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  1. If you're dependent on vaping nicotine instead of smoking
    tobacco, perhaps you should read this before buying that
    next mod or other gear.

    500 ml (a bit over a pint) of 100 mg/ml (10%) nicotine base
    only costs about as much as a carton of cigarettes. It keeps for
    years in the freezer and will make:

    1 liter of 20 mg/ml (200 ml of nic base + 800 ml of VG and/or PG)
    1 liter of 15 mg/ml (150 ml of nic base + 850 ml of VG and/or PG)
    1 liter of 10 mg/ml (100 ml of nic base + 900 ml of VG and/or PG)
    1 liter of 5 mg/ml ( 50 ml of nic base + 950 ml of VG and/or PG)

    All that "VG and/or PG" adds up to less than a gallon.

    That's enough for most vapers to comfortably wean off nicotine
    over a period of a year or more, and vape zero nic VG and/or PG
    after that, without ever going back to smoking tobacco.

    I buy it in VG, so if I develop an allergy to PG, I can do 100% VG.
    Even if you prefer mostly PG, at the most, an all VG base could
    only be 20% VG at 20 mg/ml. But buy it in PG if you prefer. If you
    get it in a glass bottle, you can put it in the freezer without even
    opening it. It won't expand and break the bottle.

    Hopefully, your supplier filled the bottle to the neck so the surface
    area exposed to air is minimal. Stand the bottle up in the freezer to
    minimize surface area. I do recommend you put it in a heavy-duty
    zip-lock bag inside another to contain it if the bottle is broken or
    the cap cracks.

    You don't have to know how to mix it now--you just have to
    have it
    to be able to learn how to DIY it, if/when you need it.
    If panic buying starts, you may not be able to get it anymore.
    Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and flavorings will all
    still be available. You don't have to buy them now.

    You DO need to have a lifeline to keep you off tobacco, if
    bottled nicotine becomes difficult or impossible to acquire.

  2. You need at least two "e-cigarettes," a primary and a backup. That includes the battery, where you'll want one to use while the other's charging, as well as the liquid delivery device. Many agree on the need for backups of backups. I also recommend you get at least two USB-powered battery chargers, not only a primary and a backup, but perhaps one for work and one for home. They're inexpensive.

    I, and most others, STRONGLY recommend you skip the expensive but weak cigalikes and start with an "eGo" sized battery. A standard, 650 mAH, 3.7 volt battery, combined with a small clearomizer, can result in a discreet e-cig about the size of a short, skinny cigar or a shorter, quality fountain pen. A single 650 mAH battery charge should be enough to vape 2.5 - 3.0 milliliters of e-liquid, or almost two full 1.5 ml clearomizers. There's less to go wrong with a non-adjustable battery, it's less fragile, and you can adjust the power of the vape by the resistance of the heads you use in the clearomizer. One of the most highly recommended is this kit:

    The Kanger EVOD Starter Kit comes with two regulated 3.7V batteries, two 1.5 ml clearomizers, a USB charger, a USB 120V power supply, and spare 2.5Ω (5.5W light vape) heads for the clearomizers. Available in different colors. $34.99

    You can get five-packs of 2.2Ω (6.2W medium vape) and 1.8Ω (7.6W heavy vape) clearomizer heads here. $7.99 The 1.8Ω heads may be too hot for some juices. How long a head lasts depends upon how much you vape and the juice. Thicker, darker juices require head cleaning and replacement much more often.

    You can get a spare charger here. $3.99 They're inexpensive enough to have at different locations.

    If your vehicle doesn't have a USB port for charging, you can get one here. $3.99 Especially handy during power outages. (NEVER, EVER leave a battery charging in a hot car)

    If you want a backup for your backup battery, you can get one here in different colors. $11.99

    If you want more clearomizers, perhaps one per flavor, you can get them in different colors here (they come with light vape heads).

    Of course, you will need e-liquid, aka "juice." There are thousands to choose from, many available in sampler packs. A word of warning, however. Some juices, such as citrus and cinnamon, may dissolve and crack plastic tanks. For these you'll need a much more expensive glass clearomizer.

    This will get you started on a much more effective and less expensive path than using cigalikes, many which "lock" you into buying from them through incompatibility with other gear. The recommended equipment above use the standard 510 connector, giving you compatibility with the largest variety of other equipment.
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