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  1. This was my first Pv purchase, it's actually a decent PV, although I am not fond of the "auto" battery, the device still pulls a nice vapor. Batteries last quite some time, and recharge in about the same as the 510 , an hour or so.

    Haven't lost the original atty either, still going strong, in fact , it seems to produce more vapor then it did when it was new.
  2. Iv'e owned a couple of them for more them a month of this posting. This was my second purchase, seemed at the time to be one of the most popular PV's out there, as well reasonably priced.

    As of this date, I haven't had any atty's go south, but the batteries are suffering. The last for less and less time , all the time. I should get a passthrough, just haven't , but this is where I am headed, as I spend all day in front of this computer.
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