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  1. I wasn't really sure where to post this on the forum, so I decided to do a blog post on this subject. If you're in Czech Republic then this post is for you.

    Firstly there are only 2 good suppliers in Czech. and Every other supplier has newbie rubbish equipment and every other supplier is at least double the price or more for supplies.
    Aukro has a category for electronic cigarettes but the prices are insane and don't expect to find any decent supplies listed on Aukro.

    My thoughts on
    ----------------------------- offer a very well run shop. If you order your stuff on Monday, you can almost expect it to arrive on Wednesday. If you are lucky you can get stuff the next day. get their supplies from HelloSmoke (China). HelloSmoke offer slightly cheaper stock compared to JoyeTech, but quality can be about the same. recently introduced Dekang juice in their store, but they sell is as budget juice. I way prefer their premium quality juice, it lasts longer and tastes better. As far as juice goes we're quite lucky to have Ejuice around, its good quality juice at a reasonable price. You cannot order bulk, so 30ml's is the largest bottle you'll get.
    The site is quality and has a decent shopping cart and the ability to review your order, tracking and history. Works in IE, FF and Chrome (others not tested).
    I don't like the way they rebrand stuff, for example their Ego Luxx, which is marketed as the luxury Ego, is nothing other than a Hello Riva. Their Ego Maxx is nothing other than a Hello Ego. Their Ego Extreme is a Hello016.
    They are perhaps the best service in the Czech Republic, and are getting interesting stock every 2-3 months. Recently drip tips and real JoyeTech mega cartomizers. I love them for this.

    My thoughts on
    The juice is purely Dekang, its average juice, but not the worst I've had.
    They ship only on Tues and Thursdays, so you wait a bit longer. You get notified via email, not using the web site.
    The website is some reusable shopfront, site kinda sucks to be honest. Your orders are not stored, so you can't review them once you've submitted. Links don't work in Chrome, and logging in can be difficult at times.
    Eliquid do however only stock original JoyeTech products. No cheap knockoffs and rebranding. Prices are a little higher because of this.
    Juice prices are steep for Dekang.
    Eliquid have a basic range of goods that don't seem to change much, but they usually have stock, and were the first to offer passthroughs and LR atties. I think they might still be the only place in Czech to get PT's for a 510.

    Both companies offer you occasional complementary juice with your orders. Sometimes you'll order 5 bottles of juice, and notice they've included an extra juice for free. There is no system for this generosity, its not based on how much you spend, but I guess it depends on if they're in good moods. Still its nice of them to do this.

    Unfortunately if you're after mods and more interesting PV's Czech republic has nothing to offer. No 5v mods, no variables, no flash light kits, no collectors items. Just the basic mainstream PV's.

    VG is easy to find here, head over to any hospital pharmacy, and you can get 50ml's for around 50 crowns. Snus is very hard to find, Its not something you can just find at every tobacco shop.

    I checked Polish prices for supplies, and they're about the same. Its not really possible to get cheaper prices from neighboring countries. English prices can at times be ok, but once you've included in the shipping costs, you're better off usually buying locally.

    The review sites are semi biased towards Ejuice and Eliquid, and they're always positive about every product. Don't trust them.
  2. I've been vaping for over a month now. In this time I've surprised myself in many ways. I have had my high and low points but I'm mainly happy that I completely stopped smoking.

    I've had 2 PV's in this month, and I bought a PT. I've also tried a few juice flavors and have tried out cartos and I have a LR atty in my kit.

    My overall experience with vaping has been extremely positive, and I would recommend vaping to anyone who wants to quit smoking. I can see the solution really works. However I do not think the technology is perfected.

    Let me explain:

    1. Juice prices for non US residents needs to come down in price. I live in Eastern Europe, around here analogs don't cost that much if you know where to find them. Juice bought locally is expensive, and when ordering from China, UK or US shipping costs are high. There is also a risk that your goods get stuck in customs. Juice alone can be quite a substantial monthly cost. Cutting or DIY is an option if you have the time.

    2. Every atty seems to be different to the next. I have a total of 5 Atties, and each one vapes completely differently to the next. Would be nice to see some standardization of atties.

    3. Cartos aren't all they're made out to be. They are convenient, but they get clogged quick and don't give as much TH as dripping.

    4. Cartridges tend to suck. Well its true, and blue foam / lipton tea mods prove this. Guys realized standard cartridges are not up to the task and found ways to improve them.

    5. Some PT's still have a battery between the power and the button. What is the point of having a PT? I like the idea of having power on tap without the use of a battery. Batteries are expensive and have a limited lifespan. When you add a battery to the PT, it defeats the point.

    6. Juice bottles, because of the way they're shaped tend to make getting the last 1ml out of the bottle very hard. I hate seeing that bit go to waste, but it seems the only sure way to get the juice out is to destroy the bottle.

    7. No mainstream and AFFORDABLE 5v PV exists. Please leave comments if this point is incorrect, but I've yet to find a 5V PV that is affordable and universal. What I really want to see on the market is a 5v Ego or the likes.

    8. There is no perfect way to vape, but the best way to vape is dripping. I've realised this, its the only sure way to get a good TH. And its the most affordable way. What I would like to see is the wetbox concept being introduced into cartridges. Until then nothing comes close to dripping.

    9. Its impossible to tell what a juice tastes like until you've ordered it. I would like to see recipes given unique identifier codes, and stored on a global e-cig site. This way manufactures can publish their codes, and distributors can include a unique recipe code on the product. This way you can be sure you get the same tasting juice each time and it doesn't matter who you order it from. At this stage I am not suggesting the recipe be open source, but it would be nice to have a list of all the ingredients published. This site would be the vaping equivalent of the W3C.

    I cant wait to see what the future delivers us. I think these first generation PV's will get you off smoking, but I think the vaping scene has huge room for improvements.

    Happy vaping and leave comments please!
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