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  1. This is the OP of an older and now dead thread I did a year or so ago.. thought I would add it to my blog, for easy reference:

    There are many abbreviations of terms that a newer vaper may or may not understand when reading the posts of long-time vapers. A more modern, quick view, listing of what these abbreviations and terms mean was requested so I am doing my best to fulfill that.

    All devices made for vaping have a power source which is the battery, that often but not always connects to an electronic board, which then powers an atomizer and vaporizes e-liquid, which is why vaping is called vaping. Its not smoke, its vapor.

    Lets go from the top down:

    E-liquid or e-juice (same same) is comprised of four main components.

    1) VG = Vegetable Glycerin
    2) PG = Polypropylene Glycol
    3) Nic = Nicotine suspended in either PG or VG (No one buys pure nicotine)
    4) Flavorings = Flavor concentrate

    Making your own e-liquid at home is called DIY - Do it yourself. Modding is also called DIY.

    For DIY abbreviations like (CAP, FLV, FA, TFA and more) see the shopping section located at the end of this index

    Flavor Shots = Pre-sweetened Pre-Made Concentrated Flavoring Mixes - just add whatever amount you like to your unflavored DIY mix and the hard work is done. Simple.

    Shake and Vape Flavor Concentrates - see Flavor Shots.

    SNV Flavor Concentrate - see Flavor Shots.

    SNVFC - see Flavor Shots

    ADV = all day vape. Used to refer to an e-juice that is great to vape all day and the enjoyment of that vape does not diminish through the use of using that same flavor all day long. Tastes are subjective, so you might not think someone else's ADV is your own.

    Steeping - The process of allowing a newly purchased or newly mixed e-liquid to mature and reach its design flavor profile.

    Breathing - The process of allowing your newly purchased e-juice open to air in order to evaporate off any alcohol. This is only done if any flavorings were used that were alcohol based.

    Shake and Vape
    = E-juice that is great to vape the second its been mixed. No Steeping required.

    SNV - Shake and Vape

    Base - nicotine solution suspended in either PG or VG, comes in a variety of strengths and needs diluted with VG before vaping.

    Nic base - See base ^^^

    Unflavored e-liquid - a vg/pg and nicotine solution that is ready to vape as soon as you add flavoring to it.

    Concentrates - speaking of individual flavor extracts. These are used in eliquid recipes.

    mg - Milligrams, the measurement used for nicotine. Example: 6mg means your e-juice has 6mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid, or 6mg/ml.

    ml - milliliters, the measurement for your e-juice.

    MTL = Mouth to Lung inhalation technique - common means of inhaling vapor
    DL = Direct to lung inhalation technique - common means of inhaling vapor

    RL = Restricted Lung inhalation technique - slightly less common means of inhaling vapor. Can utilize attys designed for either the MTL or DL style of vaping, by either getting a MTL tank with more airflow, or a DL tank and closing down the airflow somewhat.

    MTN = Mouth to Nose inhalation technique where vapor is drawn into the mouth and then expelled through the nose, the lungs are never involved - less common means of inhaling vapor. Uses tanks designed for the MTL inhalation technique.

    TH = Throat Hit. Its the feeling when vapor hits your throat. Some people like more, others much less if any, so its referred to commonly.

    Vaper’s Tongue = loss of taste. Usually occurs a for a short time after beginning to vape, and generally lasts a week or so.

    Drip tip = the mouth piece portion of your atty, comes in either or two sizes, 510 or 810.

    DT = abbreviation for Drip Tip

    Atty = Short for atomizer and can mean either the coil assembly alone or the entire assembly including the tank which holds the coil, wick and e-juice.

    Coil = the coil element which heats up and vaporizes your e-juice. Here are some pretty ones:


    All coils have wick going through them. The most common materials used for wicking are;

    Japanese organic cotton - sometimes referred to by a brand name such as Koh Gen Do
    KGD- Koh Gen Do, a brand of popular Japanese organic cotton used as a wick for coils
    Cotton Bacon which is a medical grade cotton which comes in sheets
    You will also find ceramic sometimes used in factory coils for wicking as well.

    The wick literally wicks the e-juice to the coil so that the e-juice gets vaporized when power goes to the coil and the coil heats up.

    The coil and wick together are your atomizer. Factory made replacement atomizer heads come housed in a stainless steel housing, most commonly.

    That is your atomizer, but many people, myself included, often mean the entire tank assembly when they speak of your atty.

    OCC = Organic Cotton Coil, a coil organic organic cotton for the wick.

    RAH - Replacement Atomizer Head.

    Drop-in Coil = replacement atomizer head.

    Handmade Coil - A coil you built yourself at home.

    Factory coil = replacement atomizer head. (Same same)

    Pre-Wrapped coil
    - A coil that you buy that someone has already wrapped - not handmade by you, it's for use it on an RBA, RTA or RTA etc.

    Pre-Built coil
    - Interchangeably used with pre-wrapped coil.

    Ohm's law formula - V = IR. (V stands for Volts, I stands for current expressed in Amps, and R stands for resistance) Formula Can be manipulated so that if you know any two things the third can be found - in short, its math. Needed for advanced vaping safety.

    Ohm's - The resistance of a coil used in the atomizers is defined in ohms, which loosely defines the amount of current the coil will allow to pass through it.

    Sub Ohm - In the modern evolution of vaping, it simply means vaping with a coil below 1 ohm. It used to carry a different meaning, but the old meaning is little used these days. Just don't go bragging your a sub ohm vapor to someone whose been vaping for many years if your using a .7 ohm coil on your Pico. They will look at you funny...

    Priming = The act of priming the coil with e-juice, making sure your wicking material is fully saturated with e-juice. This is done by physically wetting the cotton or other wicking material, or allowing the atomizer to sit inside a tank full of e-juice for a long enough period of time in order that the cotton becomes fully saturated, or taking what are called priming puffs, which is taking drags off your vape without putting any power to it, or only very low power. Only one can be done, or all three, depending upon the needs of your particular coil.

    Pre-heat - A brief period of a powered on state needed by a large or complex coil to reach a temperature that begins producing vapor.

    Dry Hit = wicking material burns when its not saturated with e-juice, a dry hit is a drag where there is an inadequate saturation of e-juice on the wicking material.

    Burned hit
    = the act of inhaling burning cotton. Very bad. Caused by forgetting to prime your coil, or inadequately doing so.

    RBA Deck - a deck that screws into a tank that normally takes drop-in coils in order to give you a platform to use your own handmade coils instead of drop-in coils.

    RBA - Rebuildable Atomizer. A term encompassing the full range of atomizers that are built or customized by the individual user. Includes RDA's, RTA's and RDTA's.

    RTA = Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, attys for people who build their own coils

    GTA = Genesis Tank Atomizer - A type of RTA.

    RDA = Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, attys for people who build their own coils and don't use a tank, they literally drip e-liquid onto their coil and wicking material every so often.

    Dripper - See RDA.

    RDTA - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. A cross between an RDA and an RTA in which the coil build(s) are positioned above a reservoir of e-liquid, but with a removable top cap to allow dripping onto the coil(s).

    SRDTA = Squonk Rebuidable Dripping Tank Atomizer. A RDTA with a BF pin made for Squonking.

    = Squonk Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. An RDA with a BF pin.

    Drop-in tank = an atty that takes factory made coils

    Topper = your atomizer tank. (Ive used that before)

    Tank = your atomizer tank which has a reservoir for e-juice.

    510 - A connection standard made popular by some of the earliest electronic cigarettes. Now includes a standard threading type for almost all mods and atomizers as well as most male/female pressure-fit drip tips. To "clean your 510" means to ensure that there is no e-liquid in the female 510 connector on your mod or gunking up the male connector on your atomizer device.

    AFC Ring = Air flow control ring. Its a ring toward the bottom of most modern tanks that allows the user to control the amount of air going to the coil (and thus inhaled) when vaping.

    JFC - juice flow control. A means to adjust how much, if any, juice goes to the coil.

    Kanthal - common resistance wire used in power (VW) mode only, cannot be used in TC or TCR applications.

    A1 - Kanthal resistance wire

    FeCrA1 - Kanthal resistance wire

    Titanium - resistance wire used in temperature control

    Ti - Titanium Resistance Wire

    SS - Stainless Steel resistance wire used in both VW and Temperature control mode.

    Ni80 - Nichrome 80 resistance wire. Heats up faster than Kanthal due to a lower resistance level. Used in power (VW) mode only. Cannot be used in TC.

    Ni - Nickel Resistance wire.

    Wrap - one full rotation of resistance wire around a coil jig or precision screwdriver.

    Coil jig - small cylindrical object used for creating coils.

    Spaced Coil - a coil whose wraps don't touch each other
    SC - Spaced Coil (make sure not to get confused with Staple coils, ask for clarification)
    FCC = Fused Clapton Coil, a fancy coil
    FC - Fused Clapton resistance wire
    Alien = Fancy coil or fancy resistance wire
    FAC - Fused Alien Coil, a fancy coil
    FASC - Fused Alien Staple Coil, a fancy coil
    SC - Staple Coil, a fancy coil
    FSC - Fused Staple Coil, a fancy coil

    I will add here a link to an informative post concerning open and closed systems which will likely be important soon enough - and worded much better than I'm able Open and Closed Systems


    APV = Stands for Advanced Personal Vaporizer. These are mods which require knowledge of batteries, battery safety and ohms law before use for basic safety concerns. These can be either regulated or mechanical.

    Mod - an advanced personal vaporizer with no atty on top. Its just the device housing that holds the battery and the electronic board. Comes in many shapes and sizes.

    Modding - means to modify. This is how modern vaping came about and people still do it. It's DIY'ing your own mods, or otherwise modifying existing things in order to get a better more tailored vape.

    DNA - A highly sought after electronic board used to regulate your regulated mod, this is a big selling point for manufacturers who use this board. Very popular among vapors.

    - temperature control, a method some mods can provide instead of just wattage/power mode with the proper type of temperature control compatible coils in order for the user to adjust the temperature of their vape.

    TCR - Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. It relates to the resistance and corresponding heat of a particular type of alloy used in a coil. Less resistance translates into more heat, faster. The type of alloy used in the coil determines the relationship between the resistance and potential heat. Different TCR values must be assigned for different types of coils.

    VW- variable wattage, a way of setting or adjusting the power level to the users liking for many regulated mods (VV- also a way of adjusting power used in another type of regulated mod)

    Pod Mods = mods that take disposable cartridges containing e-juice, a coil and wick. Basically they are mods with disposable atty's. Some beginners like those as they don't have the hassle of changing a coil or filling a tank.

    Mech Mod = Short for Mechanical Mod, they are mods that are not regulated nor do they contain any electronic board. The only safety feature is the knowledge of the user.

    Vape pen = a vaporizer that is small and shaped like a pen.

    Squonk Mod or Squonker = a mod that is set up to dispense e-juice from a squeeze bottle located underneath an RDA. Otherwise called a Bottom Feeding Mod. Its a means of dripping the easy way, by giving a bottle a small squeeze whenever more juice needs to be fed up to the wick and coil. Can be either regulated or mechanical.

    Bottom Feeding Mod abbreviated BF = See above definition for Squonk Mod.

    Squonking = the act of using a squonk mod.

    MORW = Mod of ridiculous wattage

    And then you just have the batteries which go inside your mods.

    18650 = a common size rechargeable battery used for vaping. The first four numbers refer to any batteries size. 18, in 18650 means the battery is 18mm in diameter, the next two numbers, 65, refers to the length of the battery in mm. For manufacturing the numbers have to be divisible by 10 (650 ÷ 10 = 65) which is why the zero exists, but I'm unclear why manufacturers need to do that, but the zero at the end is a necessary designation to size as well but since dividing by 10 just drops the zero we can basically ignore it.

    Other common battery sizes include: 18350, 18490, 18500, 20700, 21700, and 26650.

    CDR = (Amperage) Constant Discharge Rate = This is the maximum amount of continuous current that a battery can supply, down to a specified voltage, without exceeding a certain temperature or suffering damage that decreases its capacity below a certain point.

    mAh = Milliamp Hours

    10A = 10 Amp CDR Battery. In general, whenever the Amp rating of a battery is given its referring to the CDR. Please note; there are no 18650 batteries on the market today that exceed 30A available for vapers.

    And who can forget the people who vape, also known as Vapers:

    Squonker = a person who likes bottom feeding mods.
    Cloud Chaser = a person who enjoys big fat clouds of vapor when they vape. Usually use higher powered devices to achieve this.
    Flavor Chaser = a person who prizes the flavor of the ejuice, preferences flavor over clouds.
    Tootle Puffer = A person who vapes at lower wattages, and prefers an experience closer to when they smoked cigarettes.

    Some people are offended by being called a nickname according to the style of vaping that they prefer, others think its cute and/or funny, so know your audience if at all possible before using a term. In the end, we are all VAPERS!

    PIF = Pay it Forward. Used when a vaper gives away vape gear for free to others in need, to get a new vaper started on vaping, or just to give some assistance to a fellow vaper - for instance, to allow someone to try something you think they will like.

    Vaperversary = the anniversary date that a vaper made the switch from smoking analog cigarettes to vaping.

    And it's a good thing we are vapers, our health is better and we finally got off the stinkies!

    Stinkies = a derogatory term for a cigarette, so called because they smell bad.
    Analogs = a term used for cigarettes, an outdated and unhealthy method of getting nicotine. Its 2018, we vape. :)

    Voop = Vaping while using the facilities. (Use your imagination) Its funny, had to include it here.

    AVR = Average Vape Reviewer. Been vaping for 30 minutes, decides to be a reviewer with a unique home boy twist...

    I will add a small section for shopping terminology, but I wont devote too much time to it.

    FT = FastTech. A Chinese company who sells vape gear, among other things.

    Slow Boat from China = if someone says they made an order and its on the "slow boat from China" it means they ordered from FT or Gear Best. Saying is thus because of the extended amount of time it takes to actually receive orders from these vendors.

    BCF - Bull City Flavors

    Below are abbreviations for manufacturers of flavoring concentrates commonly used in DIY:

    TFA - The Flavor Apprentice also known as Signature Flavors also known as The Perfumers Apprentice.

    TPA - See TFA ^^^

    Cap - Cappella Flavors

    FA - FlavourArt

    RF - SC = Real Flavors

    LA - Lorann Flavors

    MF - Medicine Flower, also known as Lotus Flower.

    FW - Flavor West

    INA - Inawera

    FLV - Flavorah

    The above is not an exhaustive list, but you get the point. When you see these abbreviations in a DIY e liquid recipe the brand of flavoring used is being shown.

    I hope I remembered everything, feel free to add, correct, or otherwise comment. I intend this to be a learning experience for those new to the vaping scene, and kept only the more modern abbreviations and terms that the new vaper today encounters more often than not.
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  2. This information came from this blog here:

    Sweetening and additives | E-Cigarette Forum

    And was originally posted by @ol'docporter before he left the forum.

    But I wanted to take the relevant parts of that blog and repost it so it's in a place I won't lose. Therefore I'm making my first blog post.

    Acetyl Pyrazine- Sold by TPA. Used in cigarettes and cookies to impart a "toasty" taste.

    At 0.5% it gives your juice a baked, toasted, or crispy note
    At 1%, it adds the taste of toasted mixed nuts.
    At 2% it adds a taste similar to Fritos corn chips.

    Sold by FW. The active ingredient in coffee. Does almost nothing for your juice. According to my brother (who has Ph. D.s. in both pharmacology and toxicology), you would have to sub-ohm over an ounce of 10% caffeine juice at about 70w to get the effect of 1 cup of coffee. Pretty much useless.

    To anyone who says they get a buzz from vaping caffeine, I'd like to borrow you for a stage hypnosis act!

    Capsicum -
    Sold by FW. The chemical that makes hot peppers hot; also used as an analgesic. used in VERY SMALL amounts in your juice, it can cure sore throat. A little more and you've got yourself an ejuice akin to hot pepper joke gum. More than that, and you may win a one-way ticket to the emergency room. This stuff can be dangerous.

    Keep in mind that the capsicum sold by FW is 375 times the strength of the hottest pepper known to man.

    Ester of Wood Rosin-
    Sold by FA as bitter wizard, also a main ingredient of MTS vape wizard by FA. Used in Gatorade and some colas to give a bitter note. At 0.5%, masks the flavor of vg and pg, thus only leaving the taste of your flavor mix. At 1% or higher, gives the pleasant bitter ring of colas, whiskeys, or dark chocolate.

    Sold by SV and is a main ingredient of dnb drops wg by INW. Adds a smoky, ashy note to your juice. Great for making cigar, cigarette, and pipe flavors more realistic. This stuff requires a long steep in order to taste it, at least 2 weeks.

    Ethyl Maltol-
    Sold by TPA. Besides sugar, this is the other major ingredient in cotton candy (floss), which gives it its characteristic flavor. It is commonly used as a sweetener in ejuice. Its physical properties cause it to gunk up coils slightly.

    Gamma Octalactone-
    Sold by TPA and SV. This is the stuff they put in fudgesicles and other non-dairy treats to make them taste creamy. At 50ppm, it will make any juice you make extra creamy; you'd swear there's real cream in it!

    Any more than 50ppm tastes atrocious. Tpa sells it full strength, so you will need to dilute it to 1% in pg before using; then you can measure it to 0.5% of your mix.

    Sold by TPA, and is a main ingredient of both black fire by FA and dnb drops wg by INW. This is the chemical that gives smoked meat and fish their smoky flavor. As you can imagine, it makes anything you mix it with taste smoked, but not burned. It also adds throat hit. It must be steeped for at least 2 weeks to reach its full potential.

    Sold by TPA, and is a main ingredient of MTS vape wizard by FA, smooth by TPA, and flavor toner/enhancer by FW. This is the "thickening" agent in the aforementioned enhancers. It does not actually thicken your juice any, but alters the mouth feel of the vapor to seem thicker. It also cancels the vapor thinning effect of some flavorings, thus making your clouds appear denser. Too much of it makes everything taste like vanilla.

    Malic Acid-
    Sold as sour by TPA. This is the sour note in old fashioned sour balls candy as well as salt and vinegar crisps. I'm sure you get where this is going regarding ejuice. It tends to form crystals on coils.

    Like any acid, this stuff eats kanthal, albeit slowly, and when used with nickel coils, produces nickel compounds classified as class "A" carcinogens (sorry tc fans, and no, I'm not showing any documentation, as it is simple chemistry: nickel+acid+air=horrible, dangerous stuff; read a textbook).

    4-Methyl Guaiacol-
    Sold by TPA and is a main ingredient of black fire by FA. Added to foods to make them taste as if they have been cooked on a grill or over a campfire. Gives your juice a wood, charcoal, or coal fire note. Just a touch can make your toasted marshmallow vape really take you back to camping with the folks.

    Methyl Menthyl Acetate
    Sold as koolada by TPA and kool effects by FW. Menthol cool without menthol taste. That simple. Of course, you can make your own by simply dissolving menthol crystals into pg and cooking it at 180F until it no longer smells like menthol. It takes a long time, much patience, and careful heating; this is how I do it, but then, I'm an alchemist.

    Sold as flash by FA. This is what gives black pepper its spiciness Can be used to add throat hit or mixed in equal measure with FA pepper black to add the taste of fresh cracked pepper to your savory mixes.

    Sold by TPA. Artificial sweetener that is ubiquitous, you know, everywhere and in everything; it's "splenda, the artificial sweetener made from real sugar!" Well, being made from sugar, you can imagine what it does to coils, not to mention that a dry hit of this will give you more "tar" than the analogues you're likely trying to avoid.

    Sold in pure crystal form by TPA (for a limited time only) and is a main ingredient in both black fire by FA and dnb drops wg by INW. This is the chemical that gives smoked meat and fish their smoky aroma. It is the main flavor in all commercial smoke flavorings, and was even added to Gen. Patch action figures in the 80s to give them the "smell of battle". Mix crystals 13.5% in pg to make extract. Be careful not to overdo it with this flavor, or your juice will taste like phenol (that nasty background note in sore throat spray).

    Sold as aaa magic mask by FA, and is a main ingredient of mts vape wizard by FA, smooth by TPA, and flavor toner/enhancer by FW. This stuff is used in many processed foods and in cigarette filters to smooth out harsh notes. It does this by temporarily numbing certain taste receptors in your tongue. This is the reason you can stomach breakfast cereals, microwave meals, and all the added paper and other trash they put in commercial cigarettes. Likewise, it can make some ejuices tolerable, maybe even tasty, that without it would be abominable. This stuff is actually amazing. If you really suck at diy, and your juice tastes like an abortion, you need this stuff; it can save even some of the worst tasting mixes.

    Triacetin is also the most amazing coil cleaner! It actually does for cotton what conditioner does for hair; vg slowly clogs wicks, and pg makes the fibers brittle, but aaa unclogs wicks and plasticizes fibers, leaving them flexible once more.

    Triethyl Citrate
    - Sold by TPA. This is an emulsifier used to make essential oils water soluable. It is used by FA, TPA, INW, FW, CAP, HS, and just about every flavor company everywhere. It is used in most popular flavors. This is the "secret ingredient" that turns oil soluables into water soluables, if you know how to use it. think of it as "the flavorer's stone", sought after to turn crap flavors into gold.

    Trimethyl Pyrazine-
    Sold by TPA. nearly identical to acetyl pyrazine at top of list.
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