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  1. Now I normally wouldn't pressure people to try vaping over smoking but it's so hard to watch loved ones slowly kill themselves! My mother-in-law has been smoking forever and I was right there with her the last eleven years at every family function and holiday... So at Easter this year I'm vaping away and she's smoking. She tries a few puffs and seems interested but I could tell she wasn't really into it... At leaste not enough to follow up on it. I was just going to let it go but the more I love vaping the more hate smoking... And though we aren't besties or anything she is grandmother to my kids and I love her and want her in our lives (not our home) for a long time. So whats a girl to do?
    So last weekend I arm myself for battle. I load a bunch of my boge cartomizers with a variety of flavors and grab my spare charger and pink KGO set and head over to her house. I call her three blocks before I pull up to tell her I'm dropping by (something I've never done solo) and pull up 30 seconds later. She's a little taken aback and I can tell she really isn't taking me seriously....she has the look some people get when confronted by a religious zealot. I want to force her to take this seriously...but I can't tie her up and force her to vape. So I show her how to charge the spare so she can vape on one then have the other for back up. Ive neatly labeled a bunch of cartomizers with different flavors and I even left her half a bottle of my all day vape (cowboy by northwest vapors). When I leave I can't help but wondering how long before she calls to say shes not going to make the switch. I love that woman but she can be so frustrating sometimes!
    The call comes three days later...she loves it! She's as surprised as I am! She can't believe how great it is...I'm surprised she even gave it a shot! She proceeds to talk for half an hour about how great it is and where she's done it and how she's only smoked 15 cigarettes since I was there. (I quit completely day 1 but everyone has there own vaping path to follow) hey...anything is a improvement and that's less then half a day worth of smokes for her in three. I have to explain to her how to refill her cowboy since she wasn't really paying attention when I was over (ha! I knew it!) I'm hoping she orders her own kit soon because the pink (what was I thinking????) KGO set is my backup set.
    Actually I think I'll make my pink KGO will be my new conversion kit. I've already promised a couple they can try it out next. I just bought 40 bose 2.0 cartomizers... A few for me (i use my dctv2 with my e-power 90% of the time) to use with my black KGO for my flavors that I like but can't vape all day long. The rest to fill for others to try. I even have 15 drip tips in my kit and 21 flavors. Hard to believe how much I have when I've only been doing this a month (today)!
    i love this so much and am ready to spread the love... Might get costly but if I can help others lead a healthier and longer life how can I not? Granted im not pushy with my friends but am hopeful that they'll give into their curiosity eventually... Some already are! Yay to Vapors everywhere! It's so liberating to be free if smokes for life!!!
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