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  1. First review, try to bare with me ^_^

    First thing you notice is the neat tin it all comes in, personally, I could think of a hundred things to do with it. It's just simply neat. The second thing you notice, apon opening it and pulling the plastic case everything sits in is this beastly slick shiny thing staring at you, this a actually made my jaw drop, even though I had already seen a picture of what I was getting I was still surprised. It is amazingly light weight, yet very sturdy and well put together, even before actually using it I could already tell this was going to become my main mod just from the fact it was half the weight of my current main mod (parkes' pawz mod). Of course like most people with a new toy I start playing with the buttons and dismantling/mantling the various pieces of the mod, theres only two buttons (well beside the 'gimme a fix' button :p) and at first I was confused at what I was doing when randomly pushing them, of course that's where the manual comes in. Since I had never played with a VV or a digital I was pretty blown away, there's a bloody clock on it for one, (uh yeah can we say awesome?!) it tells you how much battery life you have left and also how many hits you've taken from it, settings for "segregation" "number of smoking" and smoking time, sure the wording is a bit off sometimes but I actually enjoyed the fact of the slightly battered english kept me from getting frustrated and rebellious with the how to and must dos. Once I figured out how to manipulate the buttons I started to enjoy what was previously overwhelming. I wasn't entirely sure if it was the cyclone tank or the mod itself that was giving me such a brilliant flavor vape, so I switched the cyclone out with a 2ohm chibi tank and was still receiving excellent results. Currently I cannot comment on the atomizer/tank portion of the mod, as it is not functioning which I'm sure is purely user error as I have not used the atty/tank system before. It uses 16340 or 16650 batteries, and the extended cap is brilliant all by itself, I can safely have my cyclone tank on it and just screw the cap on top of it all for storage in my pocket or purse without having to worry about the tank getting knocked loose or damaged. Overall I would have to say without a doubt this is one amazing mod.
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