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  1. Last night I finally decided to try the Green Tea I ordered from Vapor Renu. I wasn't holding out too much hope because so far I have really not liked most of the flavors I've tried -- mango, peach, chocolate mint, etc. The only thing I've liked and stuck with are the two ECOPure flavors, menthol and rich, and both of them are very subtle and clean-tasting. I had started to think that maybe I just wasn't a "flavors" person and I'd just stick with those two.

    Then I ordered the Green Tea and the Swedish Fish from Vapor Renu, sort of a last-ditch attempt. The Swedish Fish, as I reported here the other day, tastes like cough syrup to me. Smells a little like cough syrup too. I'm giving it another week or so to steep, but I'm not holding out too many big hopes.

    Last night, though, I tried the Green Tea for the first time. Oh. my. God. I LOVE it. It's wonderful! This may very quickly replace the ECOpures as my new main vape -- which would also save me a ton, because it's only $7 as opposed to $25 for the ECOpures. I gotta get me a bunch more of this. Oh, what's that I hear? It's the sound of my wallet being taken out again.

    I also tried direct dripping for the first time last night, and that worked okay. But I didn't like how often I had to drip, so I'll probably stick with carts. I feel like dripping must be bad for the atomizer -- no?

    LOVE the green tea. I'm glad I finally found a flavor I can rave about. It's time I got over into the PIF forum and got rid of the others that I don't like. Someone else might enjoy them.
  2. I can't stop. I already bought more stuff. Cartomizers this time, plus a syringe, some smaller empty bottles (easier for transport when it's time to hit the road), and an extra USB charger for the eGo. I also bought a 5ml sampler of RY4, since it's gotten some raves. 20% off at Liberty Flights, so my whole order came to around $30, including shipping. ENOUGH! I'm going to hide all my credit cards.

    I tried the Swedish Fish. It tastes like cough medicine to me. And everything I vaped for the next 24 hours also tasted like cough medicine. Haven't tried the Green Tea yet, I think I'll let it steep for a while.

    I tried Aquaclear for cart filler again and continue to be disappointed in it (so I'll stop using it now). Floods my atomizer every time. Fluval works pretty well, maybe I'll stick to that.

    Tonight I gave all my atomizers a bath. This weekend I'll clean out all my carts and filler material again (except the Aquaclear, I'm tossing that). Lots of maintenance. It really does turn into quite the hobby, doesn't it?
  3. Since my last post last week, I have come into a little capital and spent it wisely at Cignot. Saturday morning I ordered the following from Cignot:

    1. Pink eGo kit
    2. Three spare atomizers
    3. 30ml ECOPure Menthol
    4. 30ml ECOPure Rich

    Not ten minutes after placing my order, I got a notification already that it had shipped, and yesterday -- MONDAY -- it showed up in the mail at my office. I just want to point out again how much Cignot rocks.

    Some thoughts on the eGo so far: It came with two pink atomizers, which I have discovered are actually black atomizers painted pink. I'm not bothered by this, but I realize the paint will probably strip off the first time I toss them in an alcohol soak. That's okay, the eGo has the cone to cover up the atty anyway.

    Speaking of the cone, I learned from the helpful folks here on the forum that the addition of the cone affects your draw. I find I'm taking much harder pulls on the eGo than I did on my 510. I've only had it a day and I'm used to it already, so that doesn't bother me either. First time using it, it was a bit of a surprise.

    A lot of people report increased vapor from the eGo. I'm not seeing that. But I am getting better taste and throat hit, and that's more important to me than tons of vapor anyway (there's no decrease in vapor, either, and I felt like I was getting plenty with the 510).

    The battery life is indeed the bomb. I have not run a battery down yet, but I have traded them out and recharged both, just to keep them fresh.

    I am oddly disappointed by the lack of an LED on the unit. I miss seeing it light up. This too shall pass, I'm sure.

    But that's the ONLY criticism I have so far. Really loving my eGo. I haven't picked up the 510 since the new kit arrived, but I'll definitely keep it around as a spare.

    I also placed a juice order with VaporRenu (Green Tea, and I had to find out what all the fuss is about over the Swedish Fish). Once that comes in I really don't intend to spend any more on this habit until I run out of ECOPure, which should be quite a while. Famous last words.
  4. I started adding up all the equipment that I want (some is want, some is need). Here's my current Wish List:

    1. Another 30ml of ECOPure Menthol, just to have a good healthy stock. $25
    2. Another 60ml of ECOPure Rich, also just for a good healthy stock. $50
    3. Either a Riva or an eGo starter kit (what is the difference? Aren't they the same?). This will cost anywhere from $40 (Riva) to $70 (eGo).
    4. Five spare atomizers. $30
    5. DIY supplies -- Nic juice, VG, some flavors, bottles, drippers, pipettes, mad scientist gloves and goggles, etc. I haven't added this up yet, but let's say around $40-50 for all of it.

    So that's... between $185-225. That's a lot of damn money. But once I spend that, I like to tell myself that I will be DONE for a while. Certainly that would be enough gear to get me through the rest of 2010, probably a good deal longer.

    Now it's just a matter of finding an extra $200 in my budget somewhere. That would be about a month and a half's worth of cigarettes.

    The real question is, will I EVER really be "done" with all the buying? I've told myself I was "done for now" two or three times already.
  5. Got my Cignot order today! This one contained:

    1. 30ml ECOPure Menthol, 10mg strength
    2. 15ml ECOPure Rich, 10mg strength
    3. Five cartridge caps (freebies)

    The folks at Cignot drew smiley faces and flowers and fun doodles all over my packing slip. They rule. I ordered on Thursday and would have received it Saturday, but I have my gear shipped to my office and we're closed Saturday. And then the post office was closed yesterday for Columbus Day. I was like a junkie waiting for a fix this morning.

    So, my first try of the Rich flavor ecopure -- I like it. Winner. I'll be ordering another 30ml. Then I believe I'll have enough juice to last me a little while. I do need some backup atty's, too. Maybe a spare battery. Lord. I'm looking at playing another round of "one last order."

    Last night before bed I had an analog, because I've been allowing myself one or two a day. I didn't like the way it smelled and I didn't like the way it tasted. I still get the craving occasionally, but the less enjoyment I get from them the easier it'll be to leave them behind.
  6. Tonight, for the first time, I let both of my batteries die at the same time. I thought my PCC was charging up the batteries as I swapped them out, but apparently the PCC had lost its charge. Now I am vape-less while they both charge up.

    This evening, before both my batteries died at the same time, I was trying out my chocolate mint juice again. I have a 30ml bottle from VaporRenu that's 100% VG, and a 30ml bottle from VaporBomb that's 50/50, I think. The VG is very mellow, with just a small hint of taste. The mix from VaporBomb is too strong. Mixed together, though, they're not bad.

    Try as I might, I can't get into the mango or the peach. Oh well.

    Stupid postal holidays. No package from Cignot today.
  7. Cartridge and filler mods I tried out this weekend:

    1. Blue foam (filler replacement - works okay, a little leaky)
    2. AquaClear filler replacement (flooded my atomizer)
    3. Blue Foam Dart (fussy, but worked pretty well)
    4. Highping's Simple Cart Mod (a winner)

    I don't think I want to be messing around constantly with mods and replacements and cutting up straws and bits of foam all the time, so the goal this weekend was to try a few of these out and figure out which one works best for me. The Simple Cart Mod (basically just fill the cart up with juice and then plug it at the end with a bit of polyfil) is the easiest and also seems to give me the most hits before running dry.

    The AquaClear was the only mod I tried that gave me a fully empty cart, and the AquaClear foam itself was bone dry when I pulled it out of the cart. But the second time I used it, it flooded my atomizer and made a huge mess. I guess it doesn't hold its shape very well.

    I have about a half a bag of polyfil from a stuffed animal project earlier this year -- it's a ton of the stuff, I don't think I'll ever run out.

    I have come to the conclusion that I don't like sweet or fruity flavors, so I'll probably PIF my chocolate mint, mango, peach etc. flavors. I'd like to try a Green Tea and maybe a couple of the tobacco flavors out there. I like the ECOPure Menthol still, and a Turkish blend from Cignot.

    Tomorrow I should be receiving a refill on the ECOPure, along with a smaller bottle of the Rich flavor. Next I need to order a few spare atty's. Every time I place an order I think, "This will be the last order for a while," and then a few days later I think of more things I need. This is becoming more expensive than smoking.
  8. I've been thinking lately that I want to keep track of my progress as I get used to my e-cigarette (Joye 510). I have a blog at my own website, but I've got other stuff I'm keeping track of over there, so I thought starting a blog here on ECF would be a good way to go. Amongst like-minded folks, as it were.

    This first entry is going to be kind of a catch-up, a "my experience so far" kind of entry. I've been at this for about a month (even though I bought my 510 back in July), so this will be kind of a "How I Got Here," and then after this I expect it will be a bit more diary-style, updating as I learn new things and make new discoveries.

    whatever. Blah. So very vague so far.

    Here's the history: back in July, I was reading a thread on Ask Metafilter about quitting smoking. I had already decided back then that I was going to quit smoking on October 1st (the day after my 42nd birthday), so I was interested in the responses too. A user named K.P. recommended the e-cigarette, and in fact was very specific about seeking help in this forum in particular, and what kit to buy (510) and where to buy it (

    It certainly seemed way more affordable than Chantix (and less suicide-inducing), and I liked that it addressed the physicality of having something to do with your hands, actually taking a draw on a device like a cigarette. It seemed like it would work for me.

    So I took K.P.'s advice and bought the 510 no box kit from Vicki at Cignot, and 30ml of ECOPure Menthol juice (at 25mg, which in hindsight was a bit high). My gear came just a couple of days later, and I immersed myself in documentation (including the Illustrated Guide on and the ECF library). But I let the e-cig itself sit for a few days, not wanting to tackle the "hassle" of putting it all together.

    A few days later, let's say July 10th or so, I sat down with the instructions and assembled an e-cig, took a few drags of the pre-filled Marlb carts that came with it, and nodded. "Yup," I thought -- "Different, but when I'm ready to quit, this will probably help. Maybe a combination of this and the nicotine patch." I boxed everything back up and put it away in a drawer for later -- I wasn't ready for it yet.

    Fast forward. Around mid-August to early September, my finances start unraveling a little bit. It's a simple matter of having too much going out and not enough coming in, nothing to get too het up about -- but the upshot is, I found myself approaching the Labor Day weekend with only one pack of cigarettes and not enough money in the bank to buy another carton. I had some cash on me, so I bought a few packs to tide me over until payday.

    Then I had this great idea. I'd use the 510 "in between smokes" in order to stretch my cig supply out a little longer. I charged up the batteries (took me a while to figure out that you have to screw the battery into the charger -- I was all "Why does it keep falling out??") and got started.

    And that first day, I believe I had four analog cigarettes. The rest of the day I vaped. And I also sat here at the computer and devoured the ECF New Members section, particularly MistressNomad's awesome newbie videos. The second day, I had two analogs. The next day, I don't think I had any. Payday came around and I was free to go to the smoke shop to buy a carton, but I never did.

    Now, truth be told, I am still not free of analogs. I'm still averaging about two per day. But from a pack a day down to two a day is pretty good, I think, and I've decided not to put too much pressure on myself about it. I've bought two packs since the beginning of September, and gone through them very slowly.

    I suppose the smart thing to do is just not buy another pack of analogs. Something in the back of mind keeps saying "But what if there's an EMERGENCY," like I don't know what kind of smoking emergency I might have but my mind is very adamant about it.

    Anyway -- like I said, no pressure. Last night I had an analog and it didn't taste good and it smelled horrible. I might finally be weaning myself off.

    I sat down and figured it out the other day and I have spent $166 so far on gear and juice. That's higher than I'd hoped it would be. But it's a bit more than 3 cartons, so I'm about broken even. I've tried a lot of juices I don't like that much, and I keep coming back to the ECOPure Menthol as my go-to vape. I may end up in the PIF forum unloading a bunch of stuff.

    I still just have my original hardware (plus a PCC and some extra carts), but have been thinking lately about maybe trying out a Riva (got a long road trip coming up, so I'll need something that lasts all day in the car), and definitely should stock up on atomizers.

    I'm happy with the 510 most of the time. In the evenings when I vape more, the battery does run down quickly, but I always have a spare charging up. I talked a friend into trying out the 510, she is not 100% happy with it yet. I'd much rather she gets hooked on it like I have, but if not, I'll end up getting her hardware. Win/win.

    This weekend I am checking out cart mods. The next entry will likely be detailing my findings there.