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I wish to create a concise beginner's guide to e-cigs. This is both for my reference, and for other newcomers. This forum is so large that I found it daunting, at first. Herein I shall record my experiences and order history with various companies. I do not work for any company that sells e-cigs. I am just a person with a boring job, that likes to vape.
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  1. The low resistance atomizer destroyed my battery.

    Right, so I've been using my Joye eGo-T system for quite some time. I like it alright. I do with the flavour output was better, but the thing still works rather well. I thought to remedy the flavour problem by getting a low resistance atomizer.


    It didn't increase the flavour, at all. It did, however, decrease the amount of time needed to take a full pull of vapor.


    After two days of using the low resistance atomizer, there was a potentially dangerous problem. The battery suddenly became burning hot, when I hadn't used the thing for over 20 minutes. It continued to get hotter and hotter, and started to smell like strange chemicals. Of course, I disposed of it.

    I'm still using the same ordinary atomizers I was using before, now, on the spare battery that came with my kit. Sadly, I think my battery isn't holding the sort of charge that it used to when it was new. I'm getting far less vapor production. Oh well. I've used this thing pretty heavily for a long time, by now.

    I am making arrangements to acquire a used eGo-T system from a friend whom I couldn't get on the vaping bandwagon. Good for him, though. He is going for the cold-turkey method of cigarette cessation. I'm not so strong. Anyway, he only used his eGo-T for a couple days, so I think I'm getting a pretty good deal!
  2. I've been gone for a while. It's been rough. I've been sick, and I even started smoking, again! I started smoking after I became sick, so don't get snarky! Y'all know how it is. One thing after another, and you're going back to old habits, no matter now nasty and stupid they are. Part of the problem is that I tried to jump to a low level of nicotine that I was not ready for. Gobs of weark-..., 4.5 mg nicotine, and my loose rolling tobacco is laughing at me in the corner.

    I should mention that I roll with 6mm filters, which are as wide as a Virginia Slim, but I use short papers, which give me about half the tobacco as the aforementioned cigarette. It's not like I'm smoking full-sized ones. It's still toxic, but it's a lot easier to quit at this level of nicotine. Oh, and I'm using the lightest loose tobacco I can find. If anyone else is having trouble stepping to the ecig, I suggest cutting your tobacco consumption, first, and switching key smokes with vaping.

    My Ego-T is awesome! I recently purchased some 16 mg Grape VG liquid from Vicki at Cignot (how great is she!) and have managed to cut most of my cigarettes out of my routine. Yay! Out of the first three of the day, I only smoked one. I smoked three other cigarettes at work, but I cut out my Just-Got-Home-Cig! I haven't bothered with the Just-Ate-Ice-Cream-Whilst-Watching-Television-Oops-It's-a-Commercial-Better-Smoke-Quickly-Cig, because it's too damned hot outside.

    It's good that my two atomizers I bought back in what, March (?), still work, just fine. I decided to get that LR atomizer (that's "low-resistance" for the newbs out there), and it's okay. I didn't notice an increase in flavour, which I suppose disappoints me. However, the vapour production is absolutely awesome! It took me my surprise, to be honest.

    So, here we are, ecig and atomizers and ejuice of an appropriate strength, and then I realise that my charger is on the fritz! I had my battery on it, overnight, and the light never changed to green. I tested it on my other battery, just now, and the light didn't even come on, until I jiggled it. It did eventually change to green, but when I picked it up, the light turned to red, again. The battery I usually use seems to perform correctly, so I don't think it's the culprit.

    I just ordered 16 mg Coffee VG from Cignot, along with a new charger. I might as well get a little more bang for my buck with the shipping, right?
  3. Argh, screw it. So what if I have strange issues my doctor cannot account for? Vaping is still better than smoking. ..and if the inhalation of glycerin causes little more than dehydration, then I'll just have to force myself to drink even more water.

    I am letting my flu dictate this. Compare smoking a cigarette when you have a sore throat to vaping. One leaves you shuddering and ill, and the other leaves you calm with a soothed throat. (Especially if you're vaping menthol.) Certainly that says something about the safety of vaping VG.

    I am going to get a LR atomizer for my eGo-T, so that I can dilute out the flavourings in my ejuice. If any of you regularly read my posts and blog, then you will know I've been concerned about the chemicals in concentrated food flavourings that we're all vaping. I figure a LR atomizer will taste stronger, so I can make my juices weaker and still get the same flavour.

    Nuff said.
  5. I used some flavours from Flavor Apprentice in my food, but found the same amount i'd use per ml of juice.. made the food FOUL.
    I mean.. wow.. super chemical.. lly.. chemically....
    ....but they were fine whilst vaped.

    So this is normal? ..for the same small amount to be gross when eating, but fine for vaping?
  6. This one says that glycerin is relatively safe.

    This one warns that it is not.

    I have been having major health problems since I turned 31. Happy birthday, huh? Heheh. Well, the doctors don't know what the heck is up, past my extreme vitamin D deficiency. I have had a sudden and severe relapse, with symptoms of renal failure, that my doctor assures me is not the case, without running any tests, though I have recently been exposed to chemicals during tests that have the possibility of damaging my kidneys. Doncha just love American medicine? Well, considering the second source's warnings against those with compromised kidneys using/inhaling glycerin, then I have to quit ecigs for a while and see how that does it.

    This sucks. I cannot quit nicotine. I've tried for years. Ecigs were the first product ever that replaced cigs for me. I bloody hate my life. Ah, cold turkey.. once again you loom over me, pissing in my tea. Luckily, I have a few nicotine gums left from last year. I'm only on my second for the entire day. Ugh.
  7. I ordered from Faerie's Finest, on a suggestion from some people in the chat room. I don't know why I bother to listen to them, haha! Wow, this was another bust. I suspected they would suck, to be honest. Their prices were almost too good to be true. Their website was easy enough to order from, but their confirmation letter did not include the USPS tracking number. When I got the notice that the order shipped, in another email, that didn't have it, either. I looked up their customer service number and called them, only to be "greeted" by a woman who was obviously very put out that I dared call during business hours. I asked her for my tracking number, telling her it was not in the emails. She then asked me if it was in the emails. .... .... I said, again, that I did not receive it. With the tone of voice of a child whom you've just asked to stop playing video games and clean his room, she gave me the tracking number and asked me if there was anything else I needed. I replied that I did not, but on second thought I asked her to wait, because I did have something. She said, "okay", then hung up on me!!!!

    Anyway, I ordered Creme de Cafe, Mango, Pear, and Ginger. I cannot use a single one of them. Nope, notta one.

    The Creme de Cafe was far too dark to use for vaping. It didn't even make it into a test batch, which was utterly disappointing to me.

    The Mango not only tasted nothing like mango, but it seemed to be a watered-down version of LorAnn's awful mango fiasco. OH, OH.. I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHERE I'VE TASTED THAT FLAVOUR BEFORE! STALE CANNED PEACH JUICE!!!!

    The Pear smelled almost like Flavor Apprentice's pear, which was promising.. but it was definitely weaker. When I mixed a test batch, it had a strange and disgusting underlying flavour.

    The Ginger was perhaps the biggest disappointment of all. I have begun to expect that no-one can get mango right. That's fine. Not a lot of people have ever tried one. Ginger, however, is available at every damnable WalMart in the nation. The flavouring sort of smelled like ginger, but it was very weak. I mixed up a test batch, using Rolygate's method that I quoted in my previous blog entry, and the disappointment continued. There was a bit of that characteristic spicy ginger stinging sensation, but the flavour was just so weak, that's about all I got. I was already at 25% flavouring, so I decided not to add more. I'm not going to vape straight flavouring. I then decided to add the ginger crap to the not-mango, thinking the sweetness would at least help with the flavour. Nope. The whole thing went south after that. I had to clean my atty, because the ONE thing that the ginger does is taint it for all subsequent flavours. My menthol from Flavor Apprentice was never so rude....

    I sent a text to my man to pick up one of those giant buckets of vanilla ice cream on his way home from work. I figure, I'll be damned if I'm going to have spent all this money on flavourings from so many different places, and have to just pour them down the drain. The bottles they come in aren't even worth the trouble. I'm going to give them one last shot, however. I am going to apply them to the ice cream, and see if I can't at least get some use out of what I paid for. They are food flavourings, after all.
  8. Right, well, I decided to have at DIY again. I ordered from One Stop DIY Shop. I do like to order directly from the manufacturers, but I wanted to save on shipping.. since I was ordering some LorAnn and Flavor Apprentice. Yep, I'm giving them another shot, since I think I messed up my last batch of mango.

    Yay, they sent me some nice freebies, including two polystyrene pipettes, a reusable dropper, and one dram of LorAnn tropical punch. Nice!

    Right, so. After searching for a good guide on mixing Lorann, I found this....


    I used Rolygate's idea to mix up a tester of LorAnn mango. Blech. It's just awful. It tastes absolutely nothing like mango. Hm. However, the tropical punch was awesome! I quickly mixed up a batch.

    Then, I used the same method to work up a bit from Flavor Apprentice's mango. That went very well. I mixed up a bloody ton of the stuff. It doesn't seem as strong, now, so I'm wondering what is going on.

    I'm awaiting my order from Faerie's Finest, which I was assured by some in the chat room was great. We'll see if the Luck of Opposites doesn't try and kick me in the pants, again.

    By the way.. there will be another blog entry about Cignot and that wonderful Vicki. I am going to wait, because this one will require a photo, methinks.
  9. Right. I have gone through three different stores and a total of six voltmeters, half of which were digital.... Every digital voltmeter (all of these were under twenty dollars) would never settle on a single number when doing a base reading. No analogue would read a tenth of one ohm, though their readings were crystal clear. I would much rather have an analogue, but hells if I can't even find one online that reads to a tenth of an ohm.

    I even drove clear across town, just because this one store said that their analogue meters read to a tenth. When I got there, it turned out they didn't! At least I make them take the meters out of their packages to test them. .... :O This is what happens when corporations underpay their employees.. they don't give a crap and have no idea about the products they sell.

    I'm going to have mutlimeter nightmares, tonight.
  10. Right. So, I have been in contact with Vicki from Cignot, and she gave me this great method by which to test my atomizer's resistance....

    "Atomizer resistance:

    "Turn the dial to the Ohms area symbol= Ω
    go to the lowest setting (200) You will notice that when you have the leads apart the reading is 1 that means there is an open circuit (infinite resistance)

    "touch your leads together... you will subtract that number from your atty resistance as that is the resistance of the wires...

    "touch one lead to the center pole of the atty and the other to the threads... do not allow the leads to touch each other or the outer housing... if you get 1... then the coil is broken... otherwise subtract the wire resistance and the magic number is??"

    I'm going to have at this, right now.


    Right, I think this voltmeter is busted. The instructions say to touch the leads together to test it, and I just get fluctuating and random numbers as the reading. It doesn't settle on a single number. I tried putting the leads on the atty, and the same thing happened. Damnit. I'm in my pj's for the evening.


    cheap... touch toward the tip... an be still... should be .5 or .6"

    Right. That helps. I get readings from 1.8 to 1.3..... It sure as heck isn't steady, though.

    Nope, nope, now it's 3.4 and 3.5. Nope, nope. 130. What the hell? Oh man, this voltmeter SUCKS.


    Right, I took the crappy voltmeter back to the store, got a refund, and went to Radio Shack. I got a spiffy little analogue voltmeter. It's working just fine.. so I've taken readings and sent them to Vicki. I'll let y'all know what she said when I hear back. For now, I'm going to eat some delicious chicken that m'man just cooked up. :)


    Vicki wrote back, saying I should set the voltmeter from x10 to x100 for a more accurate reading. I'm not sure what that does, but I'll do it.


    Right. Ran it at x100, and that just gave me a reading of zero. It looks like x10 is more sensitive when it comes to small numbers than x100. Well, at least I know what the difference between those two is, now. :)

    By the way, the atomizers are all reading at something like 2 ohms, which is normal. Now, my voltmeter won't read any more sensitive than that, unfortunately. At x10, it reads at .2, which is 2 ohms. The dial only reads to tenths, so .. well.. that's what I get.

  11. Okay, so I've had my Joye Ego-T for way over a month, now. One of the original two atomizers is starting to behave a bit wonky, so I decided to purchase two new atomizers. I figured that it was best to have a backup before I blew one out, right? I'll be damned if I'm going to go back to my old 808.

    Now, I'm not giving up on my old atty. Vicki at Cignot sent me a link to one of the posts in this forum, and I'm trying out that cleaning method as we speak. If it doesn't work, I'm going to gut the atty and see what makes it tick. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I have two brand-new backup atties, plus the original one.

    Man, I love this tank system. I love Vicki's customer service. I love Cignot. I love lobster enchiladas.


    Took Vicki's advice and checked out the forum posting on cleaning the atties. Turns out I was missing a step - dry burn! Now, I thought dry burning an atomizer was really bad for it, but I guess I was wrong. Now my old atty works just like it used to. Hooray!

    Here's the link for y'all....


    I am wondering why the draw is so much harder on the new atomizers than the old ones. It doesn't really bother me, but I am confused by it.

    Well, time to test new atty number two....

    Hm. It works fine, same draw as the other one, good flavour, good vape. It does run a bit hot, though. That's weird. I'm going to email Vicki and ask her what she thinks.


    Holy Crap!!!! Vicki just replied! It's a Saturday!!!! She is suggesting that I check the atomizer with a volt meter. Hm. That is something I do not own. Uh oh.


    HOLY CRAP!!!! She just said she'd try to pick one up for me when she goes out next! WHA???? Wow! I told her I would pick one up at the store this coming Tuesday, and that she didn't have to worry about it.

    but WOW!!!!


    Right. So! I get home from work on Sunday, 3-20-2011. There's an email from Vicki! Mm hm! So, check this out. She went ahead and bought the voltmeter for me, anyway! She said, and I quote....

    "I would be happy to send you that voltmeter!! and before you even say anything... it is not about money, it is about making you successful at vaping!"

    Okay, this is just crazy!
    (By the way, not "crazy" in a bad way.) Who does this? What other company does this? No-one, that's who. I mean, damn! I was set to go with Vicki and Cignot from the get-go, when she was very helpful in answering my questions about their products. This is just above and beyond.

  12. I've always had luck with things that no-one else likes. That's why my favourite brush pens, spiral-bound journals, inks, paints, shoes, candies, gums, underwear, incense, deoderant (damn them), television shows are no longer made, sold, or otherwise available.

    That which everyone else loves usually irks me, somethin' fierce. No, I do not purposefully deride that which is generally popular. I'm just usually disappointed by that which large groups of people think is good. Red Bull, football, American Idol, cheesecake, wireless phones (I don't like receiving calls from people on the toilet), Guiness, cruise control, the Beatles, and dreamsicles.

    Electronic cigarettes are not exempt from this strange law.. this luck of opposites. Those which are hailed by people in this forum give me nothing but headaches. My favourite ecig of all time seems to be increasingly unpopular. *shrugs* It took me over half a year, and three other pieces of crap (which I'm still assured are great models), to find my Ego-T.

    I have learned that, if people do not like something, especially in the chat room, then I'll probably find it wonderful, and vice versa. .... I'm still annoyed by the suggestion of Viking Vapor's mango. Hilariously enough, the one that was so enthusiastic about its quality had never actually tasted a real mango!

    I will be very depressed if the first and only ecig that's performed in the way it was promised becomes unavailable. Oh, fate, don't make me go back to the 808s, Boge Leos, and whatever-the-nut that the Randy's ECig was supposed to be!
  13. Right. I still love it. Now, one of my atomizers is being uppity. It just doesn't like to wick properly. Yeah, yeah, I've cleaned it, in precisely the same manner that I use with the other atomizer that came with my kit. Strangely enough, that other atomizer seems to work better, the older it gets, even though it definitely runs hot.

    I decided to order from Vicki at, again. Why? Because she damned ROCKS. *ahem* Anyway, I noticed they have new low-resistance atomizers. Man, I stay away from the forums for a month, and look at the fun stuff that awaits my return! Of course, I need more information about this product before I decide to buy one.

    Do LR atomizers wear a battery down faster than a normal one?
    Do LR atomizers fail / burn out faster than a normal one? (I think I heard that they do.)


    Answers to my questions.... Yes and yes. I will not be getting an LR atty for this thing, I think.
  14. I mixed their menthol in VG, and it started to gel up. I added a bit of distilled water, and that just made the problem worse. I'm not sure what's going on.

    I was trying to mix up a batch of 0mg menthol. I put some of the menthol flavouring from Flavor Apprentice in my wee glass beaker, added the appropriate amount of VG, and it looked as if it was turning into a gel. ..or that the menthol crystals were trying to separate from the liquid. Hm. It got far too thick at this stage, so I ventured to add a bit of distilled water, and it immediately began to gel up. I'm not sure what is going on, but this is quite disappointing.

    I should add that my hand is cold. .... ....neat.


    More wrestling. I must have used too much menthol flavouring. .... .... Hmm.


    Right, I figured out a good proportion for the menthol flavouring, and a trick with the crystals that separated when I mixed in the VG.

    Here's my recipe for a pleasant minty vape, 0mg, 120 ml.

    (If you want one with nicotine, simply replace the instances of "VG" in the recipe with pre-mixed flavourless nicotine liquid.)

    30 drops of menthol flavouring.
    10 ml of distilled water.
    110 ml VG.
    Shake to mix.
    Hold bottle under hot tap water until mixture turns clear.

    (Yes, I like my ejuices thick. Keep in mind that you should use the same concentration of menthol flavouring, even if you wish for a different consistency in your juice. Simply use more distilled water and less VG.)

    I came across this recipe by trial and error. I had mixed 30 drops to 30 ml VG, and I got a weird textured thick liquid. The crystals were separating, again. Dang. Added 10 ml distilled water. Still no better. It was better than my first attempt, at least.. where the whole thing turned to sludge. Anyway, the menthol scent was almost making my eyes water, so I added an extra 40 ml of VG. Still annoying strong. Added another 40 ml. That smelled alright.

    I rinsed my beaker, and shook the solution in a bottle, hoping that I could get it to mix, nicely. No amount of shaking or cursing would fix this. I got the idea to put a wee bit back in the beaker, and hold the bottom of said beaker in a stream of hot tap water. After a minute, the solution turned clear. Ah hah!

    I let the mixture cool in the beaker, and noticed only one crystal reformed. My home is very cold, so I figure this will not occur in a warmer environment. I suppose I can put the bottle in my pocket.
  15. Right. I've been waiting for these last two weeks to pass. Now I can put up the two-week review. I figure that if there were going to be any problems with this unit, they would have come out by now. You remember my rant about the Boge Leo? Heh. I hated that thing. Piece of Crap.

    Well, my Joye Ego-T has it's good points and bad points. The bad points are easily fixed, so they're more like mild inconveniences that I've had to learn to deal with. I'm going to list these, along with how to fix them, first. Some of these will sound similar to my last couple reviews of the Ego-T.


    Cold Weather. Thick VG juice doesn't wick in cold weather. Keep it in your pocket to keep it warm.

    Scalding Hits. Thick VG takes longer to wick. Pull a couple times without engaging the battery if this happens. The next puff will be good, again. Also, you can pull out the guts from the mouthpiece so that you can pull more air through. You can also take a break from vaping for a few minutes.

    Angle. This unit requires you to use it at an angle such that the mouthpiece is above the bottom of the unit. A forty-five degree angle or higher is preferable. You cannot lay down and vape easily.

    Thin Juices Leak. They seep out the bottom like there's no tomorrow. Use thicker, VG juice. I hate PG, anyway.

    Atomizer casing gets hot. I emailed Vicki at, and she said that is indicative of the atomizer needing a cleaning. Problem solved. :)


    Doesn't leak! My juices stay the hell put where they're supposed to and I'm not spending most of the day cleaning.

    Battery lasts forever. I went two days before I needed to charge it up again, and I'm a heavy vaper!!!!

    Plastic tanks are easy to fill. Just pop the bottom of the tank off and pour some in.

    No burning plastic taste. I'm not sure exactly how that works, because the tanks are plastic, but dang! It does!

    Juices taste good and clean. Mmmm!

    Easy to clean. Just twist a tissue into a point to dab up the condensation in the atomizer between tanks. You don't even really have to do this, every time, if you're in a hurry.

    Looks badass. It's smooth, sleek, and spiffy.

    Battery cutoff function, so that you can safely store it in your pocket without the worry of it going off.

    Vapes like a champ.

    The Ego-T is the Best Ecig I've Ever Had!!!!

    I'm so glad I found it. I was about to give up on vaping.
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