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Blog entries by megumi

  1. JuicyLiquid:D E-Liquid Planet VaporStix (restart @ Skyrl) NONic
  2. Couch, cough, cough! Where did that come from? It is a dry back of the throat cough. Like I am breathing in dust. But only when I vape. Maybe I need to clean the atty's? Maybe I need to quit dripping. We'll see.. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I am doing it! :w00t:
  3. Today was my first day w/o analogs! I am so excited. This was so unlike trying to quit in the past. There was anxiety but not near as much. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I will do this! Patches, patches, patches. Let's see how day 2 goes!!8-o
  4. I have seen other posts on it, it is making my thing I really suck at the e-cigs. Like I don't really know how to inhale and stuff. But when I first put in a new cart, it tastes fine and then after a couple of hours I am sucking on it again and then I might get the burnt taste. I gotta figure...
  5. AT least 9 yesterday and at least 12 today. Numbers are going up..What am I doing wrong? Am I used just way too low of a dose of nic?:mad:
  6. Menthol-great (add fruit even) Strawberry-too mild.
  7. Coffee-Ehh Chocolate-Good Orange-Nothing\unless lixed w/ other fruit Cherry- Nothing \unless mixed with other fruit Pineapple-really tasty (especially alone)
  8. Yesterday I got my new pen, I love the feel, draw and the a cleaner juice taste. Still getting a little bit of the burning taste. It just be my draw style. I will get it eventually..I hope. I need new juice. Iv'e gots to find sum!
  9. I must, watch the analogs... Already had 1 this morning...:(
  10. So out of fear I have been buying about a pack every few days and smoking them. I was smoking as much as 10 a day. Now I am at about 5 a day. I just want a banner saying how long it's been since I had any and how much I saved. Soon..very soon.:rolleyes:
  11. I don't really like the is too mild for me. I want something stronger and juicier. I just ordered a Pen Style from ElectroNicStix and I can't wait to get that one, it's supposed to hold more juice and have a longer lasting battery. I need more juice though, fast!:cry: Or I will...
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