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  1. Was a 3 pack/day smoker for 40 years. Had doubted that I'd be able to totally quit analogs quickly, so still kept analogs on hand even after getting my m401. It didn't satisfy me but gave me hope. Cut analogs down to about 40/day what with charging issues etc. (On the road as phone tech, I find it hard to find time to switch carts, change bats let alone keep things charged!)

    Ordered a dse901 kit. Much better hit but harder draw. And with 4 fully charged cigs, I could make it through most of day without maintenance. Still, the first of the day's smokes would be analog, saving the 401/901s for the road. And there were times I still NEEDED that quick analog hit. Down to 5-10/day. Ordered 4 more 901s. Then a dse601(epipe) and a Kissbox extended set(pen style).

    Once I had all the above, I became 99.99% analog free. Kept a 901, Kissbox and the Epipe fully charged. 901 for hands free vaping (have had no switch failures with it to date). Kissbox for an extra hit when needed. Epipe for driving and the evening. At worst I went thru 2 901s and both Kissbox bats during day.

    The epipe has the edge on anything I've tried in vapor production but very muted in taste and throat hit with most flavors, menthol comes thru well enough. Portability sucks. Its easy to leave sitting so cart leaks into battery compartment. Hands free vaping nearly impossible - way too heavy to hold in teeth for long.

    Kissbox close second in vapor, better with flavors and throat hit. Also manual switch quite portable. Not very good for hands free vaping even with auto switch - too long and heavy. (Also killed an auto switch by dropping from shirt pocket, along with a 901. The 901 survived.)

    Enter the joye510. Got 4 (manual switch version, hear autoswitch is poor) and a PCC (personal charging case - will charge 510 4-5 times) about 2 weeks ago. Battery life is short (thus the need for PCC) and it is a juice hog. But OMG vapor is nearly equal to the epipe, better flavor than epipe and a good throat hit. It is now my main vape. Still keep a couple 901s handy for hands free vape during day. Don't carry Kissbox or epipe any longer, sometimes use them in evening.

    I now carry my 4 510s w/PCC and 2 901s plus some 3ml bottles to top off carts. This will hold me for more than 24 hours. I rarely break out the last 2 510s during workday, just keep 1 in PCC while vaping the other.

    Now a month since my last analog with no desire for another. Had a very stressful day a month ago (7 line order, out of normal area, couldn't find locations where I had to make changes, cr***y cable and our intercompany lines down!). Batteries or juice on each unit ran low during this job. Rather than stop for the minute needed to change carts/bats, I smoked like 5 analogs. Tasted horrible!

    I've had very little negative side effects. A little dry mouth, some itching and a bit of lethergy at one point. Worst was a bit of diarrea during early days which was probably my body flushing out some of the analog toxins. My sense of smell is back which can sometimes be a minus. My bathroom visits are more distasteful than before which I'm not sure if I stink more or just smell it more! It is more work than grabbing a cig out of a pack. Charging batteries and filling carts becomes a daily ritual. But compare that to emptying ashtrays and scrubbing the tar off everything you own.

    On the positive side, I smell more, taste more and hack no more! I stink less and my pets and friends don't leave when I start to vape.

    The possible FDA actions and the real possibility that some companies will market Ejuice that has horrible effects worry me. I have tried flavored juice from several vendors and had no ill effects, but I will probably switch to unflavored VG and flavor it myself soon. I have little desire for tobacco flavors at this point and any true tobbaco flavor will probably contain some of the carcinagens of the analog. Even if minute and barely detectable, I'd rather leave it behind. The one exception would be Ecopure. From what I understand, their flavoring is not from tobacco and it is made in UK and regulated. There are other sources for unflavored VG that I will investigate. LiquidXpress sells it but I don't know where its made. Johnson Creek supposiedly is made in the States but I need more info...

    One last bit of advice to newbies. Whatever model(s) you get, kept it clean. Clean your atomizers at least once a week and they will last longer. I've yet to have one die totally but I've been rotating my atomizers and using several different models. Some of my 901s and both my Kissbox atomizers are not performing as well as they once did. I'm soaking them now in alcohol for an extended period to try to revive. (Important: reprime before use after cleaning. I drip some juice directly and let sit standing upright with a filled cart overnight.) There are other cleaning methods: coke, lemon juice, boiling etc. I've not tried them yet. As I said before, I've been lucky so far. I know I will have to replace them eventually.

    Actually one absolutely final piece of advice. Read. Read a lot. Don't buy the first unit you think you like especially based on one review. What works for one may not work for you. And the reviewer may have a reason to give a very positive review other than your best interest.

    One more thing... Link to a guide showing some specs and pics of various models E-Cigarette Models
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