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  1. i simplified my CL clone recipe this morning and concluding future effort to improve. i am thoroughly pleased with the end result and have no direction left to make it any better. all flavors are detectable and the best quality of each i have sourced. it will allow power to be applied without scorching. i am using a .9ohm nichrome/cotton build anywhere from 9-20 watts. i like the 12-15 range best for my current 10mg/ml nic app. i will be lowering to 6mg/ml when my new dna30 devices arrive. one contains a new chip that isn't really dna 30 will go to 50 watts and fire down to .2ohm. don't know i will ever go that low but it will be fun to play with. plan to try g-plat wire in three larger gauges when i get the courage to pull that trigger. it's a tad pricey. hopefully that will conclude my vape spending for the rest of the year. i dove into the deep end my first seven months and have spent over $2500. analog cost would have been $2100 so i don't feel at all bad about the money. physically, i feel great. my doctor commented on how clear my lungs sounded on my recent visit. i requested he take blood to measure iron content since i switched to nichrome. i have too many red blood cells and restrict red meat consumption. no cast iron cookware or kanthal (25% iron). vitamin c facilitates the absorbtion of iron so it also is restricted. i am nearly down to a normal level now. i have only been using nichrome around a couple months and i expect my condition will continue to improve. the spring/well water in our area is the major source of iron i still receive. enough about me, here is the recipe in parts and % for the mathematicians.


    4 parts 3.1% KY BOURBON TFA
    3 parts 2.3% COCONUT FA
    1 part .77% BROWN SUGAR EXTRA TFA

    percentages are slightly rounded

    i have to say this recipe belongs to the many contributions/comments made by members and is now here for anyone to enjoy. my diy experience and knowledge are greatly improved as a result. i now know my cardamon from my marzipam and have a great source for supplies. anyone curious about heating a finished juice should take a look at mike petro's blog on the degradation of nicotine using a crock pot. while it still needs more testing, the initial results are enough for me to not go there. i find a kayfun heats the liquid enough in the tank to improve flavor with no loss of nic. my uc provides some warmth from molecular friction. i see no need to uc finished juice more than three 8 min. cycles. some tobacco enthusiasts will uc many cycles for days. once is probably enough. welcome to the forum, the house of subjectivity.

    headinclouds recipe led me to FA and another great ADV. marzipam and oakwood could possibly find their way into cl clone. amanda and others led me away from AP and additional coconut. curly sent me to bull city and suggested capellas for a better coconut which is excellent but FA won the aroma contest. i did get an awesome vanilla and their toasted almond is a winner. finally, phoneguy started the thread and sparked my interest. happy vaping, thank you forum

    manzinny are you feeling lucky? flowerpots thank you too![/QUOTE]
  2. I just came across this in a much older thread, it is just called "Crunch Berries" so the Capt Crunch search didn't yield it.

    3% TFA Raspberry
    4% TFA Blueberry
    4% TFA Strawberry
    2% TFA Malted Milk (not needed but does help)
    6% FA Cookie
  3. All TFA ingrediants
    York Peppermint Patty
    Peppermint 10%
    Double Chocolate 5 %
    Coconut 2 %
    Sweet cream 3 %
    Koolada 1 %
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