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  1. I read a few posts on wicking materials and saw some scary info about silica being dangerous. I'm asking for anyone who knows better than I ( I'm no pro yet) what are their thoughts on this....... I read this....

    "Not long ago I found that silica thread gives a needle-like fragments when vaping. Some people made their own independent studies and found the same problem. The size of needles vary from rather big to small enough to penetrate lungs alveoli and stay there. Big fragments can make an irritating and injuring effect to throat, Adam's apple, vocal ligaments, stomach when swallowed. Small fragments can stay in lungs forever or for too long a time irritating alveolus, even to clogging it up. Symptoms are scratching or pain at throat and/or adam's apple, regular voice disappearing in the morning. I found that silica wick may be successfully replaced by a 100% cotton or bamboo yarn. Results are amazing. Just one thing - you must boil yarn for some time (about 10-30 min) before use."

    There were quite a few of these sorts of posts. So as a NOW semi scared vape chick, should I be worried and should I now learn how to rebuild my wicks with cotton? PLEASE HELP.
  2. I was just curious....Anyone from Philadelphia vaping? I may be responsible for a dozen of of the vapeheads here but where Oh where are the rest? Only know of one store that carries vaping equipment and juice. Anyone have any info on this?