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  1. Ok, this isn't a real blog today. Just wanted to again thank the ECF community for making the last quarter of 2010 smoke free, not to mention informative and entertaining.

    Wishing the entire ECF Community a Happy, Healthy, Analog free New Year.

  2. Well the lead up to this evenings sale of a few more of the highly sought after Reo Grand and Reo mini was extremely entertaining. People hanging around the reosmods thread waiting for Rob to announce what pieces would be available tonight. Pre 7pm people were mostly commenting on how many people were in the thread. I imagine that we were all hitting our refresh buttons with site slowing regularity. At exactly 7pm Rob posted a list of which colors he had available. I imagine people went nuts trying to type as fast as they could sending out those email requests to Rob. It took all of 2 minutes for a sell out. Next step after emailing your request is Rob sends the lucky winners Paypal payment requests. By 730 I hadn't seen mine and, even though it was only 30 minutes I figured I lost out and was bummed. Stepped away from my computer to make some dinner and just got back a couple minutes ago to find I had an email waiting. From Rob. Telling me I had a black and gold grand with my name on it and would I kindly pay him for it. Which I gladly did! Wooohoooo I got my Reo Grand!!!

    Its :party: time!

    Guess it pays to be a pretty good typist. Now, let the mailman stalking commence!
  3. For more years now than I care to admit, I had resolved to quit smoking. Here we are only a couple days away from New Years Eve, its time for some resolution making again. Only problem is, this year I might actually have to put some thought into it, cuz in 2010 I finally killed off that annual resolution of mine.

    There are certainly far more pressing problems in the world than what is Phorbin going to resolve to do in 2011, but it was a side effect of vaping I hadn't realized till today. I think in 2011 I resolve to stop worrying about little things like New Years Resolutions!.
  4. The last quarter of this year has been quite interesting for me. Largely because of this new world of vaping. It didn't take long for me to realize it was working for me. It didn't take long for me to really get into my new hobby/addiction either. Truth is, I spent a rediculous amount of money trying to find the so called "sweet spot" and I think, THINK, maybe I've finally found it. So what have I learned? Random thoughts in no particular order:

    1) The only thing I like less than a 510 atty is a LR 510 atty. Ok i lied, a dead 510 atty is worse regardless of resistance.

    2) I don't vape nearly as much juice as my credit card does.

    3) the cisco LR 306 is GOD!

    4) the cisco LR 306 is doing its best to make up the gap between what I've ordered and what I actually vape. That thing is quite the little juice gobbler. But the taste and vapor cloud are totally worth it

    5) The eGo mega atty is pretty cool, buts its LR brother is even better.

    6) Juicing Box mods are expensive and very pretty. But i'm pretty sure having to take the back off mine and turn it up-side-down and all that, well, seems like a lot of hassle for something that was supposed to make all day vaping hassle free.

    7) I LOVE vaping and sincerely hope the FDA gets its head out of its ... so that we don't have to go underground.

    8) I am strongly fighting the urge to become an "ex smoker Nazi", something I hadn't thought about until my little brother visited this weekend and smelled like he had just stepped outside for an analog the entire time he was here. I do realize that I spent the last 25 years smelling like that too, but funny, I never minded before when that smell was "normal" to me.

    9) I realize that juice taste is EXTREMELY subjective, yet I read and submit juice reviews anyway

    10) My Christmas list is very narrow minded of focus this year. It largely revovles around replacement parts and juice vendors.

    Merry Christmas, and happy and healthy 2011 to all my friends at the ECF

    Vape on :vapor:

  5. Ok actually, it was a pretty lousy day for a drive. The entire east coast has been getting hammered by heavy wind and rain since, well for me at least, midmorning yesterday.

    But I wasn't going to let that stop me from my appointed rounds. Today was the grand opening of the Good Prophets brick and mortar store. And I have to say Rob has himself a nice shop going. I was greeted with a friendly hello from Rob himself (it mighta helped that we've met before I don't know) and sample bottles of all the flavors in his VG juice line, which is expanding considerably from what I've seen of his online offerings. I understand all the flavors will be available online too for those of you who dig Good Prophets but don't have the benefit of living in the same neighborhood. For those of you who dig a nice tobacco flavor I recommend the Cherry Cigar flavor which I grabbed a 30ml bottle of as soon as I sampled it.

    Rob is a great guy with nearing two years now as a vaping supplier, and is very wise in the ways of vaping. He had mentioned to me previously that I should take a shot at the LR 306 atty from Cisco, so when I came in today he pulled one out of stock for me to try. Well, that was all it took....well that and a couple huge vapor clouds of the previously mentioned cherry cigar juice. These little fog makers are really something. Now that I'm back home with my juice that is mostly 80%PG I am still VERY impressed. Thanks for the tip Rob!

    So, a LR mega ego atty, a 5 pack of Cisco LR 306s, a bottle of juice. To be honest I almost feel bad, it would have been pretty easy to spend a LOT more money than I did. But as long as these 306s hold up I might be able to stop spending money on vap......yeah right, who am i kidding?


  6. This was a thread I started a couple weeks ago, partly (but only partly) as a joke. Sometimes the things that make me laugh the most, make me laugh because they are jokes but with a touch of the truth to them. I had a bit of fun writing this one, I hope you enjoy reading it. The link to the original thread is here: incase you wish to see the comments others left. Thanks for reading!

    I first started looking into Ecigs about 2 years ago. In the US they were a pretty new concept at the time and prices were much higher, quality much lower than is currently the case. Having checked the stuff out but not liking those prices of old, i decided to wait. Well, at the beginning of this summer I had some minor (yes, they were really minor, its cool) health problems, but I'm nearing 40 and started doing some serious thinking. Its time to really stop smoking. I can put it off no longer. So I updated my knowledge base with some new research and learned that in the two years since I first checked it out, prices have gone way down, and quality way up. Time to get serious about Ecigs!

    So I did a little more research, and being a heavy smoker with all the physical and psychological habits I said to myself "Self, you should try one of those things looks just like a ciggy" (which of course I now know we call supermini's). So I bought a Blu. Then I found ECF. Then I actually RECEIVED my Blu. Then i was pretty mad at myself.

    Next step: eGo. Good, now I have something that actually makes vapor and provides some flavor. Excellent

    Next step: Juice: ok so i'm a newb and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...probably woulda been better off with no knowledge at all. Bought some Dekang juice from the same site I got my eGo kit from.

    Next step: Juice the Sequal: There really is a difference. So now at this point I bought a super mini (bad) and a joye ego (really really good 4 me) and some Dekang juice, along with spare attys and i'm set right? Nope, this juice (sorry to Dekang loyalists) doesn't really seem to taste like much. Maybe I should try some of the other companies I've heard about. Sample packs...sounds like a plan. Sample pack from Velvet Vapors, random selections from Vapor Bomb, FSUSA, Ms Ts and Backwoods Brew. Sounds like i have some quality juice to vape now right? Wrong....well ok, not wrong, just not steeped enough to vape yet but oh hell I'm almost outta the Dekang stuff, but at least it tastes good at the moment, and i don't need to wait on it. Maybe I'll buy a couple more Dekangs to tie me over while I wait out the steeping process on the hand made stuff.

    Next step: I learned about steeping! what you're saying is, when the FSUSA stuff I have now is actually ready to vape, I should go ahead and get more of it? Just so its here and steeping and getting ready? you're saying I need BACKUPS??? Oh crap!!!

    And what the hell is all this about MODS? Bottom feeders? Tilts? High Voltage? Stacking batteries? In any other part of my life a bottom feeder is a BAD thing....but you're saying I i NEED one? Y'all are killing me!

    Whoever said this is probably a better alternative to smoking? OK, you get a +1 from me....but that jerk who said I was gonna save money!!!! -5.

    As the title implies, this is all to be taken with a grain of salt, but seriously, in the short term I can't see how most vapers save money (unless of course they are new to it and have a built in guinea pig who already did all the me). Once you find your sweet spot sure, then in the long run its possible to see the savings. But my sweetspot? What is it? I think i'm finally figuring out what juices and by what maker...but (such a newb) I still use a 3 piece setup...i've never even seen a cartomizer, let alone used one.....are they for me? IDK, maybe...but i won't know till i spend more money. I work from home a lot of computer time, i should own a passthru. Even though I work from home i drive a lot...i should have a bottle fed. Holy crap. Till i'm done finding my sweet spot I'll be 4 digits in the hole.

    Point is addition to our nicotine addiction, we also have a new hobby. I've had a lot of hobbies in my life that i could dump a ton of money in to. This has the potential to be another one. But look at it this way folks....whats cheaper? A few bucks spent on experimenting with juices and mods? Or lung cancer?

    Yup, you're damn right I spent all this money!


  7. Well its been two months to the day since I started vaping, and about 6 weeks that I could really call myself an ex-smoker. Man I tell you, I never thought I would live to see the day. If you talked to me in June I would have told you I will probably die with a cigarette in my mouth and be pissed off I died before I finished the pack. And now here I am on a website I never knew existed before late September, writing a blog (which i've never done) about a product I started using as a last desperate effort to get off the analogs, and which I had only modest hopes would work.

    If you have followed any of my comments in the threads you probably already know some of this:

    It all really started in July. I was at the time working a job that required insanely long hours. I was for most of the last few years fighting an almost constant low grade fatigue and in July things came to a head. I found myself, LITERALLY, unable to drag myself out of my bed one morning. No, this wasn't the usual "I hate my job" morning blues. This was NOT mental. This was a very real physical problem. I didn't have the strength to get out of bed. Had I managed it, I believe I would have gone straight down onto the floor in a heap. I called in sick, something else I almost never do, and spent the entire day resting in bed. Next day took a trip to see my doctor. The combination of drinking, smoking, poor diet and long hours at work had conspired to really mess my body up. After some tests it was determined that my heart was fine (a pleasant surprise), my lungs, not so much, and i had deficiencies of quite a large number of those all important vitamins and minerals.

    The time had come for some serious changes in my life. I have to admit, I hoped i could avoid it. I'm a night owl by nature, I loved the actual act of smoking, if not the effects, and I like to drink a good beer or 4 now and then. But, as hard as I have tried to avoid it, I'm getting older. My body was telling me something and finally, I listened.

    So after doing a few internet searches and a chance run in with someone who was vaping in the bar I managed until recently, I decided to give vaping a try. I got caught up by the flashy website and smooth sales pitch given by Blu and bought one with a few extra of their prefilled carts. Well, I guess I could tell you that it was a waste of money but that isn't really true. It WAS a bad purchase, but my frustrations with the Blu led me to ECF. ECF led me to an eGo. I had a product which, very easily I might add, transitioned me from smoker to vaper. ECF also introduced me to an entire culture I wasn't aware existed. My first couple weeks of vaping I felt like a leper. No one here knew what it was. It was nice knowing I wasn't alone. Sometimes its pretty cool to be on the cutting edge of some new technology. Sometimes not. I was the first guy on my block to own an Iphone. Same deal then too. It was a cool new toy, but everyone wanted to play with it. Taking a lesson from the iphone experience, I quickly took to having a couple extra loaded carts in my pocket so others could try and no one had to worry about whose cooties they were picking up.

    I also found out that addiction can take on many forms. Got my eGo, then I saw mega ego, had to have it, then added the passthru battery, and most recently a Phidias bottom fed mod. Atty, LR atty, HR atty, cart/atty or cartomizer? keep the filler? PTB mod? blue foam? Hell if I know...lets try it all. And I won't even get into how much money I have spent so far on juice. I probably have enough to last me until Judgment Day, if you believe the Mayan's and think its two years away that is. But seriously, I have a lot. On the downside, I have at this point spent more on Ecigs than i would have on cigs. On the upside I could easily go 4 or 5 months without placing another juice order and i'd probably be good to go. If I had a bit more self restraint, I would actually be well ahead money wise by then. But alas I'm still a bit of a newb, still ordering new juices from new (to me) vendors left and right. My mailman and I are now on a first name basis. I consider this to be a bad sign, but at least I know my packages are being handled with care now.

    In short I either have a new hobby or a new addiction....both I guess. But its all good. I'm happier, and feel better, and have more energy now than I did 10 years ago, and none of that would have happened without the help of the for that I thank you, the ECF community. Give yourselves a round of applause and a pat on the back for me.

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