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  1. I started out with 30 gage duel coil 15 wraps on a 1/8 drill bit because I was restricted to 1.5 ohms on my vamo. once I got my nemesis clone mod I built a nano coil on a 1/16 screw driver at 9 wraps duel coil that produced around .7 ohms if I remember correctly. it was producing a pretty thick vapor. I got my 24 gage in and built a duel coil with it. it was a little lower then I should go being so new.. I tore it down a went with a single nano coil at .7 ohms and it produces more vapor then my 30 gage duel coil nano build. I am gonna wait to get some more exp under my belt and some better testing gear before I head any lower down the ohm rabbit hole..
  2. im finding that out. I only have 24g and 30g atm. I will get some 26g and 28g soon.. gotta get an ohm reader and a voltage meter before I buy any more building materials..
  3. I thought I read them. maybe what I was looking at wasn't the full set of rules.. it was a thread in the new user section.
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