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  1. So atm I'm hitting a stillaire clone on my manhattan clone. I think I'm finally deciding there's no reason to go really low for clouds. I'm chucking the clouds on a single micro/nano coil .9. I think I don't like hot vapes, plus the dubious pg/vg heating up transforming into something. On the DIY juice tip, I'm finally mailing out my first juice!
  2. So over the summer I've been getting lazy trying to make juices etc. I really haven't come up but two new juices. One is based on almond joy and the other is inspired by 5 pawns caste long. I'm not going for a clone but I've had this toasted almond forever and figured perhaps I should finally use it. I also have this orange cream that I've no idea what to do with it. In that same category is Whipped cream though I think I know how i will go about that one seems straightforward. I've still wanted to find something good to put graham cracker in as well. If anyone actually happens to read this please shoot me some ideas.
  3. So, I've finally started getting some really good juices. I'm starting a "juice line". (It's not really for sale more of a project.) Violence line, all fruit inspired sweet juices with names like Killer Orange (K.O.), peach scream, strawberry slam, Me vs. You, etc. I'm finding that I prefer juices that are at least somewhat complex in flavor with a rounded body. So lots of creams and fruits, working on adding "hints" of other flavors. Also, trying to work in things that I've never really used or ordered too much of.

    Techniques I'm learning:
    1) for a specific fruit flavor I'm using half and half. So 1/2 half TFA strawberry and 1/2 ripe strawberry for whatever given percent of that fruit the recipe calls for.

    2) sweetening without using sucralose. I've found that sucralose really gunks up coils quickly and even more than 2 drops per 10mls is too much after steeping. So, I'm trying using custards, marshmallow, sweet cream and EM to do that.

    3) using less of each flavorant, but more flavors, in the hopes of adding "notes" to the overall flavor.
  4. Evidently, these have had fewer and fewer attendees since my last review. Yesterday there were maybe 30 people in attendance. I know of one vape shop that won't even go due to low attendance. Also, last weekend the weather was bad so it got canceled. I think perhaps a lack of interest or on the part of organizers that these last 2 or 3 had been less than thrilling. I went to a scenic city vape meet that was quite good. About 600 people, and they had P. Busardo in attendance which was one of the reason I drove down there.

    Reflecting on the matter, I can't quite pinpoint exactly why the Nashville Vape meets aren't quite a hit. I think that part of it could be the people organizing it don't have the connections to big name people or place to interest people into coming. Secondly, a thought that I had was that maybe meeting every month isn't such a great idea. I mean every meet has the same vendor who I could just go visit if I wanted.

    Perhaps a meet once every 2-3 months could work but really working hard to promote those and make them a big deal rather than meeting in a dive bar. Lastly, you got to have a number of people who know about the group on Facebook, and who care enough to even show up. I only found out about it from a guy works at Saffire Vapor, Rick, probably the only one there who knows much of anything about the product that company sells.

    Nonetheless, I enjoyed going to the meet yesterday, and on some level I actually liked the smaller more personal atmosphere. A comment was made on the group's page saying without the vendors we have no meet. IMO that's ... backwards. Without people, there is no meet. Vendors come to make money, vapers come to have fun and talk vape. Personally, I rarely if ever buy anything at vape meets because vendors rarely have juices that I can't make (plus I don't care to pay out the ... for juice), and they rarely sells quality products. Granted I have almost everything I could want.

    Final note : While I don't intend to hate on people trying to organize these events, I have sent a message to them volunteering to help with no reply, I feel some constructive criticism is always valid and useful,
  5. So far, I've been using e juice me up recipes and ones I find online. Often I will slightly tweek them to kind of make them mine so to speak. I've found trying to just create a juice from scratch is like re inventing the wheel. So far my juices that have been successful is a variation on red vs. blue, orange cream (still need a name for this one), and a strawberry cream. Those have been the ones I've really enjoyed as an ADV. At meet people seem to like them. I've done a coffee extract that has also been popular. Perhaps the next meet I go to I'll make like 30 mls of it or something. I'm still waiting on my Grant's Vanilla Custard clone recipe to steep. Evidently, it's fickle. Needs up to 3 weeks of steeping until it turns orange. I vaped it last night and it was awful tasting. Weirdly, my orange cream was clear when I made it and now its orange colored after a week of steeping. All my juices steep in my closet, which does get a slight bit of light since I can't close my door, but I doubt there's any serious sunlight getting in there.

    How do you go about creating a new juice? Is it from a reference point or just off the top of your head?:vapor:
  6. So, I've had a few successful juices, and tons of ideas that initially are good, but I'm looking at some tweeks I think will end up even better. It's nice to not have to worry about going to stores to buy juice. Funny, some of the flavors I got were exactly like store juices. The B&Ms didn't even tweek them, they are exactly the same straight out of the bottles.
  7. Built it, wrong. Fixed the center pin issue....AMAZING! So, got it and 30 ft of 28g kanthal for 99bucks. I won't say that it is in any way a "deal". For 100 bucks it should vape well, and boy is the flavor there. So, I settled on a 2ohm coil so I could use it on regulated mods. But man the flavor is excellent. Idk what about the physics of the air flow or whatever is causing it, but the vapor is dense, and flavorful.

    I'm sure most have seen the reviews etc. I'd never really bought any expensive atty of any type, so for me this is just amazing. To this point I have only ever owned clones or standard kanger t3s/evods or vivi novas. The pre built atty's were great til like a day or so of heavy vaping then they just lost the flavor. I did get great performance from a sub ohm nimbus clone, but the constant redripping. :(

    I have only come across one video on youtube from a guy in France who didn't recommend this.

    My advice: if you decide you're serious about vaping and want that quality, spend the money. Dont wait and try out tons of things. I just wasted my money there. Get something nice. Get a kayfun, aqua or one of those nice expensive atty tanks. It really makes difference.

    If you decide on the Russian 91%, first thing, fix the center pin immediately. Danger can ensue. I didn't and it shorted on a unregulated mod, luckily I was using a 30 a battery. After that, get your coil right and man... enough said.
  8. Went to the Nashville vape meet last night. Picked up a sony 30a battery for 10 bucks, and a sigelei white dragon mod for 35 that came with some nice juice. Overall, it was cool, I wished there could have been more hardware as I was in the market for a nice atty tank. I just ordered a Russian 91%. Hoping it will be as good as I'm reading. At the meet were several local vape stores. The guys from Urban Vapes in Murfreesboro were there giving out free samples, but unfortunately they didn't get a booth. :(
    Sadly, much of the Eliquid I tried was just ok. There was someplace in Hendersonville that had truly exceptional juice but they were charging like 12 buck for 10ml. Ahhh, that'd be a no. One of the vendor was funny. He was selling stuff for 4-5 bucks more than another guy selling the same stuff across theroom. Evidently, one was a wholeseller supplying the ther side of the room. Thought the pricey was a bit...ummm sleasy. I asked for prices and he seemed to be thinking about it. I was thinking this dude is just making up prices like he might quote someone else a different price. lol.

    Pros: Fun trying out new liquids and getting to geek out with friends and new acquiantances.

    Cons: Lack of variety, lots of cheap products (like the sigelei i bought lol)

    Final thoughts: I'm glad more and more people are vaping. I'm waiting to start seeing a middle ground between chinese knock offs and elite small batch producers. Example, nimbus clone = 20-35$ real nimbus = 85$ whhy is there not say a 50$ rda that has a difference in performance?
  9. Received my ohm meter in the mail today. I'm excited about putting it together. I thought I already had all the needed tools, but evidently I need rosin core solder and not acid core which I already had. My only complaint so far is that I needed to get online to view the instructions. Wish they would have at least put them in with the meter kit. oh well, that shouldn't be an issue to go pick some up.
  10. So built nimbus clone with dual 28awg kanthal 4 wraps. Since I've not received my ohm meter, I'm not sure, but suspect it is sub ohm. I do have a 30a battery that i bought just for this purpose. I put the little kamry fuse on it and its funny. Ofc it kills after like 2 secs. Anyways, as usual doing stupid stuff. That being the case I've worked out that I would have to really try to build a coil that would exceed the battery's amp limit. Think the atty res would have to be .14 to exceed the battery's amp load.

    the battery
    [h=1]SONY VTC4 18650 Flat top Battery 30 Amp[/h]
    the mod k100 plus
  11. So far so good. I think the top of the shell will need to be drilled out for mad clouds. Not that I'm to that point yet. I'm finding running in single coil mode hits kinda strangely. Like its a bit hot. Perhaps my coil's diameter id a little large. Thinking the smaller diameters are going to be better.
  12. Recently picked up an omega clone RDA. Initially, at the shop it looked great and just like the real one. Seeing as I had some luck with the nimbus clone, thought I'd give it a try. Wrapped up a perfect coil, and awful. Just awful. So, just drilled the pan holes to match up with the outer holes. Now I'm about to try the left handed coils to match the holes as I've described in my post. Results very soon.
  13. Recently picked up an omega clone RDA. Initially, at the shop it looked great and just like the real one. Seeing as I had some luck with the nimbus clone, thought I'd give it a try. Wrapped up a perfect coil, and awful. Just awful. So, just drilled the pan holes to match up with the outer holes. Now I'm about to try the left handed coils to match the holes as I've described in my post. Results very soon.
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