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  1. image.jpeg 2-7-2016

    I like the Joyetech Cubis tank since it does not leak. My experience so far with their prebuilt coils is mixed. I believe this tank can easily replace my Tron tanks, and perhaps my KangerSubtank Minis as well. Now that I have bought 3 of the Cubis RBA's, I can roll my own Titanium coils, either horizontally or vertically, the STM RBA does NOT allow a vertical build.

    But after the joy of getting the Cubis RBA's wore off, I realized there was no way to dry burn Kanthal coils, or low wattage PULSE my Titanium coils (I use a custom TCR of 0700, on both my DNA200 and Joyetech VTC MINI at 10 watts). Seached the Internet for a solution and found nothing. Thought about making some kind of RBA holder myself, then remembered the little EGRIP RBA-510 adapter I used to use with the Egrip mod, also made by Joyetech. Hence the:


    Well, maybe not a method, all you need is a $5.00 premade 510 adapter.

    eGrip RBA 510 Adapter - Joyetech

    The Joyetech Cubis RBA fits in the Egrip RBA-510 adapter "almost" perfectly. There is a slight bevel on the top cap of the Cubis RBA, so when you tighten down the top part of the RBA-510 adapter cap which is perfectly flat, the Cubis RBA moves slightly to one side, so it does not look perfectly level, but other then OCD looks, it still functions the same making the proper electrical connections. Perhaps some dremel work on the inside of the RBA-510 adapter cap would address that, but since it works as is, I doubt I'll bother. I also noticed the ohms can be spot on, or drift a bit while loosening and tightening all the various parts onto my CoilMaster 510 Tab. But again, the ohms are not effecting the usefulness of being able to dryburn or pulse the coils in the Cubis RBA. You can do this directly on your mod, here is a photo on the CoilMaster 510 Tab, with the included horizontal coil that came with the Cubis RBA, should work the same with a vertical coil. Have FUN!



    So far I've had mixed results. I'm not a master builder, I learned building coils on the tiny Chalice 3, bottom feed atty. I like to do simple, single coils using Titanium, prefer 24 gauge as it's easy to work with, and the Unkaman brand is already soft, no need to anneal. 3mm ID, at 6 wraps, gives good heat flux. Comes in at approx. .19 ohms. in a horizontal build on the Cubis RBA. On a VTC Mini, I'm finding I have to run it using my custom TCR of 0366, which runs it a bit hotter then whatever the VTC's titanium TCR is setup for in their Titanium "preset". I'm also finding that I have to turn the temperature up to 520f. Using this exact same build on both the rebuildable CLR coils for the Tron tanks, and on my SubTank Mini RBA's, I usually have the temp at 470f. I leave my set wattage at 35 watts on all my mods as it makes little difference, my titanium builds get to set temp quickly.

    Building is similar to the CLR coils where you are trap the positive lead between the bottom rubber gasket and the removable positive pin, except the negative lead is captured in the small hole on the bottom of the RBA, and tightened using the TINY screw.

    It's no where near as good as the STM RBA, which has the more traditional two posts and two screws to capture the wires, better for solid TC accuracy.

    The Cubis RBA TINY screws with TINY Philips heads are stripping too easy. The included blue screw driver makes stripping them even easier, but even using a quality screwdriver does not help much, a bit better, but it's the CHEAP TINY SCREWS that are the real problem. Getting a good solid connection here has proven to be a problem already.

    If you build the horizontal coil in the RBA, be careful to keep the coil low, as you are supposed to switch the chimney to the longer extension tube. I was getting a proper ohm reading using the Egrip adapter shown in first post in this thread. But once on the mod, got LOW OHM warning. Finally figured out that once installed, the longer chimney extension must have been coming in contact with the coils. I lowered the coils and it solved the issue. The reason I tried setting the coils a bit higher in the first place was to get them a little above the cotton bed you are supposed to place on the bottom of the RBA, because unlike the STM RBA, this one still gets juice from two bottom holes in the RBA, just like the prebuilt coils as well as the two side slots found on the RBA. My first build had too much cotton in the bed, and the lower coil was sitting in juice and spitting. Next time I used less cotton in the bed of the bottom base, but as described above, the coils have to be low. Just don't over pack the bottom bed of the RBA.

    Other then having to run this current RBA build at higher temps then I'm used to, it's not spitting now, and flavor is pretty good. It's just a hassle to use this RBA, even when compared to the CLR coils, and much more time and work then a STM RBA. I like the leak proof aspect of these tanks, but it's coming with the price of a HEADACHE!
  2. image.jpeg 9-1-2016

    This is a copy of a post I left in the TFA thread, in the DIY forum on 9-1-2016, so I or anyone else can refer to it.

    If you DIY your own ejuices, whether you mix by weight or volume, you are probably using regular syringes and or disposable plastic pipettes. The medical community uses pipette devices to precisely measure various liquids in "single drop" accuracy. While using these devices is certainly more expensive, I've found them very convenient and time saving. While I mix by weight, if I were a volume mixer, I would definitely be using these. After a lot of research, I discovered that for less then $200, you can get an excellent setup, and never have to buy another syringe.

    MY BRIEF "Gilson Distriman Repeater Pipette" REVIEW:

    I no longer use syringes. I find using them and cleaning them a hassle. I don't like trashing the cheap disposable plastic pipettes either. I figured there must be something better, there are those cheap $8 mechanical Pipettes, but they only use the extremely long 8-12" glass syringe tubes. I kept looking, after a TON of research, once again found some things in the medical/chemistry business, are perfect for mixing ejuices. I couldn't find much in the way of other mixers using medical pipettes, probably due to the added costs.

    This is what I found.
    There are tons of medical pipettes on the market. Two basic designs, one uses air to push out the liquid, the other is really just like a regular syringe, with a plunger inside, but no replaceable needle tips. The 2nd type is the best for mixing purposes as in general they can handle larger volumes and thicker liquids. There are less parts, no liquid can get up and inside this type. Repeater pipettes are the less common ones, but they do larger volumes. There are less choices, which was a good thing. All of these medical pipettes are crazy priced, $300 to over a $1,000 for digital types. Even the refurbished one I bought for $150, can still be found new for over $500. When you look at them, in hand, you realize how much those medical device markups are! There's not a lot to them, though they are EXTREMELY ACCURATE in dispensing liquids. I use HDPE bottles with a Yorker twist cap, for my VG-NIC, 100% VG, and PG solutions, it's just easier for those thicker base solutions and while repeater pipettes claim to handle thicker liquids, it was too hard to draw up 100% VG, though PG would work. For everything else, flavors, additives etc., I use the pipette. I use 4-6 reusable syringes on average in a mix.

    UPDATE: In my quest to make mixing and cleanup easy, I recently started using a SINGLE pipette syringe. Instead of using a separate syringe for each flavor bottle, I now keep a small Pyrex 250ml measuring cup in the sink next to where I mix, filled with my very hot tap water. In between flavors, I use the pipettes manual filling lever, to suck up the hot water and then push it back out. I do this 2-3 times, wipe off the tip, and I'm ready for the next flavor, no contamination. I refresh the measuring cup with fresh hot water between every flavor change as well. If I'm doing small sample mixes, where the flavors are less then 1.25 ml's, I can now use just ONE, of the medium sized 1.25 ml syringes.

    Out of the 3-4 pipette models and brands I researched, the Gilson Distriman Repeater Pipette seemed like the best choice. It only uses three sized syringes, the smallest of which would be useless for our needs, volumes too small. The largest holds 12.5 ml, the medium holds 1.25 ml.

    I contacted Gilson to ask a few questions, and they offered me a demo unit, didn't even ask for a credit card, had it a week later. Tested it for two weeks and returned it, they offered it as a sale item for $300, but I told them I was going to get a cheaper refurbished one. What was super nice was they asked me what size syringe I wanted to test with the repeater, and I said the 12.5 ml size, expecting one or two, but they sent the entire box of 25, to keep. Cheapest I've seen those was on Amazon for $45. After I bought my own repeater, I did buy a box of 25 of the 1.25 ml, for approx. $38 on Amazon. You could get by with just the largest size.

    Like a BIG syringe, but only two parts, the body, and the internal plunger, no tip to clean. I pull them apart, and toss them in the ultrasonic cleaner, or a bowl filled with hot water and dawn, then rinse them off. Seems they can be reused over and over, and I feel it's easier to clean and deal with then regular syringes, if you can afford the higher cost of this setup. You can't do it much cheaper then what I've come across unless you scour EBay for used pipettes, which was my 2nd option. I knew getting a guaranteed refurbished one from a site that sells these devices was the best choice for me for not much more then dealing with an unknown eBay seller.

    It's not for everyone, but the speed of which I can quickly make up a new batch of juice and cleanup, motivates me to do it more often, that alone made pursuing this worth it. I mix by weight, so I'm not even taking advantage of the main benefit of a medical pipette, the volume accuracy! These things are accurate to the DROP, with one push of a button. So if you are a volume mixer, it would be ideal.

    I know the idea of using a medical pipette will appeal to very few due to the higher costs over regular syringes and disposable ones, but I wanted to streamline my process, and it worked out great for me, no regrets. And I thought I'd share what I've learned here.

    I found the "Gilson Distriman Repeater Pipette" certified, refurbished, with 90 day warranty here:

    F164001, Gilson Distriman Single Channel Repeater Pipette 1 µl-1.25 ml
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