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  1. After getting a DNA 200 mod up and running and poking through everything in escribe I could find, want to do a short "quick start" guide to getting your new DNA 200 mod up and running.

    First things first, you need:

    1. DNA 200 mod,

    2. USB cable with data capability (one should have come with your DNA 200 mod)

    3. Microsoft Windows PC running XP or newer operating system, connected to the internet

    4. Temp control atty -- built with wire made of Nickel 200 or Titanium grade 1

    I'm guessing anyone who bought a DNA 200 mod reading this blog has already turned it on and vaped with it a few times. But without downloading and setting up eScribe, you won't get the most out of the DNA 200.

    To download eScribe, click on the link: EVOLV - Home
    and run the executable. It will allow you to install eScribe on your PC.

    (Admin note - Changed link. Direct links to executable files are not permitted on ECF.)

    Once you have eScribe installed, open it. Next step is connecting your DNA 200 to eScribe.

    Plug the USB cable into your DNA 200 mod with the other end into your PC. eScribe will pop up an entry box titles "Connect." Press "OK" and eScribe will load of of your mod's parameters so you can see them and change them on your PC. If your version of Windows doesn't have the pop up box appear, in the upper left corner of eScribe, click ""Connect and Download Setting." That will do what it says -- connect to your DNA 200 and download all the settings in it to your PC.

    If a new version of DNA 200 firmware is available, eScribe will tell you that. If you get a message that newer firmware is available, click the message to download and install the newer firmware in your mod. Don't disconnect your mod from the PC while this is going on.

    Next step is setting up the battery capacity. This won't do anything to affect the operation of your mod but it will ensure the battery meter is reasonably accurate. In the first row of tabs toward the top of the screen, click the "mod" tab. A button labeled "watt hour calculator" will appear. Click that button. It will ask you if you know the pack voltage -- you do, for a 3S lipo pack that's in every DNA 200 commercially made so far, the nominal voltage is 11.1 volts -- so click "yes" because you do know the pack voltage. A box will appear allowing you to enter the mAh capacity of the pack and its voltage. Enter the mAh of the pack in your mod -- it's typically going to be a value between 900 and 1,500 mAh and will be printed on the pack itself or in your mod's literature. The closer this number is to the true pack capacity, the more accurate the battery meter will be. Next enter the pack voltage, 11.1. Next click "OK." eScribe will tell you the total watt hour capacity of your pack and ask if you want to use that value in your mod. Click "yes."

    Next step to getting the DNA 200 up and running is to set up at least one profile for an atty. This is really important because to get the most out of a DNA 200 with a temperature control atty, the preheat has to work right. Preheat settings themselves are beyond the scope of a "quick start" but essentaily what the DNA 200 will do is raise the temp of the atty to within about 100 degrees F of your temp setting using a lot of power -- to get the temp up very quickly -- then drop the power down to "coast" up to the setting, and then regulate to maintain your preferred temp. If the atty isn't set up properly the preheat won't do its job as intended and you won't get the great vape the DNA 200 is made to deliver. Your vape will either end up too hot at first, or it won't heat up as fast as it can.

    To set up your atty, click the "general" tab up toward the top of the screen. When you do that, several tabs about an inch below the main tabs will appear. These are labeled "Profile 1" through Profile 8." Click the tab labeled "Profile 1." Give your profile a name in the "Name:" box. You can call it anything you like. Give it the name of the atty you are setting up or name it for the type of wire you use most. Next, mouse down to the "Power:" and "Temperature:" boxes. Enter a wattage in the "Power" entry box that you would typically use for the atty. Enter the temperature you like in the "Temperature" box. If you're not sure what temperature you like, enter 450 degrees F or 232 degrees C as a typical starting point.

    Most important is the coil material entry. The default is Nickel 200. If that's what you're using, you're done with this screen. If you're using another type of wire, you need to tell the DNA 200 how much its resistance changes with temperature. Select "custom" as wire type and a graph will appear on your screen. As a quick start, if your wire is Titanium grade 1 (a commonly used wire), click "special" on the lower right. A drop down will appear -- click "Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (Approximation)" Enter 0.0035 as a starting point and click "OK." I'll explain how to download and install wire temperature coefficient curves in another blog entry. Nickel 200 and Titanium grade 1 will get almost everyone going with their new mod.

    Last step is to send all of the changes you just made to the mod. In the buttons at the top of the screen, click "Upload Settings to Device." This will take a bit of time. Just let it do its thing. When it finishes, your DNA 200 is ready to vape.

    You can now fine tune the settings for wattage and temperature using the mod buttons to get the exact vape you want.

    Please reply with any comments and questions. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.
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