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  1. Saw this while surfing the forum a bit. Have a friend who does rebuilds of evod style coils. The video in this thread has now inspired me to look further into RDA or RBAs. The instruction in the video is very clear, direct and flows easily. My friend in teaching me to rebuild coils for whatever reason, I find lacks being a teacher. It may be me too. I needed someone different demonstrating at any given. Super X, Russ does a really good job. Thank you. :)

    Also want to thank Twisted420 for a Youtube video on the Smok RSST. I also now see that a dual version of this available. Thinking I may wind up with either of these in my collection too. Twisted showed how to deal with the mesh really well. My mate Todd also did a Youtube video on the RSST. Between both of these videos a valid argument for the tank is presented to a fumbling newbie like me.

    Currently, I am very happy with the Smok T-Dux 4 tank on a Smok X-Pro M22. It vapes similar to what I see of the RSST doing and I'm using a dual set-up which nets ~2.3-2.5ohm, I'm firing at ~6.5-7W. So why buy yet another kit? *chuckles* Well, I see how there is enjoyment, satisfaction in doing up your own coils. I see how its said these coils you make can last a few months. I see the savings aspect too. Also see folks saying these type of kits offer better flavor.

    Not really into chasing clouds. I may want more flavor though, and maybe better 'even flow' with the nicotine. Presently in T-D 4 I have a 6mg per ml nicotine juice. I am used to hitting on an 18mg juice. If I can reduce the nicotine, all the better, even knowing it is not as hazardous as some suggest. I enjoy the nicotine. It offers me a bit of bio-chemical stability. Yep, have heard it's all in my head. *chuckles* To a degree it might be, but not going to zero nicotine too quickly.

    I keep being amazed by the information and clear instruction presented by folks. So, I say thank you to them all. It is nice to feel welcomed into something which seems to be altering culture in a peaceful manner. Very glad Big Tobacco is not gaining a lot of funding from me any more. Yes, I do stumble at times and smoke a tobacco cigarette. What I get left with is "hey, that's why I don't smoke them any more". The nicotine from them is amped so high with all the other chemicals it hammers you, then you instantly crash and crave more.

    I can vape a little, set a mod aside, come back anytime and vape a little more. I don't have crashes. I can feel a gradual 'ease off' in the nicotine in my body. Then, I go vape a bit, set it down again. :) All in, I enjoy vaping. I no longer really enjoy using tobacco. My stumbles are just that, stumbles.
  2. Great news today. Last week I had am analog cigarette. It had been the first in a month. Decided it was going to be the last as well. :)

    Finding my body adjusting to not being so full of harsh chemicals. I drink a lot of water, water based fruit juices, decaf teas now. Soda consumption has dropped off as well, to a couple of 24oz Ohana. Also eating a lot more veggies, fiber, high carbs.

    Not sure if it is vaping related or not. I am feeling a bit of relief from arthritis and nerve pain. Still hurt but not as bad. All in seems I'm doing alright vaping. Go me, get my vape going. Yay.

    Wed 18 Nov 2015 04:57:25 AM EST - Updating

    Had an analog on the 13th or 14th. Not sure why I did. I know that stumbling is part of the process. Also know excuses are just that, excuses. Someone pointed out it is better to look at it from the positive angle. From then until now, no analogs. :)
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  3. Please understand what I am expressing here is not disparaging toward
    vaping. What I am going to express is difficult to explain save to say
    this is how I am by nature. Without further ado here goes.

    "I vape, so what?"

    I feel the same regarding using Gnu/Linux as well.

    "I use Linux, so what?"

    There are other aspects of existence which I have the same feeling
    about. Some are a bit more personal than others. The point being I wind
    up out in left field and wondering, wandering.

    This for me is not exactly indifference or apathy. Rather, I merely see
    spades as spades. I accept the basic premise that, "it is what it is". I
    also accept the premise and philosophy of "live and let live".

    This I do without a sense of needing or wanting an award. I simply live
    life and figure it is how most everyone lives as well. That noted I
    often seem withdrawn from social activity.

    "Well, it is what is and most people seem to comprehend that and live
    like I do. Guess there's no need or merit to really chewing the fat over
    it", goes my line of thought. Then, I also feel the question creep up.

    "Yeah? So what?"

    And what I see is polarization. You can either be entrenched in bull
    dung political zealotry or you're deemed a waste. Sorry, I'm not really
    in either of those camps. I am just me. You are you. It is fine that I
    am me, you are you. The world does not end if I'm not you or you me.

    Yet stupidity persists and it seems you're forced, "take a stand or be
    useless". "Hey bub, newsflash for ya! I'm a non-conformist and so here's
    my stand. *flipping up middle finger* You have a nice day. I'll be on my
    merry, now. Thanks."

    Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition either. It seems moderation
    crept up like the Inquisition did, and moderation is to be avoided like
    the Black Death. "Moderation. It works for me." Still it seems difficult
    for folks to fathom someone being moderate but not exactly mediocre.
    Guess that is why it is called moderate, one can play the extremes
    against each other.

    Or, maybe, just maybe ... I have become Borg. There's a thought for you.
    Hehe Muhahaha Hahahamu!
  4. Here's my current kit.

    Batteries: Innokin MVP 2 VV/VW, Innokin Itaste V3 VV, Ego V VV (in disuse but a backup)

    SmokTech ARO Pyrex (favored tank), KangerTech AeroTank w/ Stainless Tube replacement, Airflow Control (fallen to disuse)

    Heads: SmokTech stock 1.8, 2.4oHm, or reconditioned coils w/ RediX wick at same oHms (single coils, easily reconditioned/rebuilt, affordable at about a buck a head - didn't notice much difference in using dual coils)

    Thoughts / Notes:

    I may consider trading out the AeroTank. Also have base pieces for an Iclear 30. I will not ever use polycarbonate or plastic tanks again. I prefer metal and Pyrex. A good start for trading may be 4 SmokTech ARO tanks. They are affordable per each unit at around $5 each.

    You may also consider getting me 3/4 5pks of heads. They too run around $5 each package. I would accept either, or but expect neither. If you get the tanks, black or blue are colors I prefer. The heads I like are between 1.8 - 2.4 oHms, can recondition them if need be though.

    Again, merely thoughts here. If nothing else the AeroTank can serve me as a backup tank. Not like it eats anything while collecting dust. *chuckles*

    Think I have fairly well reached the point of having what works and suits me regarding hardware. Now, I can enjoy Hawk Sauce as my go to juice and explore different flavors from time to time. Need to find at least two more flavors I enjoy, at least half as much as the Sauce. No, they don't need to be menthol, or even blueberry.
  5. Told a friend about having only one cigarette in two weeks. He chuckled
    and said he hoped it made me sick. I chuckled too and told him it about
    half did, and it did.

    Realizing for myself that physically, I no longer crave cigarettes.
    Think I'm breaking the addiction to the chemicals used in them to addict
    folks. Have a mild sense of something looming, possibly the vapor's flu
    coming on.

    Not too concerned if I do get sick, in not having all those nasty
    chemicals from big tobacco products. I've read stuff here at ECF and
    elsewhere which confirms, the vaping flu is kind of part of the process.
    Your body adapts to not being molested chemically but first it has to
    let you know it feels the change.

    My grandfather and uncle are alcoholics. My grandfather passed on last
    year, not from alcohol though. At any given they both talked briefly
    about alcoholics going through what is called DTs. It is where your body
    fights to try to get you to use more of an addictive substance despite
    knowing it's detrimental. You DeToxify yourself by sheer will.

    This to me sounds akin to what vaping flu seems to be. I keep feeling
    like I want a cigarette. I grab some vape though. :) At first the
    cravings were not bad, really not even noticeable. Now, oddly they are
    being rather annoying. *sighs* Guess everyone has different experiences.
    I'll keep vaping though.


    Seeing ECBlends cost comparison really makes that decision clear.

    Even if I get off brand cigarettes at $4 a pack, I still save over $1,000
    a year by their comparison chart. There was no way I could save near
    that even with RYO cigarettes. No longer use smokeless tobacco
    products either. Imagine they are just as costly as cigarettes now, too.

    We have some bottom land here. It could possibly grow some tobacco,
    yet even that method incurs costs. So financially up front big tobacco
    has lost this user.

    Then, I consider the back end health costs. It is a known fact that
    at least 40,000 of the chemicals used to make cigarettes are toxic.
    Sorry, I no longer feel like providing some oligarch a fee to kill me.

    I want to spend as long as I can with my wife and loved ones. I
    value love and light. If lighting candles instead of cursing the
    darkness means being a fly in the ointment, well, tough I'll buzz
    around a while. ;)
  6. Incoming Vape Mail

    Ordered the following on Feb. 5, 2015. Expecting delivery by Feb.
    10, 2015. Having USPS site send me email updates. Looking forward
    to giving these flavors a try. More importantly, looking forward to
    discerning more regarding ECBlends quality of juice. Am hopeful the
    Black Gold juice may be similar to Captain Black pipe tobacco in flavor.
    My father-in-law has been looking for such a flavor.

    Order In Transit/OIT:

    Black Gold - eLiquid Flavor
    (Bottle Size: 5 ml $2.50, Nic Strength: 18 mg - Regular, Base Mix: 50% PG / 50% VG)

    Dragon's Blood - eLiquid Flavor
    (Bottle Size: 5 ml $2.50, Additional Flavoring: Extra Flavor, Nic Strength: 18 mg - Regular, Base Mix: 50% PG / 50% VG)

    Dragon's Dream - eLiquid Flavor
    (Bottle Size: 5 ml $2.50, Nic Strength: 18 mg - Regular, Base Mix: 50% PG / 50% VG)

    Dragon's Nectar - eLiquid Flavor
    (Select Bottle Size: 5 ml $2.50, Additional Flavoring: Extra Flavor, Nic Strength: 18 mg - Regular, Base Mix: 40% PG / 60% VG)

    PB and J - eLiquid Flavor
    (Bottle Size: 5 ml $2.50, Nic Strength: 18 mg - Regular, Base Mix: 50% PG / 50% VG)

    That Juice! - eLiquid Flavor
    (Select Bottle Size: 5 ml $2.50, Additional Flavoring: Extra Flavor, Nic Strength: 18 mg - Regular, Base Mix: 50% PG / 50% VG)


    Will try to post thoughts, opinions of the juices once I try them. No promises.
    May not around to doing full on reviews. Heck I might get clobbered by a falling
    goat, launched from my neighbor's goat-a-pault no less. :laugh: Life is absurd like


    I'll post brief reviews here as I get to trying each flavor sample. Please understand I'm not into steeping. While I do comprehend that steeping may give better flavors, I am not into it. If a company is making what they consider quality juice, I believe that quality ought to be present from the go. Bear that in mind in light of my reviews.

    Presently trying ECBlends That Juice! :So far, not too impressed. Do not really taste much of any particular flavor. Seems to have a subtle melon hint although my sense of taste is half whacky anyway.Steeping may make a difference, or the course of vaping may. Not sure.

    Fri Feb 13 06:54:44 EST 2015 - Well after a few days, That Juice has become a favorite. :) Dragon's Dream, Nectar have as well. Not tried the Dragon's Blood yet bu suspect it will follow suit. I have tried Peanut Butter Jelly. PB&J is alright, I will vape it but it is not exactly a go to juice for me. Been really surprised by That Juice, like it better than I thought I would. It looks as though I will be using That Juice as a primary, the Dragon line as an occasional spice up. Still plan on Hawk Sauce being in the mix. at least now though I feel confident I do not need it.

    Sat Feb 14, 2015 In the distance a murmur gradually becomes a chant. "Dragon's Dream, Dragon's Dream, Dragon's Dream ..." I am being seduced by an ejuice flavor. Guess worse things could happen. At least I'm not being forced to play with Lite-Brite(tm).:laugh:

    Sidebar I will be going to base of 40pg/60vg from here on in. Like the smoother feeling vape given by higher vg content. The vg also supplies a little sweetness to the juices. It is a nice under tone for the flavors. Still going to stick at 18% nicotine, or 1.8mg per ml, at least for now.
  7. Yay!

    I feel like a Goober now. Wife allowed me to spend around $62 today. I bought an Innokin iTaste V3 and a charging cable for it from My Freedom Smokes. Also purchased were four (4) ARO tanks and five heads. Everything was bought all in one color for simplicity, black. Had to get at least one new ARO tank as mine has began leaking. It is minor still, yet I wanted to attend to it before it got out of hand. So, I'll have four tanks I will use.:vapor:

    Nota Bene:

    I say the wife allowed not to infer she is evil. She is anything but evil. It is merely that I prefer considering her my boss. And even that is not meant in any derogatory manner.

    - Sat Jan 24 14:03:37 EST 2015 - Update

    Innokin V3 arrived in the mail today. :)

    So far, it seems I will like it well enough. Enjoy the near Ego style feel of the battery.
  8. Post #29 in this thread was much appreciated here. I have difficulty now with one side of this body. A large part of this comes from siatic nerve issues. That cluster of nerves in your/my tail bone, it despises me.

    As a result, my left hand stays inflamed from the inside out, as does the left leg. Can barely use left hand to work at small/er tasks. It likes to go off and do as it desires, involuntarily, and without any due warning.

    Sometimes find I am whacking myself. That may sound as sexual undertones, it is anything but. Really difficult to find oneself in the mood as one smacks oneself in the face for no apparent reason.

    "Oh look, I just decided to knock myself out with a random left jab, yeeha!" That gets frustrating at times, used to not have such adversities. So yes, coil making jigs do provide a nice help for those facing adversity. :):2c:
  9. Okay, I really want to like the Iclear tanks. I genuinely do. Still, keep running into problems.

    This morning after vaping about a good week on the Iclear30, figured it was due a cleaning. Have seen how folks drop the coil heads into boiling water. Thought all was good until ... the bottom of the tank is stuck to the polycarbonate tube. Argh!

    Yes, I put it together snugly. I did not gorilla grip it. At least I do not think I did. This is ridiculous. If I have to keep buying Iclear tanks just to keep a clean one, screw the tank. I'll go with a different set up.

    I tried using pliers to unseat the tube from the base. It would not budge. I see now why the tanks "crack", you have to crack them off the fragging base units. And sure $0.30-50 per tube may not be a bad price. Still, such measures ought to not be needed.

    Maybe it was a fault of using Hawk Sauce in the tank. It may cause a chemical reaction which fuses the polycarbonate to the base. No matter, ultimately it'll result in a busted tube or a need to buy a whole new tank each time you want to clean it. No thank you.

    I like the idea of top dual coils. Really do, now. Once I figured out my "nut behind the wheel" error, found this type of set up really sweet. :) But I'll not continue use of such system if I need to use polycarbonate tanks and they continually break or fuse. Maybe I could try a different juice? :unsure::mad:

    Sorry, love the Hawk Sauce, Hawk Sauce my precious. Oh well, the stainless tubed Aero Tank does real good too. Ha! :laugh::p And it is a fragging breeze to clean up. There's no real issue with a tank material fusing to a base. I simply unscrew it, unscrew a cheap Smok Aro coil head unit, clean, refill, reassemble and vape on.

    About the only issue foreseen with such a kit is needed to replace o-rings once in a while. Bah. I can get a super cheap kit of those and have on hand, or even just go buy a cheap kit as needed. Wire to rebuild coils is rather cheap too. I like RediX wick, which runs about $8 per 12 inches.

    Still, even if I do rebuild my coil heads it'd be cheaper than buying a new $10-15 tank every week. Hm, maybe Innokin has Pyrex or stainless tanks? Will need to see.
  10. This morning, grew tired of the Aero tank a bit. Decided to try the Iclear for a third go. I am having a bit of a mixed reaction.

    Do not really desire liking the tank. Think my dislike is more along the lines of "it's different" than anything else. On this round of trying it, begining to adjust.

    May even like the tank. Apologies for being hasty in my opinion of the Iclear. When it first arrived there was obviously no juice ergo no saturation.

    Tried it a second time, drew out most of the juice and put tank up. Told wife I would further cleaning it up later. Well, I did not bother rinsing or cleaning it up.

    Wicks lie with remains of juice about a week. Refilled this morning and finding a like for the tank. :) Now, I think I comprehend how to use these type better.

    1. "Let the coil soak in juice for a bit."

    2. "Refill, vape."


  11. Ordered the following Nov. 15 2014.

    1. MVP2 Kit from My Freedom Smokes.

    2. Stainless steel tube replacement for AeroTank.

    3. Smoktech 2.0oHm single coil, coil heads in 5 pack. Used in Smok Aro, Kanger Aero tank with equal success & no problems.

    4. 1 236ml bottle of Hawk Sauce from Mt. Baker Vapor.
  12. Upgraded a bit with the hardware used. Now, got a Kanger AeroTank. It is the first dual coil tank I have used. I really like how it hits. For me it offers more flavor.

    Also upgraded with a new battery, a Ego V vv at 1100mAh. It does the battery thing well enough. I tend to wear a charge out after about a day of vaping. Got an older 900mah. I use the RGM2 a good deal as the out and about tank. Kind of retired the SmokTech Aro II tank.
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