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  1. Apple Sauce Chimp Blood

    6% Mango
    4% Pineapple
    2% Cinnamon Spice
    2% Ripe Banana

    COV4 Clone

    8% Double RY4 (TPA)
    2% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
    5% Butterscotch (TPA)
    2% Caramel Orig. (TPA)
    1% Vanilla Bourbon
    0.5 - 1% Peanut or Mixed Nuts (FA)
    1% Brown Sugar (TPA) optional

    Tribute Clone

    Pear 15%
    Lychee 4%
    Cinnamon 1%

    Absolute Pin clone

    12% Irish Cream
    8% Caramel Original
    4% absinthe
    2% Cinnamon Spice

    Bowden's Mate clone

    8% Peppermint
    6% French Vanilla
    4% Vanilla Swirl
    4% Double Chocolate
    2% Koolada

    Gambit clone

    10% Apple
    6% Juicey Peach
    5% French Vanilla
    3% Whipped Cream
    2% Pie Crust

    12% Capella's Apple Pie
    4% TFA Caramel Candy
    4% TFA Whipped Cream

    Grandmaster Clone

    6% Banana Cream
    6% Penut Butter
    4% Caramel Original
    2% English Toffee
    2% Vanilla Swirl
    2% Butter
    1% Ripe Banana

    Queenside Clone

    10% Orange Cream
    10% French Vanilla


    8% coconut
    6% roasted almond
    4% brown sugar
    2% Vanilla Swirl
    2% French vanilla
    2% Kentucky bourbon
    2% Red Oak
    1% Cherry Blossum
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  2. Has anyone tried to clone any of Vapetrik's juices. The Nana's Cream is amazing and I would like to get an opinion on what is used for the sweetner. Everything I mix regardless of the flavor comes out with a slight chemical taste. I really like the high VG mixes for dripping.[/QUOTE]
    I have not tried this but found it on reddit from a guy named mo_money_mo_.......

    Pear (TFA): 6%
    Strawberry Ripe (TFA): 5%
    Banana Ripe (TFA): 3% (@ 20 drops/ml)
    Banana Cream (TFA): 0.5% (@ 20 drops/ml)
    Honey Dew (TFA): 1%
    Juicy Peach (TFA): 0.5%
    Marshmallow (TFA): 1%
    Sweet Cream (TFA): 1%
    Sour (20% in PG) (TFA): 1%
  3. Frankenvape by The Standard. Enjoy!

    All flavors are FA (Flavor apprentice)

    1 part - Kiwi (double)
    1 part - Orange Cream
    1 part - Marshmallow
    1 part - Irish cream

    Personally I like to up the Kiwi to 2 parts... but its much more subtle in the standard version.[/QUOTE]
  4. White Rabbit recipe, I think it's pretty close. hope you like it, All are TFA except sweet cream is FA

    6% French vanilla
    6% Marshmallow
    4% whipped cream
    2% sweet Cream
    2% Coconut
  5. NLV Gold Clone

    7.5% Bavarian Cream (TFA)
    5%. RY4 Double (TFA)
    2.5% Carmel Candy (TFA)
    1.1% Butterscotch (FA)

    Steep time 2 weeks for the flavor to fully develop.

    It may not be perfect, but it's pretty darn close. Let me know what you think and if you make any changes.[/QUOTE]
  6. 3 clones for HALO fans! I should have remembered to post clones here; I've already posted these elsewhere on ECF.

    10% FW (Flavor West) Candy Cane
    2% TFA Caramel Cappuccino (don't skimp)

    12% FW (Flavor West) Pina Colada
    1% FA (Flavour Art) Jamaican Rum
    (if you like throat hit, try 2% Rum; I add a little Koolada, but it's a more accurate clone with 1% Rum and no Koolada)

    15% FW (Flavor West) Candy Cane
    1 drop Koolada for every 3 ml of finished mix

    If you try them, please post your impressions! I've made these by vaping my version side-by-side with actual Halo, and all have been excellent replacements for me.
  7. Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk Clone:
    Capellas Sweet Strawberry 10%
    Lorann Cheese Cake 5%
    Lorann Bavarian Cream 3%
    NF Organic Vanilla Cream 3%
    Capellas Vanilla Custard 2%

    To me, this tastes pretty spot on, you can add Flavor West Cake (Yellow) flavor but it REALLY funks up your coil fast!
  8. My take on Dragon's Blood:

    All flavors from TFA.

    Hot water bath and steeped for 72 hours with no lid and covered with a small piece of paper towel to reduce contaminants.

    Made a 3ml batch for testing, will probably make a larger batch later today.

    Base Mix
    PG - 20%
    VG - 80%
    Nicotine - 24mg

    Base - 79%
    Dragonfruit - 10%
    Strawberry - 4%
    Bavarian Cream - 2%
    Sweet Cream - 1%
    Vanilla Swirl - 3%
    Ethyl Maltol - 1%

    Comes out to 35/65 PG/VG; 18mg Nicotine.
  9. Casablanca is one of my favorite juices but it is so complex that I never imagined I would be able to recreate it. When I started DIY a couple weeks ago, I had my mind set on recreating some other adv's but assumed I would continue to buy Casa from BB. Imagine my joy and surprise then when my first flavoring order arrived and I found that Casablanca is essentially FA Desert Ship! I might not have the most discernible sense of taste but I swear this Desert Ship is spot on. So here's my simple recipe:

    Nicomixture of your choice (I use 50/50 at 12mg)
    FA Desert Ship 5%
    FA Cocoa 3% ?????Chocolate Fudge Brownie
    ACV 1%
  10. Pluid 12 mls 50/50 12mg.

    1.44 mls 12% Nic Juice 80/20 100mg 10%
    1.61 mls 13.42% PG
    5.71 mls 47.58% VG
    2.268 mls 18.9% Absinthe ( TFA )
    0.648 mls 5.4% Horehound ( EcX SS )
    0.192 mls 1.6% Smooth ( EcX SS ) not TFA
    0.129 mls 1.08% Orange ( FW )

    Steep 5-7 Days
    Add Green food color for authenticity.
  11. Dragons' Tear

    7 Leaves TB 5%
    Dragon Fruit 5%
    Blueberry 2.5%
    Bavarian Cream: 2.5%
    Sweet Raspberry: 5%
  12. This is a variation on a Str8 Snickerdoodle Cookie. I didn't have exactly what he had but the following works really well. Also, he has a Version 2. I tried to make it with the flavors I have but it didn't work out too well. This one is a good one.

    TFA Cinnamon Danish 8%
    TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie 6%
    FA Vanilla Tahity 2%
    TFA Sweet Cream 2%
    TFA Toasted Almond 1%

    My PG/VG ratio is either 70/30 or 60/40
  13. I only use FlavourArt Shade at about 8%. I make it 250ml at a time and add 1.5ml FA Vape Wizard and .5ml FA Black Fire (BBQ). Comes out as a very mild tobacco to me. That's the trouble with flavors; depends on the person. I tried all kinds of flavors but I am like you and did not want any sweetness in the mix. Just wanted an ADV that would replace smoking.
  14. I just made mine with kosher salt and dw :) (1/2 teaspoon/half cup - make sure there are no additives in the salt

    1/2 tsp salt ~3 grams. 1/2 cup water ~118 ml (118 grams). 3/118*100 = 2.5% saline.
    For .9% saline solution in 1/2 cup water you need 1.062 grams of salt or ~1/6 of a teaspoon. 1.062/118*100 = .9% saline.
    1/4 tsp salt in 3/4 cup of water is close @.86% saline. A touch under 3/4 cup of water to 1/4 tsp of salt should be close enough.

    Nothing wrong with 2.5%, you just have to keep that in mind when following recipes. Most recipes use the .9% saline.
  15. Fans of Castle Long Reserve or Gentleman's Reserve might be interested in my latest recipe. It was not designed as a clone, but it's a remarkably similar flavor profile.

    This is a balanced, complex blend of Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey and toasted macaroon. Jameson Black Barrel is generally described, "traditional notes of toasted wood, spice, and vanilla are enhanced by creamy, luscious touches of exotic fruit..." On inhale you get tongue-sweetness of spice as smooth whiskey builds. On exhale, whiskey blends with toasted nuts, then creamy vanilla and toasted nutty coconut. Succulent coconut is the final, lingering note. My recipe:

    1% FA Oak Wood
    1% FA Coconut
    0.5% FA Whiskey
    0.5% FA Brandy
    0.5% FA Vanilla Bourbon
    0.5% FA Vienna Cream
    0.5% FA Marzipan
    0.5% FA Cardamom
    0.5% TFA Brown Sugar

    Mix it well and let it rest at least one day before you try it - to let Whiskey smooth out. No need to wait any longer than a day or two.

    (NOTE: If you prefer very bold flavor, you can make this double strength, which also provides solid throat hit. I prefer milder, 5.5% total flavoring as written.)

    This recipe is all about balance and contrast. The whiskey balances the macaroon; oak wood balances richness; creamy vanilla balances toasted coconut, exotic spice balances brown sugar, and so on. Playing with your voltage provides variations, and it's great over a wide range of vaping power (no flavor here will 'burn' if you crank it up a bit).

    If you try it, I hope you'll leave a note here or on my blog to tell what you think of it. I'm certainly enjoying it.
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