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  1. I smoked for 45 years. I managed to survive having smoking parents and yes, they smoked in the house and car while I and my 6 siblings were with them. A lot of us want to blame someone for our choices. I don’t blame my parents since they exposed me to smoking in the first place. I was almost 18 before I started so was considered an adult and it was completely my choice as an adult.

    This was well before the anti smoke crowd convinced so many that the kids would suffer greatly if they were exposed to our evil habit. It was well before kids were convinced that smoke was evil and it was their job to shame their parents into either quitting or hiding the fact that they smoked. Not the kids fault. It was what they were being taught in the classrooms. (sometime in place of actually educating them but that is a discussion for another time)

    Along comes something that truly does have the power to end a lifelong habit and there are those that are still not happy. We now have something that may make cigarette smoking a total thing of the past. The naysayers can't see that future generations that would have started smoking and choose vaping instead will not have the problems we that started smoking have had. From all I have been able to find, the consensus is that it isn't the nicotine in cigarettes that is the problem with being able to put them behind us. It is a mix of 1000's of other chemicals.

    The ANTZ say, It looks like smoking so let's demonize it and shame folks just like we did when they were smoking. They have, in fact, accomplished their goal, if getting folks to stop smoking was their original goal. Sadly, that isn't good enough for them. Now they want to stop the demon vape.

    Big Pharmacy is saying. The problem we are seeing is they are no longer getting sick. They are no longer buying our over priced over the counter or prescription drugs. They are no longer buying our NRT products. They are living longer and much healthier without us. We have got to do something about that. How about we fund a study that says exactly what we want it to say. Doesn't matter that the study skews the results. We have to make this vaping thing look bad in the eye of the general public. Yep, that should work because some of them will believe us.

    Big tobacco is seeing their bottom line going down. What can we do to get them back to buying our products. How about we reformulate our products to make them more addictive so we can sink that hook in even more firmly to the ones that are just starting out. We have to make sure that we keep a steady flow of lifelong customers. And then we need to budget in truck loads of cash to make sure that the studies say just what we want them to say. If we can keep them afraid of this new life saving technology we will keep more of our customers.

    Big government is the winner though if enough studies come out against this life saving technology. Just follow the money and even those with blinders on should be able to see what is happening. Big Government says, Let's help fund studies and make sure they say what we want them to say. We don't care if they aren't factual as long as we can keep them believing that we know what is best for them. We know better but we are losing money and we aren't going to stand for it.

    I am NOT saying that what we vape is 100% safe. No one is saying that but it is much much better than the alternative. If we so choose we can choose to omit those thing that we deem unsafe. I am not convinced by all that I have read so far that any of it is. That isn't something we could do when we smoked. With vaping the choices are endless and there is something for everyone.
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  2. I truly do feel sorry for those that think that our government has our best interest in mind and actually do care for our health. :facepalm: We are taking more money out of their pockets than what it is costing them to spread all these half truths. :( University's are partially funded by our government and by taking such funding they are obliged to tow the line.

    On top of that, The bread and butter for the 24/7 news outlets is doom and gloom. We now have something that has the potential to end smoking and all we hear from the talking heads is something in the flavoring MAY, I can't stress the word MAY enough, cause problems. Each time this subject comes up there are those that think just because they read it or some news outlet said it, it has to be true.

    Please do your own research. It is all right there at your fingertips. It is right here in the testimonies of folks that have been vaping for years. Some since these first became available. Read about how much better they feel. Read about how their Doctors are amazed at how well they are doing now, even after 20, 30, 40 years of smoking before they started this life saving journey.

    I know those that believe every article put out by those with an agenda will not read this and see that they have been deceived but I hope they will at least consider that our government, big tobacco and big pharmacy are losing money by the truck load and they are not the least bit happy about it.

    I wish writing this made me feel better but sadly, it didn't. We are fighting an uphill battle and really don't seem to be making a lot of progress in the right direction. There are so many folks that truly do want the government to come in and take care of them. They really do seem to think a bunch of folks in Washington know what is best for them. So very frustrating :facepalm:
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  3. I purchase my 100mg/ml nic in 1 liter bottles. As soon as I get it I transfer all of it to smaller glass bottles. I use mostly 120ml blue or amber glass bottles but also have some 60ml and 120ml clear glass bottles and some 250ml and 500ml amber glass in there.
    I fill to within 1/4" from the top and cap tightly with poli-cone caps.
    I then wrap each bottle with aluminum foil--No light is going to get through that.
    Then wrap each bottle with bubble wrap to prevent the chance of breaking one if bumped.
    Then comes my vacuum seal food saver.
    I put 1, 2, or 3 bottles in a vacuum seal bag (depends on size of bottles) and then get all the air out.
    no air is going to get through all of that :D
    And there you have it. Sounds complicated but really isn't.

    My oldest nic was purchased May 2012. I removed a 500ml bottle of it just last week and it was still as crystal clear as the day I got it. I kept 60mls out for use and transferred the rest into smaller bottles. wrapped them up and put them back in the freezer. There was no noticeable difference in smell, taste or strength either. It was about 3 1/2 years old. Only time will tell how it will hold up but I expect it to still be as good as new 10 or more years from now.
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  4. Flavoring Conversion Chart
    converting %'s to mls for mixing up 30 mls

    1%---0.3 mls
    2%---0.6 mls
    3%---0.9 mls
    4%---1.2 mls
    5%---1.5 mls
    6%---1.8 mls
    7%---2.1 mls
    8%---2.4 mls
    9%---2.7 mls
    10%--3.0 mls
    11%--3.3 mls
    12%--3.6 mls
    13%--3.9 mls
    14%--4.2 mls
    15%--4.5 mls
    16%--4.8 mls
    17%--5.1 mls
    18%--5.4 mls
    19%--5.7 mls
    20%--6.0 mls
    Formula for determining how much nicotine is needed for your desired nic strength

    A= total amount of juice, in ml, that you want to make.
    B= strength of nicotine that you want in the final juice.
    C= number of mg/ml of nicotine in your nicotine base.

    Multiply A times B, then divide by C.That will yield how many mls of nicotine base to use.

    You want to make 30mls of 12mg juice. You have 100mg/ml nicotine
    30 times 12 = 360
    360 divided by 100 = 3.6 mls of nicotine needed

    There are lots of e-juice calculators on the web but this is my simple way of determining my measurements.
  5. I do realize that when the hammer comes down it isn't going to come down from a federal level because of the few that choose to make a game of vaping. I realize that it is all about the money they are losing because we have found a way to put the smokes behind us and hopefully a way to keep anyone else from EVER picking up the habit of smoking. Their ONLY concern is lost revenue.

    The taxes and/or restrictions are coming, Of that, I have no doubt. We have to do whatever we can to keep them from taxing/restricting us into oblivion.

    When the smoking restrictions started it didn't start from the federal level. It started very small and grew into what we have today. It started in small towns, grew to counties and then to states and finally to just about everywhere.

    Businesses were no longer allowed to choose how they would handle smoking/no smoking. It became law and they were forced to abide by that law or close their doors.

    It happened so slowly that most of us didn't see it coming. We were the frog in the pot of water slowly being brought to a boil. Hopefully we are more aware this time.

    Those that make a game of it will have an impact on how vaping is viewed by those that don't understand or even care what vaping is all about. I don't like it but there it is.

    I am talking about at a local level. A local busybody, someone that has nothing better to do at the moment, sees something she/he doesn't understand so doesn't approve of. I'm not saying it is right but, let's face it, it happens way to often in every small town in America and sadly, around the world.

    Ever hear the term, squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well, that busybody is the squeaky wheel. Every town has at least one and that person has the ear of the "powers that be" in that small town. That person manages to get the "powers that be" to force businesses in that small town to put up signs "No Vaping Allowed" just to appease that busy body. It is not right but it happens every day.

    This scenario is being played out in hundreds of thousands of small towns all over the world.

    When I joined this forum it was all about helping your fellow vaper. I still see some of that but sadly, I also see so much infighting. We have to work together if we are going to preserve this healthier alternative to smoking for not only ourselves but also for future generations.

    The bottom line is. We have to find a way to stand together or we will end up regulated into oblivion. Please think before bashing those that see the writing on the wall. One of the best things one can do is join CASAA so that you may keep up with what is actually happening and then answer those calls to action. If we don't stand up for our rights we WILL lose them.

    Please don't let that local busybody win in the end. Thank you for reading my thoughts.
  6. My DIY kit contains:
    1 - 3ml syringe
    1 - 5ml syringe
    1 each - 20, 30 and 60ml syringes

    Very important - Put clear packing tape over the markings on your syringes or the markings WILL be gone after just a couple of uses. I learned this the hard way :D

    Various size glass bottles - 15, 30, 60, 120 and 250ml
    VG, PG and nic base. I buy PG based nic 100mg/ml, by the liter, Transfer it to 120ml blue glass bottles and store all but 120 ml of it in the freezer. I cut that 120ml pg based nic with 120mls of VG. This cuts it down to 240mls of 50pg/50vg/50 mg/ml nic base. (check update down below)

    I mix my vg no nic base - 87% vg/9% distilled water/4% saline solution. Shake well and you are set for a very long time. Example: 626 mls VG, 65 mls Distilled Water and 29 mls saline solution for a total of 720 mls or 24 oz. VG base

    Most of my mixes are somewhere close to 60pg/40vg blends and since most flavorings are pg based, by making both my nic-base and my no-nic base at 50/50 it keeps my mixes somewhere close to my target 60/40. (check update down below)

    I am in the keep it simple camp. I use exactly 1 - 3ml or 5ml syringe to measure all my flavorings, be it 1 or 10. I use larger syringe (size depends on how much I am making) to measure out my nic and then just pour in the necessary base.

    I mix all of mine in the glass bottle they are gonna stay in 'till all vaped up. I add the flavors first. I pull the plunger up to about the .5 ml mark and then draw up the needed amount of flavor #1. Add it to the bottle. That .5 ml of air will push all of the flavoring out of the blunt tip needle. I swish the needle in a glass of hot water. Dry it off with a paper towel and repeat until all the flavors I need for my mix are in the bottle. At this point I cap the bottle and give it a gentle shake to mix the flavorings. Of course this isn't necessary if you are doing single flavor mixes.

    I then move to my other syringe to measure my nic. I would just use the same syringe but with my nic I need to measure out more volume than with my flavorings thus need a larger syringe. I do take more care while measuring the nic but am not overly concerned since I am usually only working with 50mg/ml. If I happened to spill a drop or a bunch I would just stop, clean it up and get back to my juice making.

    Once I have added my nic I recap the bottle and again give it a gentle shake to help blend all I've added so far. Now I just top the bottle off with my pg/vg no-nic base and I am done. Takes me longer to pick out the flavors I need for my mix than it actually does to mix it.

    I give it a really good shake at this point and then set it in a cup of very hot water. I shake it a couple of times as the water is cooling. I want the bottle to feel warm (not hot) to the touch. When the water starts cooling I replace it with very hot water again and repeat. I then just allow it all to cool down and my juice is ready to vape.

    Edited 8/8/2016 to add: Now I only use the step of warm water bath if I have mixed up some shake and vape. I have now fine tuned my favorite recipes so when I get down to about 30ml of a favorite, I mix up another 60 or 120ml bottle and I just let it age with time instead of warm water

    If you are working with VG take that needle off your syringe and if you need a lot of it remove the plunger, hold your finger over the tip and pour the vg in the syringe, replace the plunger and dispense the vg into your bottle. So much easier than trying to draw it up. I actually do it this way for both my nic and no-nic solutions when making more than 30 mls of a mix.

    I hope this will help everyone that thinks you have to be a chemist to do this. It really is a very simple process and as you can see, I don't use a ton of equipment. Happy Mixing :)

    update 2/21/2017: I no longer mix VG in with my nic base. I have found it is even easier if I keep my nic base 100% PG. I no longer mix PG and VG together either. I do thin my VG with 9% distilled water and 4% saline solution though.

    Now that I have several mixes that I enjoy, I make flavoring blends of each of them. Makes mixing even easier. Instead of having to dig out several bottles of flavor I just have to take out one.
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