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  1. One of the flavors i want to talk about is Snozberry from Sin City Vapor. Theres not THAT much i can say about this besides to say that its pretty awesome. It is the first Flavor that ive had that i would deem Delicious. It was an amazing experience, i dont know whats in it but i loved it. I vaped it at 50/50 18mg and i was delightful. I was using a CE4 and this flavor really did it for me no complaints whatsover. An average amount of vapor, reasonable TH, Delicious juice.
  2. I want to talk about one of my local shops. Sin City Vapor. It was my very first shop, i got my starter there. Now as far as pricing is concerned i thought they were very fair. I spent $70 for a double eGo 900mah kit with 4 CE4s and a free bottle of juice. Ive already spoken about the starter kit in pieces. And as far as the juice is concerned ill have a few reviews later. Their juice is typical they have some good some bad. When i do i review of a place itself its either a really good thing or a really bad thing. In this case the latter. Their customer service is by far horrible. I dont like talking smack but they were so horrible that i was angered. I started with them and if i hadnt done massive amounts of research before buying my kit i would have been screwed. I told the guy hey i smoke 2 packs a day, marlboro red 100s, based on what ive researched i want my flavors in 24mg. The associate told me no! He tells me we dont allow our new customers to buy 24mg with a starter kit and "trust me you dont want 24mg anyways". He then followed up by telling me to take home 18mg and try it if i dont like it i can bring it back tomorrow and switch it out for 24mg. so i thought ok i guess i can do this. So i take it home, I'm unsatisfied. I take it back. The guy whos in there isnt the same guy. The first guy isnt there. So i go to this unfamiliar guy and tell him what the other guy said and ask to be switched out. He LITERALLY scoffs and me, sighs, and grabs my bottles out of my hand. before he could leave i quickly ask him hey a friend of mine told me if i wanted more vapor to raise myself to 70% VG can i do that? He tells me...."NO absolutely not, you can ask for that when you buy another bottle." Now first of all what a horrible representation of our community. Some new time vapors would be horrified by this experience and stray away from vaping. Luckily i have friends that are vapers and know better. Second off a simple no we cant do that because we'd lose money would have been ok, maybe not the greatest business policy, but at least it would have been respectful. I dont recommend them whatsoever and I'm sure anyone in the Las Vegas area who vapes will find out if they go in there. Furthermore ive been told(this is hearsay i can neither confirm or deny this as fact due to no factual proof) that they dilute thier juice with Rubbing Alcohol. I dont know if this is true. If you are a vendor with or without a B & M, Please please treat new vapers with kid gloves. Somethin you say or do can seriously decrease the population of our community.
  3. Ok lets talk a little bit about the CE4s that came with my starter. At first I liked it, threw my first flavor in there and boom sweet worked out i liked it, at first. then when i realized how slightly difficult it would be to change flavors i was disappointed. One of the alluring factors of vaping for me was being able to try all these amazing flavors. I felt like I was gonna have to do to much in order to switch flavors. I only used them for two weeks. If i had to make a recommendation i would say sure to start with, but not as a permanent fixture in your collection. If you can get new vapors to start with something a little better awesome if thats not an option then theyll work for a bit.
  4. My first "official" blog is of course about the first item I've ever attained. That is the eGo 900mah that came with my starter zipper kit from Sin City Vapor. To any newcomers to the Vaping community i seriously recommend these. It's an extremely good starting point. You don't have to learn about Variable Voltage right away, It's not hard to figure out and it fits right in your pocket. 5 clicks to turn it on, 5 clicks to turn it off for those just in case moments when it might be pressing up against you in your pocket. My wife takes this with her to work and keeps it in her pocket. It's not to bulky wont fill your pockets. It lasts a pretty long time as well. My wife's has never died, I vape a lot more than she does so mine fully charged in the morning will die around 9 o'clock in the evening. It IS unregulated so when its fully charged you'll get a great hit, when its moderately charged you don't really see that much of a difference but when the battery is low you will find yourself absentmindedly drawing harder thinking its your fault when you're seeing smaller clouds until you get used to it. I wouldn't vape off of this for the rest of my life but as a starting point its really good.
  5. Ok, I've decided to start blogging. I just started vaping less than 2 months ago and i thought it would be helpful to those who maybe just a little behind me on things to watch my journey unfold. Also it hought it might be nice for some of you veterans to see and maybe remember the beginnings. every new discovery i make will be blogged here. from attys, tanks, batteries, mods, every note worthy juice i try all of it. im gonna start by making a bunch of posts about things i discovered up until now and then it'll slow down while i discover new things. One thing your going to get here is honesty. This blog is not meant to put down any company or thier flavors or items. But if your stuff isnt that good im gonna say it, and if its awesome im gonna say it. im not gonna bore you with every single flavor i vape ever, like i said note worthy. Unless of course you guys end up really liking my Flavor reviews then go ahead and let me know and ill try to do more. you might hear about a few B & Ms but that probably won't be widely popular for ECFers cause those will be my local shops. As far as juice is concerned if i give a negative review on a flavor im gonna try real hard to balance that with a positive review on another flavor from the same company if i get the chance. past the first positive and negative for a company im probably not going to give anymore for that particular company unless it really strikes me to do so. This blog will probably already have more juice reviews than gear only because lets face it ALL of us buy more juice than gear lol. OK here it goes welcome to my journey.