is a lot of work ahead. If you want to get involved, everyone is welcome. Check out the information on the UKV forum here -The Electronic Cigarette Consumers Association UK - UK Vapers

    If you are on other forums besides this one make sure there is a thread somewhere prominent on that forum regarding the ECCA.
  7. Just when I thought everything was going smoothly I discover all is not as simple as it seems. I had read snippets here and there about the FDA and MHRA but was concentrating on learning about vaping not all the politics. Well I should have been doing it the other way round.

    I love vaping, I never want to smoke a real cigarette again. But the powers that be don't want to let that happen, at least not without sticking their oar in. The future of vaping is not safe and the only people that are going to do anything to help it is us. The vaping community.

    Over here in the UK there are a few people getting together to try and get something done by setting up the ECCA UK, the E-Cigarette Consumer Association of the UK . It looks like there is a long way to go but I'm glad there are enough people willing to try.
  8. I received an order of juice samples today from Paradise Vape here in the UK. I got myself a few flavours to try, RY4 Caramel being my current favourite. I can highly recommend Paradise Vape for anyone looking to get some juices. Quick, friendly and great customer service.:)

    I am nearing the end of Day 5 now and I think for me there is no going back. I love vaping and everything to do with it. I have only scratched the surface of what vaping has to offer. I can't wait to discover and learn more.
  9. I think it's been 3 days now with no smoking and I can't believe how simple it's been. I was expecting a lot more of a struggle with cravings, as in previous attempts to kick the habit. I'm guessing it's the fact that I'm still getting my nicotine fix and the physical act of 'smoking' that is making it easy for me.

    I have been looking at all the different options for my next PV. It's a bit like having a car, you always want something bigger and better. I am 99% certain that I'm going to get a Riva. I'm also going to get another supermini for my wife to try. We ordered some lower strength juice for her as she couldn't take a drag on my e cig without having a coughing fit.

    We ordered a few different flavours from James at Paradise Vapes after reading a lot of good reviews. Can't wait for them to get here so I can see if I like them. I'm ok with tobacco flavour but why limit myself when there is so much more out there.
  10. Ok so I got my e cig in the post and have been using it for the last 2 and a bit days. I have to say I took to it straight away. Every time I get a craving I just have 3 or puffs on my PV and I'm good to go.

    I have discovered that filling a super mini cartridge is on par with micro brain surgery. Very fiddly. It would be a cinch if I had a needle to inject the juice but I haven't so I have been dripping into the tiny cartridge. The carts are so small it's hard to get the juice in because of the surface tension. I get there in the end though and so far for 3 days of vaping I have used 2 carts and have refilled maybe 1ml of my grape juice. Compared to the £10-15 I would have normally spent I think it's great.

    Yesterday I went to my brother in laws for a BBQ. I had a few drinks and even in a slightly tipsy state I still managed to stick to the plan and use my e cig. The only downside was it ran out of power about an hour before I went home. 2 batteries are a must when going out, I only got one with the kit. Another lesson learnt!
  11. I just received my e cig through the post. I've read the instructions and am charging it at the moment. I am waiting until it's charged full then I'm going to have my first vape!

    I'm a bit nervous. What if I don't like it? What if it's not what I thought it would be? I'm not expecting too much from the kit as it was only a cheap one. It seems a little bit fragile but that's ok as I'm pretty careful with my things.

    So once it's charged I'll have to make a big decision. Do I quit smoking today? I got 7 refills with the kit and a 10ml bottle I ordered elsewhere. If I quit now will these last me until I can afford to but a new kit and more liquid? I hope so.

    I've smoked for 24 years now, about 20 a day. I'm not as fit as I could be and it certainly isn't a cheap habit. This is going to be a huge change in my life. Wish me luck!:unsure:
  12. It came as no surprise to me that my e cig didn't get delivered today. I know it's on the way so I'll just have to wait. I'm probably like most people who, when waiting for a package, can't resist looking out of the window every five minutes.

    To keep myself occupied I spent most of the day making an e juice calculator for my little spreadsheet project. So far I have figured out exactly what I spend on analogues, how many I smoke in a day, week, month, etc. I've also worked out some formulas for counting my savings once I get started.

    To help with the savings bit I made an e juice calc that prices all the ingredients and works out a price for any amount of juice made, to the millilitre. It took a while to figure out the percentages on the mixing side but I think what I have should work in theory. I'll be adding to it as I learn more but am quite proud of what I've done so far. My next step is to translate it all into a web page and maybe try to make an Android App. This is easier said than done as I'm teaching myself XHTML/CSS, Java, etc. I have a lot of time on my hands and I like to learn new stuff so it keeps me busy.

    One last note for today, I just wish I had found this forum before ordering the e cig that I did. I'm not saying it will be poor quality or anything but I know it won't have the reliability or longevity of some of the other kits that are out there. I keep kicking myself for jumping straight in and ordering the first cheap one I saw. If I'd looked a bit further I could have found something much better I'm sure. At least it gives me time to save up for a real PV.
  13. So another day and no e cig delivery. I already know that the cheap one I've bought is not the right one for me. I've spent a lot of time researching and I'm pretty sure I am going to get the Riva510 or eGo or Tornado, whatever it's called.

    I'm now in the process of finding the best deal and finding out how much parts cost. I saw the tank system on Youtube and it looks pretty good. From what I can tell, if I buy a Riva/eGo 510 fitting e cig, I should be able to get the tank system to add to it.

    I'm also looking at the batteries and trying to figure out which one's are best. Then on top of that I'm trying to figure out what LR atty's are for and why I would want one.

    There's so much choice, this really is a hobby I can get stuck into. I'm loving the world of vaping and haven't had one draw on an e cig yet.(e cig or PV?)

    I got a tracking number today so my kit has been posted. Hopefully tomorrow it will get here and I can see what everyone is raving about.
  14. I received my first delivery today. I ordered some e juice from last week. At the time of ordering I received an e mail confirming the order and later on an e mail confirming it had been shipped. I really liked how they kept me in the know.

    A couple of days before I ordered the e juice I ordered an e cig from a different company. After a few days and no delivery I e mailed them for progress. I didn't get a reply. A while later I phoned to see if my order had been done and was told the e cig I ordered wasn't in stock and would 'maybe' get posted next week. (I'm still waiting.)

    Had I known it wasn't in stock I wouldn't have ordered. Had I known how vague they were with enquiries I wouldn't have ordered. Had I known that ECF existed before then I would have ordered from somewhere else and a different product. Oh well, I'll keep waiting and see what happens.

    For now I'll just have to make do with looking at my promptly delivered e juice and wonder what it tastes like.....
  15. First post, I think. I'm a total beginner when it comes to e cigs. I've spent the last couple of week looking at all the different types of e cigs out there. I feel more comfortable with the mainstream, easily available ones and thought I'd settled on a Joye510.

    But then I saw the Riva, then the Tank. Then I saw them again but with different names. It's all a bit confusing. I'm back to square one.

    Price will be a deciding factor so I'm busying myself looking at different sites and comparing prices and kit components. I should mention that I have already ordered an e cig but it's just a cheapie that I expect to die within a few days. I wish I'd found this site before I ordered!

    Anyway the search continues.
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