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  1. Ok, got my order in for a Darwin this morning before they ran out. YYYYAAAA. That is one thing off of my wish list.

    Still wishing for a VV Saber Touch and will add a Provari VV.

    I'm also going to order a gooseneck attachment for my Darwin. Don't want juice to get into the atty connection.

  2. More specifically, college algebra.....AAAHHHHH I HATE COLLEGE ALGEBRA. Other than that I am still chasing my tail to keep up with my work....and coming very close to failing on it.

    I need a break....or maybe a fantasy vacation and a fantasy pv to go with it.

  3. Ok, so for 2 days now pain levels have been at their highest than they have been for a long time. Yesterday, to add to my fibro pain, my carpal tunnel syndrome decided to flare on me. My past history tells me that this is not a good will get worse before it gets better.

    Today I have made the decision to step down from the one elective class that I wanted to take aside of my core classes. This really ticks me off because my natural instinct is to bull head my way through it...unfortunately, I don't think that will work this time with all the other stuff that has happened already.:(

  4. So far the end of last year and the beginning of this year has been a real bummer for me. We lost my mother on Dec 8, and if that is not bad enough, it is also the same day as my hubby's birthday.

    This has prompted me to put together a wish list to perhaps give me some direction for future purchases.

    So here it is:
    Darwin pv
    5v Regulated Saber Touch (black stardust color)
    2 new sets of inferno batteries
    4 easy maintenance Map tanks
    Darwin, Saber Touch, and Map tanks---all with 510 threading
    Extra set of batts with charger for the Saber Touch.

    As I aquire these new batteries and pvs, my current spare batteries will go to my friend who is quitting smoking for vaping.
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