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  1. Been realizing that I've come to a point where the gear is set. That
    means I'm not really seeing much "new" gear which tickles a fancy.
    Might buy another Reo grand clone, maybe one or two more Pico Squeezes.
    Not sure if I want any more Coppervape mods or not. I might consider a
    nicely done single cell 18650 regulated squonker mod. It'll really need
    to woo me over though.

    As far as RDAS, well another Chinese NaRDA clone or two maybe, might get
    another Gorge. Not sure I want any more Wasp Nanos or not. I've not seen
    much of any other RDA or RTA which look decent imho & I'm for sure not
    going back to clear-o-mizers.

    Juice? I'll probably stick to an unflavored max vg base with 18mg/ml
    nicotine. I've fallen away from enjoying flavored juices. That's not to say
    I might not pick up some flavored stuff now and again, dilute it with my
    base. I might do that but think my staple juice will be unflavored.

    Reckon I'm not one for fashion or trends. That's alright though, my wife
    is a classic like me. We manage fine. :)
  2. Kit

    My current kit list. Thought it would be good as a link to a reference for folks. This way I only use one link in the signature line, yet still, convey the information.

    A piece of opinion here regarding clones or styled after original works, I do not consider it theft to use these. I consider it making economic sense. Some of the authentic mods run $100 +, I'm not a currency producing tree ergo I'll use products styled after original works as they are affordable.

    Mod: Coppervape BF 18650 Mechanical Mod (Also have one of the Brass ones.)

    GOON Styled RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer x2
    NarDA Styled RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    Velocity V2 Styled RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    Velocity V2 Styled RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    Authentic ADVKEN Gorge RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

    I also have a small cache of various RDA parts and few RDA that seem to remain out use cycles. There's also some old ARO, T-Dux clearomizers stashed away. Presently, I am enjoying being a squonk-a-holic. :)

    I do use some authentic gear as can be noted. This gear is affordable and durable in my view. If makers can make the products for lower retail without sacrificing quality, it would be nice to always buy authentic. Until then, ...

    Tue 02 Oct 2018 03:18:03 EDT

    Updating here a little. Still got all the extras but am finding myself stuck on the Gorge & Wasp Nano RDAs.
    Using my brass CopperVape presently. Thinking about buying some type of regulated squonk, although I might stick with a mech, looking at the regulated prices is scary.

    Please see this at My Yellow Pad.

    ======== Liter Math

    For anyone who wants the easy math to determine how long a liter would last, here it is:

    mls per day x strength = Y
    1 liter of 100mg strength = 100,000 mgs

    100,000 / Y / 365 = # of years a liter will last (assuming you never change your strength or amount per day of course)

    For me I'm 3mls/day @ 6mg strength = 18mgs per day. 1 liter is 5,555 days worth or 15 years. $25 for a 15 year insurance policy seems like a smoking...or should I say vaping deal!

    Mr. Morely uses 2mls/day @ 18mg strength = 36mgs per day. 100,000mgs / 36mgs / 365 = ~7.5 years (It is a little over that, Mr. Morely is rounding down to be conservative. He got 7.61 years.)


    ======================== Batteries

    Only buy batteries from a reputable supplier (not ebay or Amazon) as there are many counterfeit batteries being sold. Here are several reputable battery suppliers in the US.

    RTD Vapor - Authentic AW Batteries - RTD Vapor

    Illumination Supply - - Flashlights, Batteries, Carry Gear, Intelligent LED Lighting, and More!

    Orbtronics - 18650 Batteries | Rechargeable Li-ion | Battery Chargers

    IMR Batteries - Earth's #1 source for IMR 18650 Batteries, Chargers, Cases & Wraps |

    Liion Wholesale - Liion Wholesale Batteries | Li-ion battery distributor

    ======================== RESISTANCE WIRE

    Buy quality resistance wire from reputable supplier/s only.

    TEMCo Tower Electronics Manufacturing Company

    Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire
    < Resistance Wire >

    Commonly Used Spools
    ( Items marked with a * are 100 foot spools. )

    24ga < Kanthal Wire 24 Gauge RW0249 - 50 FT 0.79oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

    26ga < Kanthal Wire 26 Gauge RW0158 - 50 FT 0.49oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

    28ga < Kanthal Wire 28 Gauge RW0117 - 50 FT 0.31oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

    30ga < Kanthal Wire 30 Gauge RW0106 - 50 FT 0.19oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

    *32ga < Kanthal Wire 32 Gauge RW0097 - 100 FT 0.25oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

    *34ga < Kanthal Wire 34 Gauge RW0075 - 100 FT 0.15oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

    ======================== FLAVORS

    TFA < Perfumer's Apprentice >

    RTS Vapes < Liquid Food Flavoring & Flavor Concentrate by Flavor Apprentice | E-Liquid Flavoring >

    Flavorah < All Vaping Flavors >

    Lorann < Homepage 2 >

    DIY Vape Flavors < DIY Vape Flavors >

    ======================== NICOTINE

    Wizard Labs < Search - nicotine >

    Nude Nicotine < Nude Nicotine - Chemically Validated and Artfully Concocted Electronic Cigarette Liquid >

    RTS Vapes < Liquid Nicotine >
  4. Recently got into squonking. - Shortened URL is the kit I bought to start. It my first in using a mechanical mod. It is also the first I have had need of building coils for a deck. I am also having first use of rayon as wick material. My wife located - Shortened URL for me to try the rayon before committing to a larger stash of it. May still dabble with - Shortened URL but do think rayon will displace it as my favored wicking material.

    I am enjoying the starting kit well enough. It does incline me to continue enjoying squonking over using the evod tanks. I actually enjoy building the coils. The taste of vape is a lot better as well. I am in need of dropping my nicotine level for squonking or dripping. At 18mg I'm finding myself vaping out rather soon. I get the niccups. :) Eventually may move to a different kit/s for squonking. Think squonking will stay though.
  5. Originally called the recipe below simply melon berry. I am going to rename it now to Strawberry Shine. It will now become one I will seek to keep on hand, along with Hawk Sauce. In fact it may even replace Hawk Sauce, as an ADV.

    Strawberry Shine

    Strawberry 5%
    Watermelon 3%
    Extreme Ice .5%

    Far as I know, all flavors are TFA. I am using VG based nicotine at
    1.8mg per 1ml. The base is a rough 50%50% blend. After setting a few
    weeks this stuff is delicious. Left the cap on and did not let it

    Please feel free to use the recipe if you like. :) I welcome recipe
  6. Have a 2.3ohm coil in a T-Dux 3.0 tank. This is soaking up Whiskey Bent juice at 12mg per ml. I am hitting it at around 10.5 P. according to the mod's read out. Looking at a handy wallpaper with the formulas of Ohm, I see the 10.5 is more likely actually 9.2 P. P = E(sq)/R is the formula I used.

    Now, awaiting the whole fracking drama to ensue from sister in law over the OMFG! IT"S A BLIZZARD. Two foot of snow expected in our area. Not greatly concerned over it myself. Recall weathering through storms what dumped 5 to 7 feet of snow in VA. Her sister though, pure absolute drama queen.

    Me and wife are looking for something at least modestly nice, in a 30 to 50k range, with at least more than one acre of land. We've found a few prospects. There's one with 12 acres and nothing but an off grid hunting cabin. I'd love it for the room for the dogs. She points out, we'd need to dig a well, get electric set up, set up sewage. Ultimately that would be too much for us merely starting a nest, she says. She also points out a ready to move in double wide, on 4 acres, with a hog pen & chicken house.

    Need to figure out what the local agriculture extension office can offer as help. We're hoping the first home owner loans are suitable for us. I would be on the property as a homesteader, full time, or at least as full time as I could do. I watch a good buddy, jnull0, on Youtube. He doesn't exactly make things look easy. He does though convey things in a way that's understandable. I would be honored to walk beside him as a fellow homesteader.

    She would continue working outside the homestead. Both of us would pool resources and be able to manage fair enough I believe. We just need a clear opening and good foundation to start on. We need our own d___ place, soon. Her sister is driving us both squirrel poop nutty in very bad ways. Had we known they were to be living here as well, we maybe could have stayed in VA. Oh well, life ... it keeps going.
  7. On the 16 th of this month I happened to have been at father-in-law's house. I had laundry to do and also took in a few wheelbarrow loads of firewood to the porch. As life and happenstance often do, a curve ball came whizzing by. I had left my vaping gear up here at the house.

    Asked him to bum one of his cowboy killers. I stepped outside after getting it lit. It was a crisp and cool morning. Still, figured I'd like being outside with a smoke instead of indoors. I got a terrifying shock in a way. No more than two drags into the cigarette and I had to stop.

    It tasted like pure manure to me. I could feel my body heaving against the thing as well. My hand physically withdrew with the cigarette. I snuffed it out carefully & took it back in and passed it back to her dad. I can no longer smoke cigarettes. My body refuses to let me.

    This is terrifying in the same sense of nerve damage causing me to punch myself. "Oh wow, I'm not in full on control of my body, great joy."" On the other hand, I'm glad my body is compelled to avoid cigarettes. As a bit of a treat, let myself ask her bro-in-law to help me mix something up.

    He has a recipe using some RY flavor. I like that flavor but it seems to linger too much for my wife. I tweaked his recipe a bit, adding 3% menthol. As an added bonus I got to see him choke and gag. He suggested trying it at .5% menthol instead. I told him I was fine with the 3%, and I am. I may agree later on if I have this mixed again, to drop to 1% though. It does seem to overpower the rest of the flavoring.

    If naught else, may add a bit here and there to other flavors.
  8. Modest & Simple Vaping

    Suffice it to say I got started vaping using cig-a-likes, Enojy & Blu
    types. The Enjoy may have been a bit more affordable. Still both
    products seemed to bind me as a consumer to their product line.

    And that product line did not suit me well enough. The battery life was
    meant for someone who smoked lightly at best. I had been smoking near
    thirty years and was essentially up to smoking a PAD ( pack a day ).
    That is if my wife did not chide me.

    My wife soon looked into second and third generation vaping gear. She
    found me a couple eGo twist variable voltage batteries and a few RGM2
    tanks. These seemed to work a lot better than the cig-a-likes. The
    batteries were 1100mAh which meant I could vape near all day.

    I have tried a rebuild tank in the RSST. I enjoy it but at the same time
    can easily see how it could be a hassle. I've noticed in vaping about
    two years now, SmokTech keeps improving on a very simple concept. It
    seems they have used the RGM2 tanks as a springboard.

    I've vaped the ARO tanks and liked them fine. I am now using the T-Dux
    3.0 tanks, like them fine. Both tanks are very similar in design to the
    RGM2 tanks. They are what is called Evod style tanks. I tried the T-Dux
    4.0 and am finding a lack of air flow control an issue.

    The Evod type of tanks by SmokTech 'just work'. I do not worry about
    leaks unless I've used a particular tank for over six months or so. By
    that time, the juices I use have started degrading the epoxy used inside
    to hold the Pyrex tanks in place. Not sure how SmokTech could improve
    upon that issue, unless they supplied o-rings and made the tanks
    accessible for o-ring replacement.

    Of course, SmokTech could tell you to go buy a ProTank if that was what
    you desired. That is a fair point too, yet I do not desire a Protank. I
    would rather stay with their wonderful evod style tanks. I have not
    tried their Micro core tanks yet, do expect them to 'just work' as well.
    I like these kind of tanks for that 'just works' usability. There will
    be other new vapers who do as well.

    This post is not a proposal or anything akin to that. It is just me, a
    vaper saying I like a style of tank. I see this style of tank working
    and 'doing what it says on the tin'. For the price these tanks fetch at
    retailers, it's clear to see why retailers push vapers to buy other

    If it is affordable, durable, works is there need for vapers to
    buy other gear? That's a rhetorical question, each vaper has to answer
    for themselves. To me it seems kind of silly to pay $20+ for super duper
    high end tanks, when a good modest one does most of the same thing the
    high end ones do.

    And I'm sure SmokTech as a company does monitor customer views. They
    also implement product based on those views. I have seen as much in
    seeing the Micro Coil tanks being brought out. I had suggested the ARO
    get upgraded with air flow control. The Micro coil tanks have air flow

    Now, I know my simple and humble suggestion was not the
    deciding factor in the micro coil tank design. But it does suggest that
    at least my view was noted somewhere within SmokTech the company, or
    that it was already planned. Either way, it reveals innovation from
    SmokTech, while also revealing they are in no hurry to fix what works.

    I very much like this as a consumer. It is simple and modest.
  9. Made it through last month without a single cigarette. Let me repeat, I made it through last month without a single cigarette. I now vape only. Feel all the better for it, too. Now, to weening myself down on the nicotine, if I can.
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  10. Have written here about a friend loaning me his old RSST RBA. We had both checked it out and could not determine what errors were going on with it. This afternoon, I took it back out and jiggled round with the coil and center post a little. It is still a bit persnickety but it works now.

    Well, this evening my friend surprised me. He told me the RSST was mine to keep, Merry Christmas. :) In a way kind of suspected it was coming. He had said before I could use it as long as needed. Think he is happier with tanks all around.

    I too enjoy the tanks, but can appreciate the simpleness of the RSST. Looked a little bit ago, figure I'll spend ~$20 - $25 to get a small modest rebuilding kit for it. That gets me a 25ft spool of each, 28 & 30 ga. Kanthal A1, 1ft of Redi-X-Wick, a cheap coil jig tool. Figure I'll build coils with a 3mm inner diameter as the wick is 2.77mm. That may help me over my least favored part, wicking the dang coils.
  11. Re: Smok T-Dux series--why is it not popular

    Dislike being a me too, although I agree that lacking air flow control seems a consistent issue for Smok. Think the T-Dux 4.0 would be elevated to great status if it had air flow control. Maybe Smok's users ought to ask for a suggestion thread here at ECF.
  12. Today I kept getting check atomizer to light up. I was using the RSST
    with a 1 ohm coil a friend had built. Today was not the first but it was
    the last, I decided.

    Out to his kit I walked. I stripped of the coil he built. Then I used a
    wide bore needle from a syringe to wrap three to four wraps.

    The first coil read fairly close to 1 ohm, .96 I think. Then, I had big
    trouble in wicking it with Eko wool. The coil got all foul.

    I stripped it off and built a second. It read in at .94 to .96 ohms. My
    friend then later wicked it for me. He jimmied the coil a bit. I had one
    wrap really way too tight, left long lags off the screws.

    He trimmed it up and the coil ultimately settled on .96 ohms. I
    apologized for not getting a 1 ohm coil. He chuckled, "so you're sub
    ohming a bit." I agreed and told him I recalled that being responsible,
    I was still safe due to being above .6 ohms.
  13. T-Dux 4.0 going through coils

    Have a friend who has taken these coils apart and rebuilds them. He suggests using care when removing the metal housing. You need to pull it straight off to avoid cracking the ceramic cup. He rebuilt one as a single coil and then did one as a dual coil. I used them fine after the rebuilds.

    I too note gurgling in T-Dux 4. I'm using it on X-Pro M22 box mod, in mechanical mode. I had been using it in watt mode at around 7 watts. The gurgle does not seem to hinder flavor, output. It is kind of annoying though. I cleaned out the chimney and reset the coil into the base. Not sure why it is still gurgling.
  14. Friend today let me borrow his RSST. He wrapped a ~1ohm build 28ga Kanthal coil round some Ready-X wick on the deck. I'm hitting on Hell Bent flavor juice at 6mg nicotine. I'm using the MVP 2 to push it at 10W.

    Now, I know I will be buying an RSST for myself. Friend has said I may use his as long as desired. That noted, I will want my own.

    I may also look at buying some of the gear Super X suggests. Like the idea of consistent coils created with the gizmo. Imho, the Ready-X wick works and can be 'burnt' clean with a lighter. Do not think I'll try the mesh.

    I am surprised at the warmth not being the 'burn your lungs out' kind. This makes me happy. :) I enjoy the warmth of the vape off the RSST.
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