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  1. Day 3 is done at last.
    Dogs are getting grumpy and hard to manage. The people are also a bit grumpy. But now we are being less careful; Lori and Cassi almost killed Bugz today. I kept saying you have to have the air on for the ferrets, because they get heat stroke in only 85 degree weather. So they rolled the windows down because there was wind, it was 102 outside and the wind was humid HOT air blowing 102 in and out of the car. I decided to drive right away and Bugz was so hot he had his head in the litter box and the rest of his body out. WHY DON'T THEY EVER LISTEN TO ME?!!!! He had to almost die before they would listen to me.
    Now I have to work on getting him back to life by slowly introducing him to colder air and water. I just don't want to loose him that way ever.

    Day 1 drove from Lake Ann to Springfield, IL (took 14 hours total) we got in at 10 pm after not being able to leave until 12noon because of the darn car carrier. Lori drove the truck pulling the Scoobie Doo (Suburu) all 14 hours, and was beat up when she was done. I drove most of the way in the car, but Cassi drove the last 1.5 hours and she had to drive in one of the most horrific storms I have ever driven in.

    Day 2 drove from Springfield, IL to Tulsa, OK (left at 9am and didn't get in until almost 11pm - don't know why). All roads lead to ROAD DEstruction or I mean construction.
    Lori drove the truck the whole way, and again was all beat up and really was exhausted when we arrived in Tulsa at the Motel. I drove the whole entire way, because Cassi didn't want to drive in Destruction or in the rain or in big cities. She is in for a horrible shock if she ever tries to go and see her cousin who lives on the north side of Denver.

    Day 3 I was so tired that I almost fell asleep on the road and hit a semi - well almost. Unfortunately, Cassi didn't want to drive much but ended up; driving all but 2.5 hours today. There was no road construction, only one big city, and no rain. So she had a pretty good day. The little dogs were awful today and I don't know if I could put up with that again, tomorrow. I might have to well tie mr. T down, if he starts climbing on me again.

    Tomorrow is onto Las Cruces and another night in a motel, so we can attempt to get into an apartment or house to live in. Well maybe I'll write tomorrow if I am awake enough.
  2. Saturday I spent the day in the rain and 42 degree weather watching my daughter polevault, and throw discus. She also threw shot, but it seems that we were too cold to go watch that part. It seems she got her personal best on shot and she always does a PB when we her parents are not watching.
    Regionals are this coming saturday and the weather should be so much better. Maybe she can do what she wants to do and that is go to state, which is the saturday before graduation which is on sunday the 5th of June.
    I can't believe that the little girl that ran into my arms 11 years ago, at the age of 5, is graduating from highschool in less than 4 weeks.
    Then we are picking up the moving truck on the 6th and bringing Cassi's Aunt Cathy back to the airport in Grand Rapids and then loading the truck and starting the move sometime that week. Depending on when we get going.
  3. So my birthday to day, turning well............let's just say closer to 60 than to 20.

    I check facebook and all my peeps have sent a happy birthday note, so nice of them. But one peep is missing.

    A peep I thought was my friend. Then I find a message from her, on facebook, dated October 27th,2010 that says "Glad to see that the USB hub I sent you meant a lot to you. I wish you the best and hope you have a great life."

    I gave that usb port away on the group that she got me hooked on, PIF. Now that peep, has been having issues lately and I know that. I wrote back an email apologizing for PIFing the one of many things that I don't use anymore. But I would not take responsibility for hurting her, afterall, she taught me if you don't use it and it has to do with Vaping, PIF it.

    So I wasn't using it any longer, so I pifed it, and very nice person got it. I feel bad that I "lost" a friend or maybe not; Maybe I am sad that I never had the friend in the first place.
    I don't really understand why this has upset her so? Do I owe her an explanation? DO I? I don't think so, it's the same thing the mods keep saying in PIF............once it leaves your hands and is into someone elses, its there's to do with as they see fit. Well I can't use it ATM in time and so I passed it on.........Now I don't have that friend anylonger, because she felt I let her down by PIFing something she had bought for me. What did she want me to do? Keep it, when some one else could get much better use out of it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!

    So peep if you read this, remember this, I am sorry if I offended you. I am sorry you feel I took advantage of you. I am sorry that you feel that wasn't right for me to do. But I am will not explain myself. Once it left your hands and into mine, my circumstances made it that I needed to PIF it. YOU of all people should understand that. If you will let 7.00 get between yours and mine friendship, then maybe we didn't have one at all, to start with.

    What a bummer of a birthday! I just don't understand what I did, that she would throw it all away over $7.00. I will send the $7.00 to her and then maybe she won't be so mad anymore. I don't know. Do I want to keep her as a friend even if this gets settled? I just don't know anymore? I can't find the right answers anymore, because this really screwed my day! Maybe I will give it a few days and then come and write more.
  4. Went to the ortho doc this past are right on target Michelle he stated. I am going to write you an off work notice until 1/1/11
    Well, that just sucks. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. He gave me new excercises to do, YEAH!!! NOT!!! I have to do these to strengthen my right quad. I can do most anything I need to do, except get off the floor, I can down on the floor just not get back up with out some extreme pain.

    Oh well, maybe I will look for another job something that doesn't require lifting of people, or getting on the floor to put other people's shoes on.
    Maybe I can find something that is like 0800-500pm, what a concept!. I would love to be able to not have to physically take care of people anylonger.

    The only really good thing about staying at Comfort Keepers is that there is a Comfort Keepers in Las Cruces and El Paso, for a job when I get back to Las Cruses, in July of next year.

    Oh Moving, I am not looking forward to moving at all. The packing I don't care about, it's the carrying the boxes and furniture out to the truck and then driving 1800 miles with 3 people, the truck pulling a car and then my truck pulling a car. Only 3 people to drive. We have the dogs and Gizmo of course doesn't do well in the car. She vomits all the time. Have to medicate her again, she did come here with us, the last move.
    T. will whine the whole way and Sunni will try to get into everyone's lap.
    I guess we will have to medicate all the dogs to have them be calm while we are moving and not barking, barfing and whining the whole 3 days trip. I am not looking forward to that again.
    We don't have a place to stay, well we do, but we don't have a house and we really need a house to live in, because of the animals. How many apartments do you know of that will allow 3 dogs in it, without costing a fortune. I hope we can find a rent to own place, or land contract with a lenient down payment or a very cheap mobile home that will not require a huge down payment.
    OH so much to think about and so much to drown under, good thing I am a strong swimmer and used to be a life guard.

    later a nother day!
  5. Been a long time since I last let everyone know what was going on and I certainly don't feel sorry for myself anylonger, as I am getting better.
    Yes I did find something I like to do, something I was supposed to do and that is .....PIF, God these people are incredible, always and forever incredible. They love eachother unconditionally and they help eachother unconditionally. We laugh, cry and help eachother. Maybe I could do this instead of work, probably not but it's a good thought. At least I can do it until I go back to work. What wonderful, unique, crazy and awesome people I have met on this thread and in this group. I so do appreciate everyone.
    thank you for being you, everyone.
  6. Just crushed my only wall charger...what to do now....I am so tired of being tired and so tired of not having money. On 6/12/10 I was in motorcycle class, you know the one, get the little card so you can legally ride a motorcycle in the state. Funny thing only 40% of all people riding have that little motorcycle endorsement required by the state. Well here I am in our 3rd skill (stop and go) telling myself I was going to do it this time and I hit the throttle instead of the brake and off the bike went. I flew over the handle bars and broke my right tibia. Not a good thing, not after just getting over the siatica that came from the deer car accident that I had October 23rd, 2009. That one had me off of work for about 4 months. This one I just don't know. It feels awful, straight legged and hurting awful

    Then the lift chair has come in very helpful, but it is what crushed my wall charger this morning. Mostly because Cass was vacuuming, payback for killing her ferret maybe or as that was an accident.

    I am so scared, my knees are so bad and hurt so bad that I may not be able to any of the work I love so much....where will this lead me..............?
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